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Are the Lakers now the best team in the NBA?
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i would say so , though it will be a fun season
"Everyone fighting to not be as good as the Heat." Scott Van Pelt

nice move---still wont beat the Miami Heat!
Wow. I hope Nash can finally get a ring.
They will NOT be the team coming out of the west....
maybe for the west. but big battle with okc
Possibly but they got rid of their future to get there
Good trade if your the Lakers I THINK they will be a great team this year.
It depends...on Kobe.  If he lets Nash and Howard do what they do and he spreads the ball, then yes.  Otherwise the Lakers are just title contenders and nothing more.
they are gonna suck this year! they got one of the oldest point guards in the league and a show off with a small head at center and a idiot as in metta world peace!
If you can't beat em join em! Still question Howard's ability to generate offense outside of dunks, but defensively he's miles ahead of Bynum.
no. Dwight Howard is too much of an ego. Kobe wont be willing to hand over he reigns of his team like Wade has, and Nash is too old. Still #2 though
Yuck, at least he didn't sign an extension. Hope he leaves the Lakers after this season w/o a ring.
No! Now Please no more stupid questions!
Damn. Dwight to L.A. I guess the problem for them now would be the age factor. But i still think they have 1 - 2 tittles in the tank.
Finals: Miami vs. LA. Gonna be good.
God damnit why didn't he go to te clippers
No probly 3 cuz of miami okc spurs
Don't they have to play the games before we put them on a pedistal...

It all depends if they can play together
This is great news! Welcome to Lakers Dwight "Superman" Howard! Let's go Lakers! 100% purple and gold!
Who ever says that this ain't the team to beat something wrong with you. We got this all day.  #LAKERSNATION  
The Lakers now has a strong team! But still I think we need a different coach! Let's go and get the 17th!!!!!!
No but they are sure top 3 and probably gonna make the finals. Dwight doesn't look good in those colors. He would look better in Brooklyn.
Make sure u stay on that bandwagon...they'll be good..but they won't win the championship
#lakernation i dont know kobe is losing it nash isnt as athletic as other teams
Super man just dont get hert plz
Idk why teams scout young talent anymore?? And build a team instead of buying a team

What's the contract he got anyways
Sad to say it, but they will be hard to beat.
stupid lakers now no one can beat them in west except thunder 
Go Lakers!!! My Knicks are still #1 though!!! :)
Lakers all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most famous and glamorous team in the entire world!!!!!!!!
** correction
Idk why teams don't scout talent anymore instead of buying a team
this is a bad trade!! we have no andrew or gasol! we need them!NOOOOOOOOOOOO
The Lakers will take the NBA by suprise this coming season I'm not really a Laker fan but I like what they've done with their roster
Who cares. Desperate fools, they won't win anything. 
Ach, my least favorite team has to go and get my favorite PG and my favorite C.  It's gonna suck rooting against those two this year, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
al sibe
lakers are makin da finals
If the trades will be official, Lakers will be the best team this season and the years to come..
Who care's it is the off-season!
Let's talk about MLB, NFL pre-season, the PGA championship.
Seems like something else should take precedence over off season NBA news...oh yeah, THE OLYMPICS!
Fuck the lakers! Da BULLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lakers heat will be the game to watch
reinforcements. howard was what lakers lacked. but just because they have great players does not mean they are the best.
Bynum is just as good or better than Dwight 
Bynum is a head case and is now the 76ers problem :))
I call it the iguodala trade Howard isn't even healthy and won't play the beginning of the season
Haha yeah now iggy will lead the new and improved nuggets
Matt T
Yea they r :D
All Lakers Haters need to be quiet and keep your own opinion. Mine is that Lakers RULE,MIAMI HEAT SUCK even though Miami has the big three. LATER!!!!! 
Kobe is the second best shooting guard of ALL TIME and first in the league
I think bynum just as good as Howard.
Hate the lakers cuz the celtics rule but Kobe's good
Y is that dude wearing long ladies gloves he looks a rite gaylord!!!!
Y is that dude wearing long ladies gloves he looks a rite gaylord!!!

the best of the basketball is gnobilli, do not say stupid things
dang the lakers r going to be beast this comming up season
Ginoblis good but hes not the best
Well the world finally gets a Kobe vs LeBron finals
This is exactly what's wrong with the NBA ans why it will always trail the NFL in viewership. I can't wait until all of the games go to cable TV because it doesn't gain enough viewers for the big networks to air the garbage
Ginobili is the world's best people, without question. As in hockey you're the best
they can still lose to the thunder...KD can score more then KB, westbrook will kill nash defensively, perkins has proven he can shut down howard and ibaka will give gasol problems...all that and they still have james harden to who...artest? gimme a break...not a first year championship thats for sure
The best money and the best talent still does not guarantee a championship. Heart, team, ...
Argentines are the best: Messi, Luciana Aymar and Ginobilli
+Michael Cortina who would that be, the thunder? If you were watching those games the LAKERS gave two games away in that series. I don't know if the thunder can survive a game seven.
no contract yet he has to resign to get a new deal@ +vito gentile but yea we got howard and nash to play beautiful pick and roll offense with pau to tip in missed shots..question of the day who will out rebound the lakers this season
I see a another parade in June in downtown LA. To bad I am about 3000 miles from LA. Go Celtics in the East.
He's Not going to make it through the season without back problem
Yes the Heat won't contend because the Laker bigs will b too much. N I predict Wade will be hurt by playoffs
No way Jose, Miami Heat all the way!
it still could end up like the malone -payton combo ;)
Its all about Hello Brooklyn!
I know Lakers will be amazing but they got NOBODY to guard LBJ because "World Peace" sucks
ESPN covers stories other than Tim Tebow? Hey, maybe we can get some NHL news one day!
Nope... the Team with the most bank balance sure.... but not the best, in my opinion! 
The aim is not to stop LBJ its to contain his offence and let Kobe go buck! 
May be better than last year but big challenge ahead with OKC......
Insane!! Lakers vs OKC Western conference finals will be unreal this year
steve nash,kobe nd dwight r gonna be unstopable
The heat are a SUPER TEAM now, but still have to contend with the depth of Oklahoma Thunder and Miami Heat. If, they can sign Michael Redd and or Kenyon Martin, then look out!!
Wait Dwight Howard is going to L.A
No way son the celtics rule
Yofat J
The OKC Thunder will still smack that ass
They are better but not enough to beat the thunder and maybe not the spurs.
No they are not the heat won the campionship and the celtics lost to the heat so it sucks to be a celtic fan right now
no it doesnt u bum cuz lets count the champion chps yah thoght so
Ken L
tiny tiny head---looks like its on the wrong body
no the lakers will put that smackdown on OKC
lets see them against the heat that would be a good match up
Should of gone to NY like Melo
lakers are going to suck even more than they do
what the... i like it... i tin'k LA Lakers will take the Champ this coming season..
i think the lakers will do great, they always seem to make the right moves
Wow.....Miami here they come!!!!!!! 
this all means this is shiit 
nash+kobe+dwight+gasol=17 chaps
We need to get Barbosa! Then we'll be set
yess the lakers r the best team in the NBA!!
Have fun dealing with this child, Los Angeles.  Kobe will love playing babysitter.  
Just because Steve Nash is on the Lakers. Of course adding Dwight Howard is a plus for them....but not as much as a plus as adding Steve Nash.
Dwight is amazing probably the best pure C in the league
Iris TG
no. the spurs are.
Once a petulant child with an overinflated sense of self, always a petulant child with an overinflated sense of self.
well... i think that the dynasty era of basketball is soon to return...
Is that Dwight Howard? He looks different...
How can the Lakers be the best team in the NBA if they are not the best team in the Western Conference?
Do not count out OAK and MIA so quickly.  It is going to be a fun season!
Definitely inferior to at least the OKC and MIA, possibly SAS & BOS
Its all la nash kobe dwight all on one team going to kill heat
yes he would be in LAKERS this season. But Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum will be out from the LAKERS for trade.
damn skippy they're the best!  give them half a season and they'll mow down lebron, KG and the durantula.
Wow do hate sports. I wish Google+ had a few filters for this sort of stuff, I would love to stop ESPN and BMW ads from coming up on my page without nuking the entire whats hot feature. I guess I could just start blocking stuff one at a time.
Where are all the haters of Lebron's big move... are you not hating Howard's big move to now? =(°.°)=
Emil... you're absolutely right. I'm amazed that they haven't burned down his house. Lebron gave that Cavs team the 8 best years of his life... signed 2 contracts and simply exercised his RIGHT as a FREE AGENT. Everyone wants to hate on him because of that ill-advised 30 minutes, and the fact that he didn't got to THEIR team. While this PUTZ screwed around for an ENTIRE SEASON, held his team hostage, got the coach fired, then dragged it out for an eternity... AND HE'S UNDER CONTRACT!!?? And I bet he does it again next season! Amazing how short sighted 95% of the public is. GO HEAT!
Eric Xu
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howards nasty best center in da league 
FINALY he does not have all the attention no they got 2 ball hogs on the L.A.L
This was a BIG trade
That starting line up is just ridiculous!! 
Every big man who's been traded to the Lakers have won a ring. He HAS to win one now.
the lakers will win they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LakeShow, LakeShow, LakeShow!!! Can you say Dwight and Steve's 1st? Kobe matches Jordan in championships.
the Lakers are most defiantly NOT the best. The Chicago Bulls are better than those morons!!! 
LeBron and the Heat all the way. And no, I'm not just hopping on the bandwagon. I've been a LeBron fan since 2008
if you hate them dont comment !!! DAMN ppl!
Hey ESPN, how about a picture of a clown in an Orlando Magic jersey? That's exactly what they are.
Outside, inside...won't matter. No one will out rebound us and we will have the assist leader feeding the best tandem in the game. Any more questions?
Best team ! Give me a fuc@&en break! No way ! 
If Nash and Kobe were five years younger, the Lakers would be the best team in the league. Instead they're a very good team (as they were last season) with different players.
Its the lake show but don't drown dough
as if the lakers weren't good enough already
Not necessary ...they still need a powerful point guard 
Well I'm glad the baby finally got his candy. Now he has to put all that talk to work, and live up to the great Lakers and the team's expectations. 
Nobody can truely know until the game gets played.  The Lakers will  be one of the MAJOR PLAYERS THIS YEAR!
Best in the West once again!! Maybe this season everybody will finally get what they've been wanting for the past few years ... A Kobe / Lebron Finals match up!
So much for the magic!
The heat won a championship in a half season. *
I dont care if the magic suck this year just thank god he is gone
Lakers pull off another coup. To bad Andrew wasn't open to instruction and advise from the best center the NBA has seen (Kareem Abdul Jabbar). It was ur loss Mr. Bynum.
Wow out of all the other teams in the nba y lakers can anyone explain that one
Not even close , the Heat are still the best
I think it's safe 2 say that the Heat are still the best in the league until someone proves me wrong
He will destroy the team much as he did here in Orlando last year. Prima Donna that will expect to be treated as the Number 1 player. Locker room moral will plummet. Performance will suffer.
Laker Big Men tradition continues,Mitch-Jerry West taught you well.Being able to keep Pau as well was a great feat let alone.As a Laker fan myself the true tests are going to be OKC & MIA !
hard to tell he is accustim to being the it guy and now he is playing with Kobe,Pau and Nash not sure how he is gonna react
The way it looks they should be the best team.
this is going to be a nice season
Must be good to be a Lakers fan right now...
The DYNASTY will commence in 3...2...1...
Lakers should really contend if they can play as a unit and leave the
ego stuff off the court.
Thunder r still the best in the west and heat r till the best in the east
No. Big man for another big man. The only difference is he's going to want it more than Bynum. #RuhRoh 
Dwight is going to be under a lot of pressure to win. Hopefully he will be able to step up and help the Lakers get past OKC. 
I think D. Howard is overrated. Not enough to deal with L.
James and the Heat.

Rob R
Its our time!!!
How many hall of famers does Kobe need !? Pathetic .!! Worse than LeBron !
If they don't have chemistry issued between Kobe vs. Howard.  
i love the lakers they are my favourite team i have a basketball sighned by magic johntson with a screen on top for safety
I love Kobe, Nash, Gasol, D 12 and all but I can't see Lakers beating either Okc or Heat yet...
Kobe will retire with 1 more ring then michael jordan....lets go laker! Kobe bryant#1
the lakers days of winning anything is done. Howard can't make the organization better sorry laker fans
I'm sure we'll see.... Hang another banner, I'm calling it already!
The Lakers going to still lose the championship
Yes now koby have more help with supermen
easily the best team in the nba... hey dwight.... looking good....
The Lakers still gotta get past the Spurs, Thunder, Grizzlies, Clippers, & Nuggets. They are definitely gonna make the playoffs. I dunno about em makin the finals tho.
No not the best team yet. OKC will prevail first!
This guy is not all there I'm a Laker Hater!!!!
 that uniform is weird i mean the glove things
Dwights back will give out early unfortunately and then they're toast. Sorry Laker fans.................GO HEAT!!!
Dwight howard laker.......late run kobe....looks like six
If your Orlando, you lose your star player for what....
no way, OKC and Miami are to good!!!!
NO they still need Wade, LeBron
heat will beat the lakers this year because they have team chemistry but the heat does need a decent center. The lakers will definitly win the next year.
NBA is all about World Peace hahaha!!! Let there be Peace! If MB can handle KB like what Phil Jackson did Lakers is the team to beat!
did everyone forget labron and the miami heat!
He gets the coach fired then leaves...tsk, tsk! Smh!
read the onion article about dwink howard
Welcome to your new home! Now makes us proud.
Love him, but will his back hold up. So much pressure? Can he handle it?

Brown can't work his offense . No flow of offense at all , needs lots of work 
But love my lakers to death , I live and die with them , can't wait to see Steve cash
Dish some dimes :) 
look at this piece of shit.he look like my ass cheek.a$$hole
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