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You know what is better than catching a home run ball?

Catching TWO home run balls!
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Lucky dog . Man I cant even catch a ball even if theres no one there
you know what would be cooler if get caught there or four. my personnal record is 19 balls in one game
It doesnt matter how many people are there I still cant catch a ball cause I SUCK!
I heard the guy didn't keep either ball. He gave the first one to the player, because it was his first home run in the majors. He gave the second one to the guy who gave him the ticket to the game. Sounds like a decent guy to me.
wow Im pretty sure none of us woulds have gave them a way . Hes a nice guy .
Some people get all the luck......
What a lucky guy. He apparently is classy too. That man better play the lotto I have a felling he end up being very happy.
i was at the rangers yankees game and one boy got hit in the head lol and i snuck his ball away
i caught three one time in ur FACE. no in ur moms face
He also got to go up to the reds broadcast both and swapped the first ball for a chance to meet mike leake and get autograph memorabilia.
What is worse than that?
GIVING up back to back home run balls.
+Cakes Inperry It was actually back-to-back-to-back, iirc. The third one landed in right center though.
Giants fan at Miller Park caught two foul balls last night. A girl (in a panda hat) was sitting nearby. She and he got cozy for the rest of the game. Mike Krukow (G's announcer) said a ball game is better than eHarmony. Nice.
What are the odds? No really, what are they? I want to know. It seems to me that the odds of a the same fan catching back to back HR balls would be a super-deca-bajillion-inity to 1.
not a real number but close, its about a billion-to-one chance if more, catching two grand slam balls one after another would be a dectillion to one or more
hey look at it this ways...he got the two balls back that he was missing.
woo hoo you got two ball, now you can be a man. welcome to the club sir. try not to loose them again.
the guy next to him is so fucking pissed man.....
ikr that persons an idiot! many black ppl go to major league stuff and can afford seats as good as other people
ik you retain the right to say anything due to the fact that america is a free country but you shouldnt say stuff that could offend other people just becasue your prejudice
+Shannon Macri what does the color a man's skin have to do with him going to a ballgame? That is the most racist and ignorant remark I've heard in quite some time. Black men are men, not rodents. They make the same amount, or more money than you. They love sports just like any other man. Are you not familiar with the NBA? geez.
Say what you want Shannon. You'll just be a dbag for saying it. Obviously you want to exercise your right to be a jackhole.
back to back the reds stil suck royals doin better
true to that! thats so mean of you to say that he got lucky becasue hes not entirely black and please refrain from saying anymore ppl arent that sensitive about most things but when you bring up racist stuff that was cleared up and gotton rid of years ago its just freakin stupid
+Shannon Macri you sound like a man with issues. How many other people are at a ballgame counting the black people instead of watching the game?
ugh you are so freakin stupid im not gona talk to you any more caz ur so stupid! black ppl have just as much right to go there adn still go so go dig a hole and die
Ignorance and prejudice know no boundaries, Shannon. Your citizenship is irrelevant.
i didnt mean you so sry if you thought that i was talking about someone else who is saying racist stuff sry for the misintureeration
u are so stupid good bye! and thats me trying to be nice so shut up about it and go to hell
Blacks makeup only 12% of the populous. That might be why they aren't elbow to elbow at a shitty baseball game. The idea that there being more whites than blacks at a sporting event as meaning anything without taking into account population distribution is moronic.
So what are the odds, +Shannon Macri ? What are are the odds of a player hitting a HR at any given at bat? What are the odds that 2 consecutive players hit HR's? What are the odds that those 2 HR's get hit into the same area? At this point, it's pretty long odds. Now ask what the odds are that the same guy catches it. I would say it's pretty astronomical but I personally, couldn't calculate it. I do know however, that the odds are a billion to one that you are NOT racist.
With all due respect to you Shannon, have you ever considered that maybe not everyone, whatever their culture or "colour", necessarily wants to be "in the stands" or watch overpaid players hit and chase a ball around?

Racism is still very much a problem indeed.

Personally, I find professional sports only slightly interesting and that all of the "professionals" are likely overpaid for the work they do.

Just remember Shannon, you may be okay with your comments and how you expressed them but they do reflect upon you and whom you are and others clearly are offended by how you wrote what you wrote.
Guys guys, leave +Shannon Macri alone, its bad enough he has a hard life with a woman's name. Sometimes older single people have to vent their frustrations on the internet when the world deals them a crappy set of cards.
Shannon is just a fail troll. I'm out. Besides, it's obviously a fake account. It has a guys picture and "his" name is Shannon. Clearly a phony. No parent would ever do that to their child.
Guys, better enjoy +Shannon Macri while you can because he's about to head out to his Klan meeting in a bit.
+Shannon Macri how many black men have you found at a baseball game and walked up to just to ask, "excuse, I'm a rascist jerk and was just wondering how it is that you're able to afford this. Based on your answer I'm going to assume that every black person in America is living exactly the same way and your answer will pretty much sum up every black person's circumstances in my tiny mind."? I didn't think so. You're just a racist that spreads the same garbage all the others do. You're the only one that gives a shit dude. How about you shape up or ship out because this country really doesn't need people like you...actually the world doesn't need people like you. But the good news is that you can change it by realizing that you're far from being better than anyone else based on the color of your skin. One day, a black dude is gonna kick your ass. May be you can use that as an excuse to hate.
Awesome. I caught a ball during batting practice a few years ago. Catching back to back homers is insane
Aw Shannon, you might want to think twice and read carefully before you comment on anything, otherwise you tend to reveal any ignorance you may have.

آغازفصل عبادت ونوشیدن ازنهر گوارای رجب ودرآویختن درشاخه طوبای شعبان و ریاضت درریاض رمضان وگلچیدن دربهارقرآن مبارک باد. امام محمدباقر(ع): اگرمومنی را دوست دارید،آمدن ماه رجب رابه او مژده دهید
WOW - Finally something interesting about baseball :)
Yet Alas; Shannon we see exactly what's going on.. you've proven to us The Decline of Western Civilization... Thanks from all of us for bringing out the unfortunate truth. What we would do with out you.
Yes, we Reds fans tend to do that! Way to go Leake!
that is sick, and i would go to Veges after that
+Shannon Macri ...let's argue there is truth in your still assume it's reasoning. Has it occurred to you that maybe life's priorities and yours are not the same?
I would be heading straight to Vegas if I was that lucky.
For those wondering, it's not the number of people there that's the real statistic driver though that is a factor, it's where the balls landed. What are the chances that back to back homers are hit at the same set of seats out of all the places in the stadium that they could be hit to? That's the real statistical improbability, multiplied by the number of people in the area they landed, and even the fact that his other hand was occupied holding the other ball over people with two hands free.

Statistically this approaches infinity but obviously remains in the realm of probability. Awesome luck and from what I've heard a stand up guy!
Did this guy play the lottery layer on? Im sure he'd get a lucky number.
im sure that was just lucky or he is just really pushy
And btw how's he greedy just cause he caught a ball
this is my final comment in here because I can't abide fools like +Shannon Macri who take comments like, "they are on the basketball court" and call them rascist when it's nothing more than a common observation, no different than saying, "the ladies are in the shoe department." I am also going to say this one last thing, Shannon, just because you tell someone their comments are "silly" doesn't make it so. I would have you to go back through every single comment after your first remark and see what the general consensus is towards someone with views like yours. I would also say this, you made several references to America being racist and then trying to enlighten everyone to that fact by just telling us so. Well, you seem to have this "Paul Revere syndrome." He was the one that yelled, "The British are coming, the British are coming." Well, you're doing nothing more. Just yelling out "The Americans are racist, the Americans are racist." We know racism exists, you turd. Having someone like you reminding everyone does no good purposeful thing. How can we stand united with people like you spreading what you spread? Can't you focus on stuff like, the sheer miracle of that dude catching two HRs? Try it, you might like it. Good luck fitting in and making friends dude.
Shitty move from the Magic. Now Dwight still wants to leave.
OMg! Something happened during a baseball game!!! ;)
Lucky duck! I've never caught a home run before:( FAIL!! 
LUCKY!!!! i have never caught even a foul ball
History shows us yet again the joy that two balls can bring to people.
I wish i could catch one, i hardly ever get any balls.
hey frank we have the same last name
I like baseball, even if i don't catch a ball.
Obviously Atlanta should recruit that guy. :)
wow, the ball was homing him! :O
OMG. LUCKY DUCK. That's probably like one out of a million fans. Not that high of a percentage but oh well. still awesome!
That was a good catch right there.
TWO BALLS.........hahahahahah
Get it......?
Unusual but then sometimes things like that happen in sports...that fan clearly has a good eye and good reflexes to have caught both hits.
he can catch better thn some mlb payes. SIGN HIM UP
a cardnials fan would've caught 3!!! im just sayin
i wonder if it was planned.....................................
an angels fan would have caught zero
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