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Rajon Rondo's stat line: 44 points, 8 rebounds, 10 assists, 3 steals.

Only thing missing from his masterpiece ... a WIN.
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That no-call foul would have given him a win.
Man I was watching and he sure has done fantastic compared to his last games, but when he does his team just can't help him out...I really thought Boston would win...
No call, give the Celtics 2 points, they still lose.
Rondo stats would be great if he wasn't on a team of hall of famers. It means there was no help
nice game you got 44 points you drive the team
Big game by Rondo but they're now down 0-2.. Go Heat!
I hate watchin heat games, I swear them refs be giving them a pass . Lookin like they helping lebron get that ring ..
add 53 minutes of playing time.. this guy should rest.. Respect to Rajon Rondo!
i watch 2 games one wit OKC and one wit BOSTON and i see bad calls by ref's cuz the game bcuz the winnin team is home thats not fear at all the game shud judge rtie and the ref cah say they aint see it
Yeah, it couldn't be the fact that only one guy on a team full of star players came to play today holding them back. Or the lack of rebounding. Or the dozens of stupid fouls. It was that one missed call.

Take your loss like a man, Bean Town.

And really, who cares? Kings won.
Leon Ho
Good game looser
Man please the so call king Is so overrated!! He have the strength but no skillz, he can neva be close to MJ or kobe
+Gerald Hines Right on, I'm a Boston fan til the end and it was the 3rd quarter defense that let them down, not a couple bad calls (the pierce 6th foul was stupider than the other ones anyway).

They still played a hell of a good game, I was a little let down as a Boston fan after Game 1 but this one had plenty to get excited about.
Rondo did everything he could do
RR always do his best.
Great stats. Only if it resulted in a win
I was really shocked with the 3 pointers he made..a great game even though I was goin for Heat.gotta give him credit!
Much Respect.

Heats Fan.
Players don't win games... TEAMS DO... otherwise Lebron would have had a title on the Cavs.. MIA All day!
Yeah cause the heat is such a team that Wade and Lebron have to do everything -_-
Amazing game from Rondo tonight. Most valuable PG in the game right now.
Rondo sure played great tonight! Just to bad they couldn't pull it out in the end. I did enjoy watching Lebron miss the game winning shot at the end or regulation. He's so overrated!
There is no referee who is going to bail out the Heat against the Spurs ! Spurs are going to kill the Heat. 
Never the spurs have won twenty games in a row. And beat okc twice
Can't wait to watch the Spurs roll over the Heat. Keep Bron Bron in his place. 
T Mack
Yea and thats the most important thing if he want the ring they have to work hard.
They should not have lost tonight! Damn shame. Looks like they will be fishing with the #Lakers. LOL..
He came back strong and step up to the plate lets go Boston !
All that effort for not. Time to hold serve at the Garden
Miami is full tilt bitch made ... they are nothin without wade & james ... the massive foul shot discrepancy won Miami the game & the fact that they gave Pierce his 6th foul towards the end ... if Pierce played in O.T the C's would hav won no doubt about it ... see you in the BEAN queen james ... C's in 6
Excellent game for Rajon but his team can't backup him
rondo sucks balls bahai balls
Heat have no chance against the spurs
kinda looks like a gumpy Barack obama
Fukin can't stand Miami ... stab lebron & wade right in there necks ... they gonna get run up on in Boston.
they got robbed with the no call on the wade foul on rondo at the end
boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jai bhajirangabhaji!!!!!!
Rondo should play with a younger team. Celtics are soo tired.
33 - 18 foul shot discrepancy in favor of Miami thats 15 more trips to the line for Miami ... hard to win when you have to play against the refs & the opposing team ... FUCK THE HEAT & FUCK THE OFFICIALS ... see you in Boston bitch made Miami ... C's in 6
Best Player in the NBA outside Derrik Rose (a healthy Derrik Rose).
The Heat Schooled those fools...Got to like
Rajon Rondo's stats though. One man Team LOL!
Na Na Na maybe 1 game Wo We R I Fuego Da MIAMI HEAT WADE AND DA KING Na IN They House KK Lebron Is to Strong $ R Rondo Let Keep On Burning To Boston Garden
Don't hate on lebron,he deserves a ring, he didn't get any help ohio so give the man a break,rondo did play a dame good game,but it's over for boston,after this year the team is slitting up,but sorry to say chicago is the next top team in the eastern conf.,but i'm a heat fan and will always be a heat fan,Heat all the way.
U r just mad because the bulls r sitten at home watching everyone said go Heat.
Heats always win with ref. Help always that's not professional can't do the work by themselves.
Rondo carrying the whole Boston that game.
It was quite an interesting exhibition of basketball IQ and a display of passion for the fundamentals of great basketball of NBA GREATEST GAMES ...ever!
The best match of Rajon Rondo´s carreer but Heat defeats Celtics!
Bull ,the best shooters on the boston team is allen,and garnett,paul is a sometime shot maker,paul wouldn't have done no more then what he did today. HEAT ALLDAY LONG
U watch u r mouth ,u just hope ju don't get run up on chump
Doesn't matter what happens San Antonio sweeping they are just monsters
Amazing!!!! Hard lose won't see that in a long time
That's alright ,it's been times where the refs cheated for boston in boston ,so stop cryen boston might win two games out this serise but that's it, the real game is heat vrs spurs.
LOL. Sadly... it's the playoffs and winning is all that matters.
Very awesome game by Rondo. Needs to be beside Kobe in L.A. tho!!
P Chang
Beat the Heat
Carried the team, cant play with these noobs.
James took 24 Fts. Celtic gets 29. What the hell? And then a non-call? F*ck.
No "I" in TEAM. Rondo better get help fast to secure a trip to the Championship.
dude you got to step up to the crease take it to the next level and man brandon wallace's is right you guys ca'nt beat miami heat
Oh yes they can he almost did it alone.....he is the badest piont next to Parker...don't sleep on Rhondo..
One of the best Celtic playoff performances ever! Except for the stat line that matter most... The win
Roh wit
sachin tendulkar is God
Boston needs to retire. good effort on rondos part but he's too inexperienced to take a team full of elders all the way to the championships.better luck luck in the future xxx! Heat baby! Big 2!
Wade is a dirty player, all you guys know this. but for what it takes it will be seen. cheeters never win..
hey i i love my celtics and i stand by them all the way? for them being that old they sure do give the heat a run for their money and Lebron and Wade were sweating there for a moment!!
Boston have a very thin bench. After their starters get tired people off the bench don't contribute much. Kudos to Allen and Pierce who bounced back with a slump game 1. I just hope they can win at their homecourt.
Rondo won't have a shooting game like this for a long time... Good shooting but Boston does better when you have high assist.
Boston let another one slip away...As the saying goes...Don't beat yourself...
35-18 foul shot discrepancy in favor of Miami ... it's a sad day when the officiating plays a role in the out come of such a crucial game ... fuk Miami & fuk the refs ... see you in Boston queen james ... C's in 6!!!!!
Rondo went STUPID on the Heat last nigt. Dude was simple unstoppable!
Rondo did his part, he just didn't have any help
There's always so many missed calls jus cuz it was the Heat everybody wanna hate jump off dick yo team lost or either got stomped by the heat so far. #Go Heat#
kat mei
he is the player of the game
He plays well but nothing went right in his way!!
So! I can say him just better luck next time...
NBA must eant the heat to win badly those officials were terrible
Rondo is in his prime and he is so far one of the best PGs in the league.
Too bad the Heat's going all the way :P
Even with this stats he lost....heat up ;-)
I hate the NBA! College basketball is so much better...
i Syu
Rondo has obtained all his teammates all in one. This kid got better in 2012.
tht's the best game he's ever played & he still lost?
some supporting cast
and the bad part........they were winning the whole time and they still lost :(
i Syu
It was all gud when they gave boston all them calls against my sixers but now that there playing a team that there not favoured to win against its not fair. Wake up ppl its call basketball polotics duuhhh
champs legs will rise........!
I see alot.of heat haters out there,lol ur hate is fuel for the heat... lol
I think that at the end of the season Boston should trade rondo with OKC's Westbrook. That would match both of there skill style. 
Miami don't jump for joy to early like last year. San Antonio luck like a team to not f*** with. 
And an Oscar he is a great ACTRESS!!
Celtics is old. She need fresh blood.
Er Vin
Great game. Miami 2012 champions tho. Sorry guys. Spurs? Lolgtfo
Even though i am a Heat fan, i got to say that Rondo did good, but not not really anyone else. Go Heat
That was a grand performance, but too bad it didn't culminate in a win🏀!
It was an excellent game from Rondo for sure. Too bad a couple blown calls in the end slightly tarnished a classic playoff game.
The fact he played the whole game without rest was also pretty impressive.
Annnnnnd Rondo is traded to the HEAT. Says he wants to run with the young guns again. #kingjames will get his ring this year. You heard it here first, mark my word. #GoHeat
Its OK I'd rather see lebron's face after losing the finals again lol
Barry Deleon what the hell do u do with your life.
Looks like we should drug test those Miami Heaters for burning all that Boston GREEN!!!!
sad same thing happened last season is happening again.sorry Boston.
Come on Celtics!! You guys can do it!!! BEAT THE HEAT!!!
dont worry about the celtics cause okc winning it all
no no no no no no wat just one moment the HEAT are goin to take it all
Are you kidding me! Do you're research dear...Celtic will rise!!!
Played entire 54 minutes, couldn't get a triple-double
Rondo was mobbed by Wade, no call (u points lost by Celtics), Miami went down court with a 5 or 4 advantaged and scored. Then after Boston missed, Wade drove and kicked KG, but instead of being called for an offensive foul, he got a 3 point, those missed calls resulted in 7 points!...The refs suck!
Two things missing from his masterpiece: 4 point swing on the blown foul call and the win. (Might want to throw Wade's leg clear out that was called a foul in KG in there too) NBA - more scripted than wrestling!
Wade was fouled before the kick, hence the reason he kicked.

Haters gonna hate
No, we all know the Celts should've won that. The refs called way too many fouls.
Rondo was brilliant. But the C's can't play any better than they did. I'm afraid this one will be done in five.
Rhondo must have a game like that every game in order for the Celtics to have a chance
Paul C.
Sad to watch Rondo's coming out party crashed by refs...
yeah that none call when he got hit in the head was the game changer.
The none call was the turn around point, refs must be hold accountable, and the NBA should allow players and coaches to speak out.
it makes the game look crooked when that stuff goes by un-accounted the miami cheat are a lucky team
He has matched Rose's career high. This guy is for real - best PG in the league.
Celtics should have won that game series should be 1-1 going back to Boston and clerics would of def taken one of the two games if not both especially the way they played yesterday. 
Really doesn't matter who wins celtics heat series because spurs and winning it all!!!! You can take that to the bank!!!
+Vernon R Dude, if he seriously kicked someone because he got fouled he'd be ejected and suspended, you're not winning him any points with that argument
Good game by Rondo - BIG WIN FOR THE HEAT! .. a lot of pressure on Boston game 3.. That's the fact!.. Go Heat 2-0
no pressure Rando playing like a beast he is
U must spend too much time watching basketball, b/c if you didn't you would know how to spell assist.
what a game men! ranjon rondo he did great, and Boston Celtic want too put him under bus he got game.
35-18 foul shot discrepancy in favor of Miami ... hard to win when your playing against the refs & the opposing team on a consistent basis ... FUK MIAMI & FUK THE OFFICIALS ... see u in Boston queen James ... C's in 6!!!!
C's are gonna go 4-1 now
Heat r a good team but if we had green n wilcox we'd win in 5
go caavs(even though they suk)
hate the celtics... hope they lose every game against the Heat
If there was an MVP for that game I would give if to him even though he lost
Cameron McDonough speaks tha truth
Must be consider amongst the best point guards in the game today.
rondo is a beast except that he beat up a referee and got fined
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