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A normal hole in one is tough enough.

But one that skips across the water? That's just crazy.
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He wishes it was on opening day instead of practice round. Man, I need to be at Augusta!
will he try that in the 1st round??? please do :-)
Wow had to watch that several times
This video could use the "stabilize video" tool on Youtube. Great shot though!
It was from Tuesday's practice round. It is tradition for players to attempt to skip balls across the water onto 16 green during practice rounds. It is one of the best parts of the masters to experience in person.
What is so amazing about a hole in one? Most of the time it is what the golfer was aiming for!!
Very cool shot but not a hole in one, just sayin'
C.O.O.L COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fyi if marching band is not a sport then golf cant be
I couldn't even see a thing. Too graphical 
Jay Tee
Dang......that shot is crazy!!!!
Wow that's neat...recording takes a little away from it though.
I didn't know golf could ever get that loud.
Nice shot, just a shame the cameraman doesn't know about image stabilization.
Joe Tee
can't even see the damn ball, way to go espn
I like how all the spectators are high-5in each other like they had something to do with it.
You see it all when you live in Augusta, Ga. (I live there, lol) And for those who do not know that's where the US Masters is located.
awesome shot... love golf :)
iv never played golf. is it fun? iv played it on the wii, and it was fun, but i dont know about real life
golf is awesome wants u get the hang of it
That's amazing! I guess golf isn't as lame as I thought it was...
+Abby Stromberg so instead of becoming a professional musicican, you'd rather label yourself as an athlete? Other countries are already laughing at us.
Would love to be down there this weekend. Hopefully next year...
Those who say they hate golf are just admitting they can't play a game that requires thinking, focus, and practice.
+ESPN Zayıf yanlarını çalış ve güçlü tarafınla vur.
ree jay
it happens, the impossible
It truely is an odd of one in a million.
harsh k
aw man you running like animal,,get out of my team,,,
+David Sullivan haha you mad bro? mad to see people enjoying a game of golf? Hhaa soo insecure
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