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Who do YOU think is the greatest athlete to ever wear #12?
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Great Debate between Brady & Bradshaw.....
john stockton is the nba's all-time leader in assists with 15,806 (the guy in second has 11,903) and only one other player has averaged double-digit assists per game for their career.
Devin Davis
I know who it isn't...Howard
Bradshaw, Kelly, Stockton, Brady
Out of all those, as a Flames fan, i have to choose Iginla. The man's a legend
Brady or Bradshaw. Hard to believe some of those are even mentioned. Maybe they're good, but not great. 
Namath, Robert Staubach, and David Letterman...
I believe that Randall Cunningham (during his time with the Eagles) should be on the list ahead of some others up there!
Kelly but my opinion doesn't count.

Hello I'm Mike and I'm a Buffalo Bills fan.
Have to go with Brady.. He's the definition of a pure passer 
Winnipeg Jets' Olli Jokinen. jk
gotta go with Roger Staubach
From what you've listed, I'd have to say: Brady, Bradshaw, Namath, Staubach - in that order.
Craig Mackail Smith
Hate the patriots but its gotta be Brady.
Gotta go with Staubach.  Great question!
12-12-12 the day,month&year i wil never forget
Alomar's 12 looks like SEGA's classic logo font used back in the 90's.
For success and reputation as my measure... Staubach.
What numbers did Jim Thorpe wear?
I would have to give another vote for Brady
Brady + Bradshaw = KOBE!!!
BRADY!! When NFL team beat the patriots they celebrate like if the won the superbowl... 12 Tom Brady!!!
+Jimmy Ramirez funny how they haven't won a super bowl since spygate.. They some cheaters.. Lol.. Tom Brady cool tho 
+Jamie McCleod every team in the nfl spy gates get your facts straight the only reason they got caught is cause there former defense coach snitch and show video. But look whos still coaching and just kill the texans!! I bet you any amount of money patriots will win it this year!!! There the best!! 
New many people don't know who Abel is?
Brady. Brady. Every day of the week and twice on Sunday, Brady. Best all-time, let alone #12.
Bradshaw, Howard and Brady the top 3
Mark Langston. Just kidding...I'll go with Brady because that's my team!
Brady is not the best all time...let alone best 12...he is a product of a great system....he is no Rodgers or Manning...hell Cassell tore it up in the same system and look what he has done since...if i had to pick one it would be Abel...
A nice gesture for the holidays.  Perhaps give it to a school in a less privileged area.
Tom Brady of course he proved that over in over......
Numbers wise it's definitely Brady. Bradshaw and Staubach second
im not really a football guy but im a hockey guy the only sport i leggit play is Table Tennis
robby alomar greatest fielding second baseman of all time
A Total of 72 Points Divided By Twelve 12! A Numbers Game
Brady.  It's not even close.  He's one of the five best players in the history of the NFL.  Nobody else on that list can be said to be in that conversation for their sport.
(Not a Pats fan)
idk....... either Alomar, Howard, or Rodgers. (Maybe Bradshaw or Brady too)
yeah bradshaw is in the same list has brady but howard sucks lol
You left out the greatest of all time - Mathew Richardson from the Richmond football club

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Lol... yeah. We'll see how you nay-sayers sing at the end of Brady's (already) amazing career... maybe therell be one or two records left for your guy... 
Bradshaw - but where's the Snake?
+Jimmy Ramirez But teams wasn't taping super bowl walkthrus.. Or conference title games... And they were... I just think it's funny they haven't won since then.. It gets harder when you don't know what plays teams are running for that specific game 
Discount Double Check Man. Aaron Rodgers.
Got to go with my black&gold .......Bradshaw
alomar is the best 2nd baseman I've ever seen, has to be him
I noticed how they put Dwight Howard on the Lakers jersey instead of Magic 
When you think about it Jordan wore #12 for one game, so Michael Jordan. 
Why is Rodgers not listed here?
that says athlete... Tom Brady is NOT even a good athlete. lol
Terry Bradshaw, he won 4 Super Bowl over a span of 8 seasons with the same team. 
TOM BRADY! How many teams can get 3 touch downs in 1 min? only one!!!!
Tony B
Rodgers is the best there is... Wakes up in the morning and posses excellence 
Joe Hollywood Namath
JORDAN ALL THE WAY! He had to wear it once because someone had stolen his jersey from the locker room. 
Brady is the easy #1.  Bradshaw does not compare to Alomar or Stockton.  I'd probably go Brady, Stockton, Alomar, Staubach, Bradshaw.....with Rodgers still having plenty of time to creep up the list.
No doubt it has to be John Stockton. IMO of course
Bradshaw career:  212 TD, 210 INT
Namath career:  173 TD, 220 INT
Brady career:  329 TD, 119 INT

How is this even a conversation?
Athlete ?  To me that says the most athletic.  That would be Dwight.  The best pro ? Brady or Bradshaw.  Aaron is probably the most talented QB ever, but he has no chips.
the best one to wear twelve isnt there its me haha :DD
MICHAEL JORDAN when his jersey was stolen ! I guaranty that he was the greatest athlete to wear # 12 
Rodgers is the best #12 on the list. Colt McCoy is the best #12 college player
Greatest 2 minute offense #12 ever?  JIM KELLY hands down!  And I'm a Dolphins fan so I almost hate him.  But no one knows how to run the no-huddle these days.
tom brady is a beast and no one has nothing on him T.B throw T.D
That's easy. Bradshaw, 4x Super Bowl Champion, twice back to back.
Arron Rodgers i probably spelled Arron
Hate to say it but brady
Brady! and he's just getting started.
My Grandson...Robert "CANBE" Tame.....Inverness Christian Academy, Inverness Florida, Basketball Team, 2007.2008.2009.
Iggy!!! Any Canadians with me? 
Michael Jordan wore #12 on February 14, 1990
I wld have to say Stockton only because Brady is still playin
stockton and brady. maybe rodgers and howard
Aaron Rodgers!!!! It is Aaron Rodger Day in Wisconsin!!!!!!! GO PACK GO
Ruvi A.
Me!!! Hands down!!! Word up!!!
Stockton he has the best handles ever.......LIKE A BOSS
Michael Jordan, when he wore the number 12 for one game
Bradshaw is the only one with 4 superbowl rings in six years... End of discussion
Whoever put Howard in this photo should be canned, after the holidays of course #smh

you are missing Michel Jordan # 12 he did wear that number 
Dwight Howard was great in Magic.. now he's a little bitach of Kobe and can't even perform for lakers.. that's a fact.
Tom Brady has more records, more statistics and more HARDWARE than any other.....and I HATE him, dang wolverine.
#12 robot alomar he also played with Indians shortstop back in the day

brady with out a doubt,did you see perfection last night,come on
most of you probably never watch hockey, but iginla is crazy good
Jordan, Staubach, or Brady. hard to say
HA! Howard, what a joke. Its got to be Brady
Its bradshaw. but I like how all the women vote for Brady.
Stockton then Brady and Rodgers got to win some more I know Stockton has no rings but is one of great #12
Namath!!  Bear Bryant always said that Joe Namath was the best athlete that he ever coached--I'll trust his viewpoint!  Namath couldn't help the knee injuries... 
I like Bob Griese because he's a purdue alum.
Aaron Rodgers Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!!!! (10-3)
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