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Lionel Messi just broke Barca's all-time goalscoring record:

Seriously, this isn't fair anymore.

The man is not human.
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Lol he really isn't...pretty amazing how he plays this game, as if he invented it.
All are Bull & shit, when comes to World Cup...nil. 
Messi the Messiah ! UTV sotc x
Yeah whatever. But can he hit a curveball?
that bro is a beast, i wonder if he is better than christiano ronaldo
messi ne kadar iyi olsada yinede ronaldoooo;)
Now the challenge will be that if someone can beat his new record... Really DONT THINK SO
+ESPN , the link article is incorrect, Messi has scored 54 goals in the 2011/12 thus far.
he is a unbealiveble ..he can do what he whan
que grande lio tenia que ser argentino...
He does look like one of the Goonies!
It's all about RvP, folks... viva l'Arsenal!!!
Next year for Arsenal,today we are enjoy with the great moment of Barca!!!!
So what ? Messi played in a poor league , if he can score that many in England or Italy , then we talk.
I agree with +alexander siow very similar to Scottish League! Lol! Messi is good but can he prove it in England? He hasn't done much internationally either. 
He is a legend. Also lots of respect to the Barcalona team and Xavi, Iniesta, Alves, Fabregas etc. for playing in such a formidible style and dominating fashion, and for Pep and the staff for getting the most out of the players and bringing out the chemistry that allows such beautiful play.

To the haters: you're clueless, consider Barca's UEFA record.. This team can roll anyone in the world.
As fantastic as that is, you still need the rest of a superb team to back you up!
It does make you wonder if Torres is worth £50 mill then how much is Messi?!?
He's a pure performer and a humble one. You can say he's the MESSIah of this generation's football!!
+James Allen And he always says that it's his team not him alone that is responsible for all this. Truly humble.
I'm gonna leave it, yeah! #Dench! Always, up the Arsenal!
Liga BBVA is unfair! It's an easy league! If you're playing Barca, you're practically playing team Spain! I know that Barca does have Messi, but even without him Barca would still be good! La Liga's best teams are:

2.Real Madrid
and 3.Athletico Madrid.

That's it! The Barclays Premier League has:

1.Man U
2.Man C
even 6.Newcastle.
That's 6 teams! That competition is practically men vs. boys! Are you kidding me? BPL is way harder!
A supposed "world greatest player" that cannot score in the World Cup. Imagine that. ESPN will keep riding his cock though.
I hate Messi

I WISH I COULD -1 this
Who the hell has ever claimed it was them and only them? Seriously? Not slagging off Messi, but what is that egocentric to say they themselves carry a team?
Rooney, Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham, Henry etc have never said 'hey, it's me and only me that took my team(s) to great heights.' Messi may truly be a humble guy but a lot of y'all are dick riding indeed. 
Sorry if I'm "BIASED" against Messi everyone.. but RONALDO ALL THE WAY
"by the way my favorite team in the whole world is Manchester United"

I'm American, we love football
Messi has been the only human who can play Football. Sorry Pele.
And where are you from +Marissa Hagerman? I love soccer but football is better but my favorite sport to play is tennis….Tennis is awesome….too!!!!
I am a Real Madrid fan but my favorite team in the world is Manchester United
For some one his size this man has incredible speed, it is a delight to watch him play, seriously I dont know how people can hate him, they should be grateful there is such a great player out there!!
I'm am an AMERICAN which means I'm from AMERICA and I live in the most awesome place in AMERICA….VIRGINIA
I have lived in Virginia my whole life so I don't want people who have probably only been driving through virginia saying it sucks

oh and by the way North Carolina is also awesome…my family used to have a tradition of going to Duck in the outer banks every summer and we rented the same house until that one got destroyed 10 years ago…but the tradition lasted 75 years but ended because it was getting to crowded and we own a house in Bald Head Island in NC

But NC isn't as cool as Virginia
where in california because some parts suck and some parts are almost as awesome as virginia…
….and there is a lot of earthquakes there
He wouldn't be scoring like that in a better league like BPL. UEFA ranks La Liga 3rd behind Bundesliga and #1 BPL for competitiveness so wake me up when he plays in a better league.
he's amazing they want to study of how his mind works so fast and they want to know how he can move his feet so quickly how the body signals it
See those +185 they might as well make it +92 because 1/2 of those people will +1 anything or will +1 it because they have heard of the name MESSI
Yo.........whooooooohooooooo that's a gooooooooooooaaaaaaaaalllll...
What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO THIS CANT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
md azam
he is just amazing too good superb player
Too bad he hasn't shown this type of quality playing for Argentina... yet of course.

Overall rating
His game is from another galaxy, messi ain't human
I have come round to thinking that he may be the best player ever
+Adam Maas yea, La Liga is a joke and Premier League is so great. That is why there are no English teams left in Champions and Europa league and it is probably going to be an all Spanish final in both competitions. I can tell you really know your fútbol.
Did you see when that guy kicked the ball and then some other guy kicked it? Then this other guy came and kicked it away from the goal. This went on for about 90 minutes. So exciting! Z z z
Best player that has ever played or will ever play...simples!!!
It truely isnt fair anymore even if Messi were to go to the Bray Wanderes they would be boss
Maybe hes taking enhancing steroids. =)
In Barca, every players must pass the ball 2 him. In World Cup, he just stood at the field and shake his two ball.
He's from another galaxy, sent to the earth to show mankind how football be played there. There's no other explanation B-)
Unless he wins a world cup with Argentina, he still won't match the all time greats (Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Henry,..)
he will not b like zis if ronaldinho was in his best performance.ronaldinho is z best
currently at the top of the game, patiently waiting to see his performance in brazil 2014
this is perfectly fair, he's worked all his life for this, and don't forget, Ronaldinho helped him out so much, and his whole team contributes to his goals.
yaaa ........ break it again MESSI !!
What I like in Messi, is that he never looses his temper ....... so cool guy.
Messi messi messi....what cool player!
Really he is not human , and i said ' what barca will do after leftting the team '
Messi is greater than Pele, greater than anyone. Absolutely no doubt !
Messi, unlike Ronaldo, doesn't feint, doesn't play act, but coolly goes on and score. If he has no achievement in World Cup, blame his teammates, not him. And if Le Lega is second to EPL, how come ManU got squarely beaten in both finals? Mind you I am a die-hard ManU fan and hated losing in the UCL final twice. You can argue that Ronaldo is better because he has proved in two top leagues. True, but Messi is sublime and humility personified. And he makes soccer look so beautiful and simple. God bless Messi.
WOW, he is just legendary!
Lionel Messi Legend
quy ho
very good
el y ronaldo son los mejores del mundo esperemos el juego entre ellos en la liga x que va acer un juegaso
Messi! "He's like Dr. Spock. He's out of his vulcan mind!!"
Messy young man... Given time Samuel Et'oo would have broken it too
Congrats Messi...from all CHELSEA fans...keep your goal machine on but not against us...
صباح الكلمة الحلوة
صباح الحب بلا حدود
صباح ريحته قهوة
وطعمه بالحلا معقود
صباح نور الغالي
صباح الشوق ودهن العود
صباح يحتويه الكون
لأنك انت فيه موجود 
What is this i'm not horsetrading, could you please write in English please da?
The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!
well then may be allien h3h3h3........
other players makes it possible..
O melhor do mundo por mais uns 10 anos.
Felicitaciones Messi! Eres el mejor!
It took him 8 years to break a record that was set in a 15 year span
Anyone know any other good sports pages/profiles/circles to follow for real-time info?
And he's only 24, reckon he can make 500 in a Barca shirt?
Top Barca goal scorer at 24, plus I can't see him ever leaving Barce he still has another 10 years there.
things happen...jst stop praising the guy as if he is sum kind of god,if he was 1 argentina would be dominate world football......look out 4 me i'm the upcoming i'm gud)
HE IS COOL 4 OTHERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Undoubtedly, the best in the business !!
rather, the best ever*
What can we say, he is good at what he does.
"When Messi's scored 1,283 goals like me, when he's won three World Cups, we'll talk about it." Pele
Soccer is terrible I respect him but in soccer you kick a ball, period.
He is relly good. And i like the way he plays his game.
He is just stunning to watch. To produce that kind of a performance week in week out is just marvelous. What's scary is that he might not have hit his peak yet.
fuck him...try to score in FIFA !!
"Seriously, this isn't fair anymore.

The man is not human."

LOOOL! i love that statement cos its FOR REAL!!
Personally I like Ronaldo more than Messi for various reasons, but that is just insane and Messi is a machine. That is quite amazing
He makes playing football look so simple...easy on the ball and simple but impossible loops
He isn't human? Okay. Erase his record please.
critics will always be there and messi will always be the best from his style of play, calm and composed. for those who think spain is only barcelona and real madrid shud really watch laliga and see the competition from teams like malaga, valencia, sevilla, villareal and the likes
im love messi hees my biggest idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
il a prit des hormones de croissance quand il était jeune
Lionel IS INSANE This Blows My Mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
messi hace 5 goles en el barsa y ni uno en la selección
messi es el mejor goleador y es experto en el futbol es genial
+Luciano Caceres y +Cristian Garrido  .... para que quede claro.... hay solo 3 personas en toda la historia que han hecho mas goles que Messi para la seleccion argentina ....STFU y critiquen a otro boludos
messi is greatest player ever
Well done to messi, perhaps now his country will allow him to play the way he wants to play... greatest ever
Cristian Garrido..... callate la boca pelotudo... hablas por hablar nomas... es el mejor jugador del mundo .... IDIOTA
cuantos campeonatos tiene de afa capo genio idolo 
no le hace falta jugar en la AFA , gil, es mejor que eso, y fue a jugar directo a europa 
muerto de hambre.... aprende algo de futbol y despues volve
pedaso de puto seguro que sos de river . anda a hacerle un pete a messi y
te de toda la acabada europea
no ves que sos un negro ignorante de mierda... que carajo tiene que ver Messi con River???.... negro idiota, estupido, intolerante y pedorro
He is best in the world
dale dale dale dale si le ganamos el mundial te vas enojar
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