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Not all one-handed catches are the same. 

This one from J.J. Worton is INSANE. #SCTOP10
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The announcers' reaction is priceless. Also, SWEET CATCH!
That's how you get the nfl scouts attention
Beast! We will be hearing his name again!
I've never seen a football stadium so empty before.
+Jerry Neutron Yeah...Temple was 1-8 (now 1-9) on the year, but it was probably the best game they've played all year. It is a shame they didn't get a better turnout to see them nearly upset UCF. But in the end "Go Knights"!
Espectacular !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y es universidad !!!!!!!!!!
Wow that was a fricken amazing catch! I've watched +Chris Carter make catches of that variety but this catch, wow!
That's not that amazing. We do similar stuff in the AFL here in Australia and we don't wear pads. We jump up onto people shoulders and catch the ball, sometimes one handed. Y'all ain't got nothing on us!! 
I love the commentators reaction, it's class!
hebat bisa loncat doank anjing ngising
Absolutely SICK!!!!
+Grym Thor There is always that one person that needs to ruin a great comment section...
O....M.....G!!!!!!! It's insane how good that catch was...
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