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"I wish we had the Washington Generals on our schedule."
- Kobe Bryant
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it's going to get worse before it gets better. they might be able to turn it around but it could be too late to make the playoffs. we'll see. 
kobe can have his 30ppg and keep losing, i love it
I'm actually starting to feel kinda bad for them.  Go HEAT! +Miami Heat FanPage   Still wish we were playing them on Xmas, tho.
Mike D'Antoni wasn't winning in NY, and he isn't gonna win in LA even with an all star team. He's got NO D, and he relys on the pick n roll.

The Zen Master wasn't given a chance because he's been plugging Jeanie Buss for 10 years.. and Kupcakes, I mean Kupchak doesn't want this to be the Phil Jackson show. Especially after all the b.s. moves Kupchak has blown (not trading Bynum for Kidd, etc.) Over the years.

You know they can score points... Get the Lakers focussed on D, and watch what happens.
The Lakers Roster is pathetic , the most streaky bench I've ever seen. 
Jim Day
Maybe skiing again in Colo.  What was her name?  I forgot... LOL
They are banking on a 40 year PG, that is garbage. 
Funny how people say "40 year old", like he hasn't played in recent years. Or "old man" like he isn't leading the league in his most effective year yet. Or "overrated" like he hasn't been defensive player of the year recently. And even "washed out" when he's still one of the best PFs in the game. Now the coach, well there's no defending him. He really is over rated, old, AND washed out. 
They should just kick the Lakers out of Staples Center and have them play for free at the Sports Arena. Keep hoggin' it Kobe, you are stupid. Haha. 
+sayem quazi you mean the 40 year old PG? He can't help this team. No team in the NBA is worried about Nash, fact. Where have the Suns been these past few years?

+Sam Melendez I would agree except they probably still bring in more money to the league than any other team.
Just retire or man up and play defense 
u do really awesome job. We need Nash !!!!! 
The downside is that they need to run the team through Howard and Gasol. We all know Kobe will never allow that. 
I'm loving the fact that coming into Madison Square Garden is No longer a easy win.People will talk about Kobe lighting up the Garden...I will bring up the night Carmelo went bananas on the Lakers and added the extra punch now hit the floor
The Generals are about the only team LA could beat this year
The team the Globe trotters face every game
So, most of you say the problem is Kobe. I think the preoblem is superchick Howard and free throws, inconsistense and childish attitude.
Kobe Bryant Bryant Bryant! ;) i hope somebody gets that reference
The Wizards would still lose to the Washington Generals.
Wizards have no chance v generals 
Who cares ?! Go New York Go Knicks!
Knicks r LUCKY. NOT talented.
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