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This might be one of the coolest dunks ever.
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Dunk of the year! This one's all you need.
That was quite awesome especially since it Happened during a game in the heat of the moment and not on a breakaway 
Jon Lee
wow, thats sick
that is the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!
Was that even legal? Wasn't that pass to himself or is that considered a dribble?
+Salvatore Surra I think it's considered a dribble. And you can't call it a travel since he didn't technically take another step with the ball on the floor after the bounce.

Fantastic play. Never even thought about this as an option during real live play.
does he get credit for an assist to himself?
The best is the kid at the end, he's just like: "Welp, I got nothing."
OH BOY!!!!!!   he turned ol dude into a human highlight reel probly make dude run 400
Cool but as a coach I would have kicked his ass &benched him for showboating
stop it. Vincanity will never be topped....ever
Jim Lee
lol he's on the down low!
nasty! that is now in my top ten
Is that legal? Isn't that like passing the ball to yourself? Travel?
Dude asked himself, "did that just happen?"
Guy's isaid it was cool but he had the guy beat before he flipped the ball for the dunk if that had bean for a title &he missed what would you say then best regards coach nick

i don't even know what to say
That's his Globe Trotter moment for life. It kinda takes a fall guy to pull it off, but it"s all swagger. Gotta give it a 10
that kid is definitely going to NBA 
dude is playing playstation on the court, i would've gone home if i was defending him.
I feel sorry for anyone who still gives a shit about basketball.
WTF! Check his bloodline!
That's hot! Hats off to the athletes and there gifts.
I feel SO bad for that guy that tried to defend it.
Re-dunklous!!! that was crazy! !!
Omg that was amazing $$$
O Drible Lençol, Chapéu, etc... acaba de ser inventado no basquete...
It would've been cooler if it just bounced into the basket by itself :P
Wow! What a dunk! Way better than the NBA slam dunk contest. LOL.
Thqt is sweet but i dont even think thats aloud
But it is not better than a slan dunk contest
Amazing. This guy has a shot at the Globetrotters!
Watch the slow motion that begins at 0:20
Great Dunk, the coming NBA player in the future....
Wow!!! Hop blake griffin doesn't get any ideas O_O
I love you!!! You are the best basketball shooter!!!
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
That was not the coolest dunk ive ever seen ive totally seen better. words for that right there............
he has the skillz that are gonna pay his billz
Jeff M
Offensive goaltending, or no?
+Jeff Miller No, because he bounced it off the ground, so it's not a shot. Now, if he had lobbed it up there himself...then, maybe.
Nice move, dude had no business guarding him though
I like to call that Thursday!
All day!
That was the best but the crowd went a bit to crasy
Wow... I haven't seen a dunk like that since........ Well, any harlem globetrotters game for the 50 years. This is done so much and during actual games. The first time I saw someone do it in game was in 1979.
I've thought about this in basketball and lacrosse and told myself that it would never happen. Dude just proved me wrong, he better not post a lax video up next... 
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that dunk was AWESOME.
that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That just happened!!
V!. . .c. . . ...x. .c. .. ... w
. .
Wow! Just when we think we have seen it all.
That was nasty! The Skillz some people have is simply wicked.
That is deliberate! They boy got a mind very the ball.
Luck always has its role, but the execution looks like he had done is homework very well. The dunk is AWESOME.
wow nice. gives rose a run for his money.
He seems to be a bird!!! Haha~~~~
Bs he needed to get his ass back down to cover his position and he didn't so he needs more practice
That was really cool!!! Perfect timing....
Unbelievable! That should make Olbermann! ...oh wait, he's not on anymore.  Sigh...
damn, i thought it said coolest DRUNKS ever. that would have been worth seeing
Wow! That was cool!! I never know this game could be so interesting before.. ♥
I can not believe he did that in the middle of a game. That is BEAST MODE!
The dude who got dunked must feel like
Damn!!! Thats crazy!!! U never see guys doing that in a game... Only in dunk contest. That poor guy got shamed.
Ok fam got skills, that's that Rucker Harlem get in yo face kinda dunk.
i love aleyoops and other dunks, sorry if i did not spell aleyoop right.:)
When I see DUNK I can't avoid thinking of my self, it happens to be my last name!
Lol tight like ur buthole
that was freking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To do that during a game is so over the top arrogant, he should've been called for foul or something. Still cool as hell, though.
D White
That was hot!
ths one could have been in the slam dunk contest.  he's def one to watch!
Sick,,!!! I think he deserve to on the top 10 .. #1
That is a sweet dunk he is talanted
that was sweeeeeeet!!!!!!
Busket ball iz da best sport man kind had ever invented#check out da action#
Why do you think nobody in professional basketball does this in a game? When he bounces the ball past his shoulders that's considered travelling, and when he took 3 steps, he travelled again! So he travelled twice!
Actually the part about bouncing the ball past the shoulder is false. If the hand stays on top of the ball and comes right back down, it is a legal dribble.
Woh! The other guy got schooled!
:0 That was the best dunk I have ever seen
That was absolutely mind blowing 
Bobby T
Creativity at its finest!
+Kenny Lopez. As long as you don't come back to floor with the ball, you can dance a jig before you jump up and slam it.
So wrong......the game should have just been wrong
That was an out right embarrassment! There's no way that should have happened in an organized game. That was some old Globetrotters noise. Kudos to you sir, kudos.
My Bro Angelo Been Doing Stuff Like This Since 9th & 10th Grade, I'm Just Glad Somebody Other Than His Hometown Roots & ECSU Fans Is Finally Seeing What He Can Do. He Has Been NBA Ready Since High School! 
^ is that really necessary to use upper case in the beginning letter of practically EACH word?
How came no one tought of that before?
hes in the NBA wright?
Perfect one on one on your face see ya later you aint got no D. Dunk...
Wow who think to do that on a 1on 1 fastbreak
Well if he bounced it off the backboard it's legal  but ur right illegal but amazing.
i love you, you are a good basketball
Warom is het niet in het nederelans zo kan ik niet antworden aub 
Man i seen alot of great dunks before but not like that evev in the NBA !
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