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Air-balling a free throw is bad... and then there's this. 
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My goodness would u look at that... The most hilarious thing in basketball history :P
+Alex Nelson lol. When I was typing there was no comment I guess they all finished b4 me. Lol
wow... that's hilarious! i bet that was really embarrassing for that guy. hahaha :)
lol was he really attempting a free throw or was he trying to make top not ten lol
Makes Dwight Howard look like steve nash on the stripe
hahahaha thats the worst one ive seen
I think he's secretly playing for the other team lol
i would go hide in a corner after doing that.
I ain't no sports person, but I've seen little girls do better than that.
Won't see them in the Final Four. Maybe the Fail Four. 
There are some thing in life that make u laught I am so glad it's not me lol tit 
Some chic flashed him from the stands. Probably his mom.
J T C 5
Lol makes Shaq look like Ray Allen
The invisible man blocked it
wow~...a second grader could do better than that. 
That is awful! Poor guy must have been so embarrassed
it sure looked like a pass, or a very very very bad shot
He didn't want to give the other team a rebound
He made  for sure top 10 youtube videos about free trows.
even biedrins isn't this bad
my 5 tear old sister can free throw better than that!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ball.
Wow he sucks! My four year old can do better.
sucker. even my baby cousin can do better, and she's only 3!!!
this shot looks like a center trying to shoot a 3-pointer
One fail many wins, a free throw for ever
I think he doing that on purpose.. maybe pissed at the coach or something.. you don't make it to college bricking free throws.. and much less air balling them..
Ken Gee
Wtf! He wasn't even close. 
That's keeping the point spread where it needs to be
um......uh........thats just embarising
That. Was very very. Very. Bad free throw.

Bet that was done on purpose...remember, any press is good press...well almost any.
That was a big FAIL

i'm pretty sure that was on purpose..... cuz like that was horrid
You can't miss a free throw any worse than that.. lol
At least it makes me feel better about how badly I suck at basketball.
What was that o my god I can even throw betty than that
Mohammad Eivazy
thank U very much for lunch . I have hungiry .
الفرار - فرار را به قرار ترجیح دادن.
oh my gosh. that  is hilarius. im glad i am not that guy
Wow, and to think he is still better than Shaq. 
Damn even i do better than that!
Wow...he should never be able to touch a basketball again!
That has got to be a record for the worst shot ever!
dude i cant look at that anymore that didnt even hit the square
Benny T
was that for real? haha
Uhhhh, can I -1 this? It's that bad...
Can you do an alley oop in free throws?
u cant even get ur head close to the game
Oh my...he should get booted off the team!!!
Ya, way to go ESPN. 
Appalachian State.  Will always be remembered for beating the Michigan lol-verines in the Outhouse.
That was more of a jump ball than a free throw.
I can't even play basketball but at least I get the ball near the hoop!
It's hard to believe that wasn't on purpose some how!  Wow...
+Willard Lee ??  I hope you're joking.  Lebron James is a career 75% free throw shooter...
Eric J.
I don't know a lot about basket ball but I know that was the worst free throw I ever saw
I'm pretty sure I could drop kick the basketball closer to the rim than that...
The fact that this guy is even on a team makes me feel good about myself.
Lmao how humiliated do you think he felt, didnt even go past the second hass mark 
+Willard Lee yep, it's called a slump.  He'll be fine.  Besides, even a 60% free throw shooter should never be compared to THIS...
Now that is funny and what??? LoL
Bob Kat
Fuck you people
That guy should play for the Sacramento Kings! Might help em out. 
Wow! Lol I've never seen anybody miss a free throw that bad in my life :O
And he is suppose to go in the first round of the NBA draft
Bryan M
How does that happen? Sweat on his hands?
Man I don't even watch basketball but what on earth was that!!!!!!!!
How embarrassing that must have been for the shooter!! I have never seen anything like it!!!
that is the worse i ever seen!
And the pro-scouts immediately tear up their cards on this guy realizing he has NO FUTURE what so ever in the NBA!
Had I been the ref I would have blown my whistle 
Obviously he didn't calculate the trajectory correctly.
he almost made it thought
That is the worst free throw I've ever seen. Was he drunk?
I hav a song 4 this playa: wah-wah-wah-wahhhhh!!!!
He was passing it to his imaginary friend. 
Wow, I think my wife could throw further than that.
Your coach called and said 'Take a seat'
Next Air Jordan in the house cept without the Jordan haha
What's so sad about this shot is that he actually took his he was gonna make the shot...he bent he's knees and everything..Lol
The ball prboblly  slipped out of his hands
Cracked up at this this morning. Shaq looks pro in comparison
Suddenly, Shaq looks like Michael Jordan...
Too bad 95% of these dudes never open a book @ school. As in planning for a future.
Ugta Hua Suraj Dua De Aapko Khila Hua Phool Khuboo De Aapko Hum To kuch Bhi Dene Ke Kaabil Nahi Denewala Hazaar Khushiyan De Aapko...
Ben XO
even im better than him at free throws
geez man  
it is sad
How can he be on any team go back to 6th grade loser
I have seen a lot of basketball but never that!!!! Wow
my mind has been blown
So let me get this straight...ESPN now cares about the fundamentals of the game?

Ok, now. 
My 8 yr old could give him a pointer or two :) is all I can say...
was i the only on that read all of the comments before watching the video
Like he said a second free throw oh Lord lol
Why do you think I went all Michael Jackson on my ass after I missed that shot?
Angel C
thats some funny stuff right there lol
I'm a hardcore nerd, always have been, and I shot better than that in middle school.  Damn.

When are tryouts again?  Maybe I have a chance after all!
This is why I would never play basketball again. LOL!
woah, that was unexpected.  feel sorry for the free throw shooter
Poor guy is gonna get a new one torn for him by his coach and team mates 
Well, never seen that before.
Horrible. It almost seems fake. Worst than Howard 
I'm actually embarrassed watching this!
Color commentator actually said "Good Lord..." Haha!
still a better free throw than I can make
That guy is 2gud.
What duh... is he sleeping? Lol.
Owww his pride, his poor pride and self respect.
You will never see him in the NBA!
I'm not sure what that was.
In the words of the immortal one Bill Walton "HORRIBLE!"
Worth every cent he's being paid.
Dam I should of played basketball
Haha crApp State! Go Eagels GATA!!!
Thats sooooo embarrasing!!!!!!!!!!!
That has to be the worst......
Dwight's Free Throws look good next to this
my grandma could make a better shot and she isn't even alive
makes my free throws look amazing... this made my day. haha. glad to know someone else does embarrassing stuff in games besides me. :)
"Good lord" haha nice touch

what happen........hungry
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