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True story: This girl just dominates youth football. 
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I've been seeing that viral video for days but I have been wondering if it is legit. No information on what, when, where.
Awesome! Love those defensive plays too. QB's have no chance if she gets through the O-Line
i was about to write "...until the boys get into puberty" but then i got to 2:16
Run Sam Run! Every boys' nightmare. lol
First woman to get into the NFL? Let's see in 12 years :)
K Bo
Vicious.....Go Girl!!
She better hope she doesn't develop large breasts so she can fit into her shoulder pads
Too bad that once the boys hit puberty, her career is over.
WOW amazing young raw fresh go girl :) 
K Bo
@ Melo May be not, she can conquer other sports, Soccer, Basketball, Softball or whatever...Skies the Limit for her
That's not football, that's rugby for wimps... look at all that padding!
Too funny… the kids look like Bobbleheads with those huge helmets on their small bodies
You go girl don't let anyone stand in your way!
K Bo
And that is not a Girl...THAT'S A SUPER GIRL!!!!  FLY, FLY, FLY!!! 
K Bo
True its not football, I disagree with the wimps statement..imjuststaying
They have no more padding then the adult players. It just looks that way because they are small. You idiot 
Finally someone in the States that can naturally see Rugby running lines!! Keep it up!
Girls can play shit !! Football men sport that bottom line 
Their just scared to tackle her, she has cooties!! Hella good job, Samantha!!! she plays better than the money hungry pro's..
Heh! Love it! That kid has wheels and great game sense. I hope she's having fun while she's doing it.
hopefully she grows up to be 6'0" and 200lbs 
Eric Cha
I would like it more if they didn't speed up the video to make her look like she is running like Alvin and the Chipmunks.
Yeah, this is pretty awesome, but it won't last long.  She's fast and naturally gifted, but she won't be able to compete with the guys once they grow and mature.  There's a reason there are no women in the NFL.  There isn't a good reason there isn't a women's pro league that doesn't require skimpy clothing though.  
This little girl is awesome. 
^^Can't decide if troll, or really, exceptionally backwards and moronic. >.<
Why in the world would say that once boy reach puberty her game is over. You have no way of knowing what she will be capable of doing when she gets old. 
Holy moly! She's in "Where the Wild Things Are" BEAST mode!
Her vision and sense of instict for football is uncanny.  This is what a highlight real of Kenjon Barner would look like 12 years ago (and without the pony tail).
Athleticism.... that girl is awesome 
M Rod
Holy Cow.....! What instinct & drive! This little Lady Kicks some major butt - Way to Go....! 
Boy oh boy! some of you men out there better stop and think of what you are saying before you get yourself into trouble boob size has nothing to do with what this video is about. This young girl is exceptionally good at the game of foot ball and that is all you have to say. PIGS

Pretty cool but she needs to get lower when making a hot
Omari V
Money.  It's the only reason.  LFL could begin to open doors as the first semi-pro league, however.  It seems sexist, but it's putting women's football on the map.
oooh man, can someone say NFL bound!!!!!!
I dont care what it is if your good your good its in your blood,
WNFL anyone? Why not..... we already have WNBA.
She's very quick with a good natural center of gravity and great instincts, but jeez, so many missed tackles! 
that is amazing! good for her! keep it girl! 
All I know is that for now she is kicking butt! Mad Props to her and her  work ethic!
it puts bboys to shame :(
She runs like her big brother is after her!
She's great, an inspiration. No doubt about that. But as far as NFL aspirations, no reason for that. It's about as sensible as unisex restrooms or jail cellmates. Just doesn't make sense given biology and human behavior. However, they certainly could make a WNFL, kinda like they did a WNBA ;) She'd certainly be a potential first-round draft pick!
She runs like a girl. Someone had to say it.
Incredible moves for anyone that young.. This girl is blessed with some serious skills. 
If that video had gone with yakety sax instead, I think I'd have been rolling on the floor.
A great athlete for the future
Get out of here! This is freaking awesome! She cuts and explodes like Adrian Peterson!
ICE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah I'm sure she'll go pro. If she can dodge and break tackles from little 70-100 lb boys she can definitely do it to 200+ lb men with 4.3 sec 40
Not sure if she's good or if the other kids are just bad.
she has a sick stutter step
she is naturally very talented, wait until she develops n dominates the shit outta rugby in highschool ;) 
gRLS,,,only make chopsy by ths game!!!
Cute, but it won't last.  When she's 15 or so, the boys will all get a foot taller and 12 steps faster overnight.  My 16-year-old plays soccer, and is one of the fastest players on her team, but when she plays with the boys she has no hope of keeping up with the slowest of boy, when he's dribbling and she's running all-out.
you know those little boys go home and cry cuz a girl just ran for 300 yards & 4 TD's vs them lol
funny seeing those giant helmets on those small bodies
very good speed tho
Yo i like that she can do it all keep up the good work
that was pretty cool. she was fast
That's crazy ! All those boys should be embarrassed , plus she's good damn she runns better them some of the guys in the pros 
sorry for that, my friend told me to
the music went perfect with the video LOL
She's awesome... but she needs to enjoy this while she can, because when she hits high school, or starts playing against boys who have reached puberty, her run will come to a bone-crunching end.
I want my girls to be like her!!!
Kal El
im pretty sure don't want to tackle due to sexual harassment suits..
+Allen Scantland I have played highschool ball with a girl that was phenomenal at a younger age. Then we hit puberty, caught up and she no longer wanted to play for a number of reasons. Not big enough, not strong enough, not fast enough, and holy shit! We are now all capable of giving and getting concussions and snot bubbles are quite common in practice. Let me make myself clear here, I have no issues with women competing and playing but I will make no special considerations for you. If you want to play with the men, you will be treated as such. An example would be the military, PD or in my case FD, women do not have to pass the same physical exam I do nor are they held to the same standards afterwards and in my opinion, it's bullshit! I need to know that I can count on my partner if I go down and I cannot say that about the women I work with. Are there women who can satisfy the same standards as a man? Sure! But they are very few and far between and they need to prove themselves just like I have to and meet the standards everyday like I'm expected to.
I see a Disney movie in the future. Still little one keep on playing. Your going to have some great stories to tell your own family one day.

It's obvious the video is sped up a bit. Good thing it is or that video would have lasted 5 minutes longer, with all those long runs. What a player. She's a natural. Great vision and body control to go along with great speed. As C.K Lester said. It does get tougher. A lot tougher. Not just because she's a girl. Even with boys, the other kids catch up in agility and speed the older they get. Still, interested to see how far she can go.
U guys realize the video is sped up right so she not that fast as u think
did they have to speed up every clip? it is at least at 2x speed.
she is good though
Funny, she tackles better than some pros
it wont be like this for long once the boys start develping muscles she will no t be able to escape them
Girls mature faster physically than boys do, that explains why she's outclassing all the guys. In 5-10 years she wouldn't even make the team.
i dont like football..............what is a carry?
^That would hold up, except she is actually quite smaller than quite a few of the defensive backs. She shouldn't be faster just because she is maturing before them.
Y'all really need to put that y chromosone in check and give the girl her props.
And enough with the double standard, gendered microaggressive statements that invalidate her performance. Damn, y'all. really
At that age, the extent of sexual dimorphism is not appreciable. Boys and girls are essentially similar in stature. Once puberty strikes and testosterone for boys goes through the roof, they'll develop musculature in ways girls simply cannot. On our high school football team, we had a female kicker; though she was athletic, she wasn't going to outrun anyone as a WR or outthrow our QB, etc.
Marna, I don't think anyone is using a double standard because she's a girl. She's very good. However, I've personally seen boys dominate in little league football like she is and when they got to HS, they didn't even make the team. Everyone passed them up in size and speed. It happens to both genders. Has nothing to do with her being a girl. Other side of it is, she could get even better herself and do great in HS. I've seen that too.
Is she good or are the other players just shit?
Awesome little girl.
However Marna, if you want to talk about gender bias. If this was a boy, we wouldn't be having this conversation because it would not be on here to watch.
Must be photoshopped. All the others are running in slow-motion :)
Awesome!  I wonder if her skills will keep up and she'll remain competitive in a few years when the boys start getting bigger and stronger.  I think it'd be great to see a competitive girl playing at the high school or even college level.
Arreeba Arreeba underlayy underlayy ;)
Not every budding athlete of ANY GENDER OR SEXUAL IDENTITY can or will maintain their early peak curve of performance. I cannot stand by idly, though, when folks OF ANY GENDER OR SEXUAL IDENTITY start spouting statistical likelihoods, whether published or anecdotal, as to why an individual is likely to fail in the future. This is the same way of thinking that interferes with gains in representation by women, minorities, and "others" in so-called nontraditional roles--even men who want to be nurses. Understand the impact your words can have and keep them current and relevant in context when chatting about potential. Be aware. Be conscious in the moment.

Soapbox kicked back in the corner. i'm out
she is miny berry sanders boyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
Man, all I see is terrible pursuit angles.
It's unfortunate she'll be outpaced once the boys hit puberty.
it looks like a boy with long hair and a girly face
Good for her! But wait till the boys grow into men... ha 
Hi girl it's good to playing footbull..
She sure is quick so.i guess they feed the ball to her all the time which makes her look good also
The scene where she drags the defender for about 5 yards is great.
As the father of a hockey playing daughter, this warms my heart.
She should run track when she's older. An Olympic contender for sure. 
Bob Pie
we could have used her on my highschool football team a few years back.. impressive
Dang she runs faster than my whole tackle football team
It's just her way of suck it boys
john wood, u look like u have never played a down of anything so move along !!! its kids, dude !!! get a life stead of hammering KIDS.  what a rube !!!
Yea wait till these boys get older, and get stronger she will switch to women's rugby lol. And plus I see these kids are all white let her do this against a black pee wee team. But I will give her credit, with proper training she would be one hell of a track sprinter 
She's got skill whatever her people feed her but she is fast and strong.I wonder who trains her
I love the girls who go all the way and dive after her! Great hehehe.
Wow! Someone press Forward when he edited the video? :)
John J
film sped up. old trick
And Adrian Peterson Jr. At the same time
bro she is a beast she should go to UGA
Girl power baby all them dad's that want a boy take that
aye this bro needs to log off his account before he leaves.
A good way to not get tackled... and hurt
Its the female Barry Sanders!
shes fast, but im faster, i can outrun her anyday, but ya she runs a good game tho good for her!
Something New For Entertaining, Girl Football Player Fun Games To Watch, Soon Many Other Girls Will Follow The Example.
Do you think her school district will let her play in high school?
Cool Story, but lets see how she progresses into higher level football
Is she playing with other girls or boys?
Carla S
You Go Girl!  Have fun making those boys wish they were as fast as you!
Yes!! I am wondering why there are no womens foot ball leagues! Men are sexist and think us women cant do crap. I am better than most guys at the key elements of foot ball.
Cmon, none if the players wants to knock her down..duhh she might get hurt 
Raven shouldn't have stolen beast's powers. Girl has youth football mad skills.
It's football, not two words.
Omari V
Marshall, depends on the growth curve. A lot of that is already predetermined. She is small for her age, so its not unlikely that she ends up 5'3" or shorter and only about 125 or so. I don't want to say its impossible, but pretty tough to see anyone that size killing it in college ball.
Are you sure this is a girl cause it really looks like a female version of a cheetah
At 3:14 or so, she's dragging an opponent along. Very cool.
Wow... she can run faster than Honey Boo Boo can talk!
Well I don't know how many of those boys were willing to do damage to a girl. I certainly wouldn't try too.
And all those comments on guys being sexist aren't true, and even if they are it's only cause of all those girls when we were kids saying GIRLS are better than boys (mainly because girls grow faster at a young age generally), so cut back on the sexist comments!
It's funnny cuz, the boys hesitate to knock her down, but it's
She is good but did they really have to speed up the video at the moment she runs to make her look faster then she is. Watch the other players and the refs instead of her, they're darn fast too.
when people chase her they end up falling on their faces lmfao. this girl can run really fast. 
lmfao she had a person hanging on to her while she was running 
* funny comment about boys being slow *
Wait until the boys nuts drop...different game then
I don't know someone said that the videos been sped up..... I don't trust the Internet
She will be on my Fantasy Team!!
Fast but would be demolished  in pro football later in life due to sheer mass.
What ll happen as soon as she grows boobs.
Wow... I hope she shows her talent all the way to the pros!
I keep hearing the song Cherry Bomb in my head as I watch her lol
LOL no one can catch her some of the reffs couldnt keep up lol
I died laughing when she dragged that one kid. 
It's like watching chibi characters playing football, and she is really stinkin fast!!
That was pretty awesome.
Awesome!! Hope she makes the pros!!

Why's everyone in awe about her speed? it's her field vision that's amazing, she's hitting the holes just as they open up, sideline to sideline vision, Barry Sanders is going "she's good" 
ha ha a girl outrunning boys i play for brooklyn legends let go
That's what you call daddy's pride and joy.
awesome!! maybe this girl could be the "first lady to play in the NFL"
Ryan Ng
Amazing. She should play in pro NFL.
wow, not bad, but i dont know about that nfl comment.  even though its possible for her to be the first women most guys in the nfl are huge, she might not be able to compete because of her size.
Whatever they are feeding that girl, bottle it and sell it to every athlete in the world :)
This video is fake.....To many uniform changes and too much difference in player sizes for this to be real!
she should play for the eagles!!!
ugh not meaning to be sexist or anything but football is not a girls sport. Guys dont really have any sports anymore that girls are not a part of. I know, all this "equality" crap means that girls get to play sports with guys, but this is unfair to guys as well as to girls. Once again not meaning to be sexist or anything but this really annoys me
must be Julia Roberts? the runaway bride? :D
Maybe Football should be a female sport ... they seem to be better at it ...
high schooll is totally different...when she gets older we willl see.
This is awesome! My six and half years old girl is all pumped watching this video.
hobbit troopers !
future first female college recruit!
joe bob
i wish my towns league let girls play... if they did them i would have played... 
surprised those kids don't fall over with those ginormous helmets. they look like lollipops running.
Wow! I will be amazed when she's in the NFL and beats all the boys.
I'll trade you Calvin Johnson or RGIII for her 
It's sped up so it looks like she's going alot faster than she actually is

Bad little girl! She got the vision!!!
Whether or not she sticks with football, the drive and dedication she shows here should serve her well.
Not Sure if...Eric Crouch or 10 year old girl
I think my favorite part is that she breaks all of these HUGE runs all while constantly adjusting her helmet by grabbing her facemask.  Awesome!
L King
Video made my day
She's so much faster than her competitors it's almost comical.  Fun stuff!
Run Baby run!!!  There's several NFL teams needing improvements on their running games!
Whoo nelly! That was fun to watch. I don't know if I could even watch my daughter take a hit!
Wow..!! Very impressive..!! She got GAME..!!
This is awesome. I'll have to keep track of her for years to come. You can only expect her to get better.
can we sign her to the Redskins?
That lil girl is going in. Wow....
She reminds me of Icebox from Little Giants
Cool Story Bro... Now give me some money.
You know, ignoring the growing pile of evidence that we're creating a generation of brain damaged children due to participation in contact sports WAY too early in life....

There is something humorous in watching pewee football.   The grotesquely out of proportion silhouette of putting even more padding  on a body that's already out of (adult) proportion...
(Pebbles) Great job Remember Just Have Fun
That great to see a little girl with such raw talent and speed. Hatters stop the batten and deal with it
Very good. Very, very good.
My second female heroine.
MEMEE**** Not True at all GET REAL
the reason shes so good is cause she thinks boys have cutties and don't them to touch her:)
if I was her dad I could never catch her if she was in trouble
She is better than most boys at that age. Incredible!
Tyson D
Proves sexs are equal
That was the best clip of american football I've ever seen
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