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Ten years ago today, Allen Iverson was just sittin' there, talkin' 'bout practice.

Not the game.
Not the game.
Not the game.

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MAN!!!! Allen Iverson still a beast.
See where no practice got him?? No NBA team wanted him near their arena he had to sign a piddly ass contract in Turkey or some God forsaken country in Europe. Bill Russell, with all 11 Championship rings went to PRACTICE every day with a smile on his face!! How many rings do you have AI? point exactly. I never liked Allen Iverson the basketball player, he's a really good person and has a few charities but the arrogant ball player was not my favorite.
+Jeremie Orth Coach Brown loved Iverson because of his potential that he never really lived up to. Although AI was a big ego with legs, he was also a great point guard and had remarkable court vision. I think that was the allure to Coach Brown.
smh, now look at him. But I pray he will rise above it
I understood Allen Iverson's point. Why was the media in there asking him about practicing? Report on the game. Report on what happens in the game. Whether or not they practiced shouldn't have even been an issue.

That's like if a reporter asked a head coach why his team was practicing x amount of times as opposed to y amount of times. Who cares? Worry about that game. That was Allen's point.
How da hell can I make my teammates better by practicin'?!?
You play to win the game! - Herm Edwards

sorry, i just had to add that into the conversation.
wondering if he used the word 'practice' more than Tebow used the word 'excited'
Lmao most memroable interview ever
Practice is part of the game. If you don't practice, your team won't know what to expect. Arrogance allows a player to not practice, then rant about why the media is talking about it. Explains alot about his career.
Allen Iverson is one of my favorite players of all time but that being said he was far from being a leader. He didn't take care of his body, he didn't care to make his teammates better and he always said that he didn't feel comfortable criticizing his teammates.
he says practice 16 and a half times!!?!?!?(half for the "we talkin' bout pra-...i hear you man..."
AI is/was a rare talent. Intelligent enough to see the difference between he and others around him. His sense was that practice doesn't take an NBA worthy talent and turn him into a AI.
Practice might have helped him become a team player. DefN WAS a rare talent, now he couldn't even get a job at foot locker.
Ya I saw that before it is very funny
We talking about practice? Not a game.......not a game. Not a game.
The remix is ringtone worthy.
When Karl Malone is making fun of something you said you know you are in rare company.
Mariano Rivera should've listened to Allen Iverson...
He is bankrupt now. Iverson reportedly earned about $154 million in salary alone over the couse of his NBA career of 12 years. He filed for bankruptcy in Feb. 2012. He burned through $35,000 per day during his career, That's $1,465.00/hr, every hour of every day during those 12 years. No wonder he had a problem with practice. ;-)
I bet A.I. is wishing he had the money he got fined that day for missing practice right about now.
i wish i was popular
I was just thinking about this.
I remember this one time sports were really important.
Yeah, thanks. After nearly a year, "I just lost the game."

^^^ ARGH!!! I was winning!
"How the hell can i make my teammates better by practicing?" Is he FOR REAL?!?!
Sean G
Just made me feel old... Cuz this seems like yesterday. Lol
Bob Low
somebody auto-tune this! fast!
Can't believe it's been 10 years already
Should of showed up for practice. Where is he now? He'd give his left arm to show up at an NBA practice.
how the he** can i make my team mates better by practicin'?
was he talking about practice or the game couldnt tell
pretty funny
not the game that actually matters but practice
Every time someone says practice I imitate this rant haha people get it about 30% of the time
wow 10 years!! the time fly, it look like yesterday... anyway he was the best!! #alleniverson
maybe he'd still be playing, rather than washed up at age 36, if he just practiced a bit more.
Listening to this makes me miss the old Kiley and Booms radio show. They played this clip a lot. "Did Tawanna tell you dat?!"
+Alan Stein Maybe you would have a bigger bank account than him if you practiced a bit more....Hate people who hate on superstars...
+Jakob Tuite at least +Alan Stein is hating on someone famous and that has money, no t like you hating on a regular person for speaking his mind, and yes you're hating you said it "Hate people who hate on superstars..."
RK Ross
He Had To Be High Or Something o_0
Didn't his coach tell him to shut up; so that he could go practice?
Leave the man alone, he knew what he was doing, didn't he win all those rings with no practice to worry about?! Wait, scratch that, he should have practiced.
Fuck! Its already been 10 years? Holy shit, I am getting old.
So i'm still not sure what they were talking about! Was it practice? :D
Allen Iverson is a legend!
This is a best. When you are a legend, you can say that kinda stuff...
This is not the game!

Not the game
Not the game
Not the game

We talkin' bout practice!
he be talkin bout practice, and for te sixers now, the next round!
Didn't he put up big numbers in the game though
Love AI. He can still ball. 
It's funny to see all those coaches are fake ball players talk about A.I. So what if the man didn't go to practice what about all those who did and get to no where... What about all those players that sitting on the bench and win a tittle are the better than A.I. So @ (Chris Cruz)next time think about what your posting cause last time I check Patrick Ewing never got shit playing for the Knicks all this years.... Do ya at the end of the NBA history book ALLEN IVERSON will be there 
Put it on the TOP 10 and the NOT TOP 10! He's hilarious!!
i think his whole thing about pratace was so funny he said it 27 times in the video hahahahahaha
i dunno.. when you get into the playoffs, you HAVE  to play each game like its your last game
ian lun
that's why he didn't get to shit in the playoffs ha ha
+ian lun Do you not remember playoffs vs the Lakers? A.I. took the Lakers to the brink damn near by himself.
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