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It's the Stanley Cup. Chilling on a chair.

Just another Monday in Bristol.
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aah si yo tengo unas 20 en mi casa...quieren verlas??
Bristol does know that's a hockey trophy, right? Can they even spell NHL? #nhlplayoffs
Now that the Bruins are out, Go Rangers
q eso....ah yo la veo todos los es gran cosa
Yes Todd we know what Hockey is in the south. And since you're reading this, we can obviously spell too. Go Flyers!!!
well i picked the redwings and that did not turn out how i wanted it to be so now i think who is gonna win is the FLYERS OR COYOTES IDK I KINDA DONT REALLY PAY ATTENION TO THE NHL
Coyotes and the Rangers are the teams Philly has to worry about if they want to win the cup. Hopefully they can get knocked out before the Flyers need to play them.
Hey don't they know that belongs to the Rangers? Rangers winning the cup this year!!! 
The blues and the rangers have a good shot but my bruins r out but im going with the kings they r strong and i think they will get the job done.
Kings will take it, and I'm not even a la fan, im a bolt!!!
Hehe not at all, I live in Detroit and i can't stand them, no one is better than stamkos and st Luis together even though well need a new goalie during the off season
gonna be coming back to ny soon cant wait:)
kings are playing good, but they already have a few bro rangers have 2, plus rangers are a better team kinhs are good but rangers are better i think..
That's true but they need to pick up their consistency if they wanna make it there
flyers vs. coyotes in the finals
No way, flyers wount beat rangerso or caps, and coyotes wount beat kings, no way
That is 100% bro the rookie is out playing gabs
ya lets hope the caps dont get the cup
Agreed +Bryan Reis i absolutly hate the caps, but i dont really like the rangers either, if only they both could lose this round...
No way, brysgalof has some nights when he can't stop a puck, like last night
Well we shall see who's rite soon enough 
No one cares, exept for when it's about Tampa bay
Why are we fighting when we could be watching! Now go sit on that couch and enjoy the games!
The caps are going to kick out the rangers and then best nj 
+Daniel Albrittain ...yea... the caps are going to the finals... :-/ ??? Rangers just knocked them out...hate to rain on ur parade but...without buffalo bombing their last week of the season your team wouldn't have made it to the playoffs. So you can thank them. And you can thank the Rangers for putting the the Caps out of their misery.
Lol yess lets go rangers, today is the anniversy of messiers guarntee letss goooooooo
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