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Can this guy take down Floyd Mayweather?
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Beauty of boxing, you only need to have 1 good night.
no floyd when he comes to pound to pound he is the best
Greg T
Don't take this Guy lightly, he's powerful, can take a direct hit, has been down before, no cake walk.
floyd is determined will never let this one go
mayweather needs to stand still and take a hit...
i think cotto will lose, but mayweather needs to stand still..but he dont wanna hurt his face...
gte in the middle and duke it out..dont run around the ring..go toe to toe..thats what we wanna see..dont you think?
yea man. i agree with that.
One thing i love about this game is that, someone's ass will be kicked.
nonononononononononono swearing! POTTYMOUTH POTTYMOUTH POTTYMOUTH!!!!!
I like boxing but I love MMA. A lot more action.

Floyd wont lose. 
I wish people would stop spending money on Pac and May fights until they fight each other. I can't even take May serious anymore. How you claim to be the best when you're ducking a fight? Embarrassing to boxing champions who came before them.
Pac agreed to the fight, agreed to the test, but he wants half of the take. Mayweather response,"no one gets half".

Yeah he's ducking, big time.
No way in the world can miss pacman beat Mayweather it's just not happening 
Cotto might get his head knocked in seriously he's just to slow for Mayweathers counter punches
miss pac-man u nuh..liberties!
Pac probably couldnt win, but he's not ducking.
This will not be a easy fight for Floyd, Cotto is physical and he fights inside and out. He's not gonna stand there and get sucker punched either.
I bet cotos face will be swollen by the 3rd round
liberties...manz face will probably be swell up by round 3 for real..
I hope Cotto pulls it off. I will end up watching the replay on HBO for this one...too much for ppv.
i dont hate mayweather..just getting bored of watching him running around..i think hes a good fighter otherwise..
I like you Cotto, but you gonna get your ass beat on Saturday .. can't wait.
I'm not trying to think racial but the record for puerto ricin fighters beating blacks is not that great I don't think nothing will change with this fight and I dare any body to question what I just said
Cotto has to be at his patient and pick his spots for power punches
Floyd Maywewther le tiene miedo a Manny Packiao?
cuando viene esa pelea????
he could take down mayweather but it ain't happening
As much as I love Miguel, there's no way he'll beat Mayweather
Ed una gran pelea .! Pero El Canelo es " mejor "
This guy's the biggest phony I've ever seen!
Mayweather stinks like a bee.cotto is going down.
Mayweahter is too fast and too accurate. What makes people think that Cotto is going to be able to do what no other fighter has done and that is land enough punches to make it a fight. He can't. Compubox stats prove that fighters land at lower percentage against Mayweather than any other fighter in history.
Espero que esta pelea no sea arreglada ( fix ).??????????
i concur adam....but i commend cotto for taking such a battering.great match....for the record books.
that tranning didnt do shit 4 cotto! but hes still a badass! LOL!!!!!
the trainer had a better chance!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
and i paid 4 that shit! i want my money back!!!!!!!!
as much as you'd want to hate mayweather u have to give the man some props.he's a great fighter and his record and the number of belts he holds are sure evidence of that. he has speed, stamina and an attitude that matches the combos he dishes out....but on the other hand...i have to give credit to cotto for taking the hits like a man. that was a good fight.
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