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So, the sprinklers decided to turn on in the middle of the Dolphins game today.
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J Agnew
Ace Ventura III?
Bob Hill
Kind of like the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial...
seahawks like a crappy offense a a good defence
Since football is often played in the rain, I don't see why they would delay the game.
Ok! Who was at buffalo wings trying to get an overtime!
That's not a difficult job. Either a malfunction of equipment or somebody got drunk and timed the sprinklers for the wrong schedule. Oops lpl. 
Didn't Buffalo wild wings make a commercial about this.
Guess it helped as they won
Some poor Mexican just lost his job. heh
I see a buffalo wild wings commercial in the making
"Okay who didn't turn off the water last night?"
lol! that's so funny! well not if u were there!
that would suck to be there when the sprinklers went off!  I'm the 100th comment! :)
The NFL games will continue to play a game through hail, through sleet, through rain, through snow.  What's the big deal?
Tom D
some idiots resp. fo that diint setback for season or such  kinda funny nver seen that in twent one broadcaster said its happened at other stadiums many times just not on tv
LMFAO, guess them fish was gettin a lil dry.
I'm sure it was somebody's prank! It's not hard to change sprinklers timing.
Wait what? I was back in the control room looking at buttons. I just pressed a button and ran... So that's what the Japanese purple button does... Oops....
obv someone didnt want to leave at buffalo wild wings
its because they were hot on the field
I don't normally go to sports shows... But when I do, I mess around in the control room :)
i saw the game and i was like what the
oh that wasnt on purpose? i saw it but i didnt watch know what was happening lol
must be hot there lol
yo elias...r u a steeler fan?
lol. awesome. puns. who did that? was it you kamron burke?
Woops!!! Glad that's not my responsibility.
now will whale Willy jump out of the field :-)
steelers should have won that game! Batch is sooooo bad...and how many fumbles were there!!!!
Couldn't have been any better...that's something seen only in movies...HILARIOUS seening grown men who are sweaty and dirty from k.ocking each other around, run for cover.
It was a hot wing commercial. Lol
Failure is funny and that was a fail witch is even funnier
check out my youtube channel :) yoyochamps. you probably wont like it... but im curious to see how many people really will... ok thanks bye... 
That look fun but who who's this person
LOL and p.s. good for you,soon
maybe a guy was eating a burito and dropped it on the sprinkler button it there is one then they turned on... and he lost his job... turning sprinklers on. also check out yoyochamps channel on youtube
I know and that's some funny s*** send us some funny s***
I heard the game was a washout!
This happened a couple years ago at my baseball game. We had to postpone because the parks and rec guy wasn't there! 
M Mosel
That's awesome.
Wonder if the teams will be fined
That gardener is getting fired lol
Help them win the game maybe it sould come on at all there home games.
Ryan Ng
Yo it is mad funny
The Seahawks lost because of that.
Man,a water break. Just my team needed. Alright!!!
ha ha I was watching that game until I got tired of russel wilson sucking
I was watching that game haha
Someone was inspired by that Buffalo Wild Wings commercial..
Now the dolphins can swim around! 
Sucked in my opinion cuz the seahawks seemed to turn the wrong direction with the points
na the dolphins such and they blew the sprincklers out
This looks like something # 2 needed when I put that Hellfire missle up his behind. Shhhh! I help fly drones and, stuff out in Vandinburg AFB you know Preditors. We are all some what mentally ill and stressed from our jobs and, we all need a helping hand. The GPS.
Tony B
Buffalo Wild Wings strikes
Pete Carroll was definitely the man in the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial. Lol
That was the best thing I've ever seen on ESPN. How it happened,
I don't know LOL.
To all the sea hawk fans: sorry ha ha ha
good luck 4 the players they were to HOT! LOL
No that wasn't done on purpose.just an accident miami didn't need any
help. If anything it benefited seattle. The heat
The sprinklers are showering their blessings. got some 'splaining to dooo!
LOL! That would be nice and cool on a hot day
You do mean hapless titans rite??
What do you mean? Only in miami. Anyway im a new zealander
Who cares...that stadium will be gone in 3 years, YES they are moving the Dolphins! Also that parking lot across from the street is going to be a water...and the stadium will be demolished and turn into a shopping mall. They have already been posting signs for it now for 3 years!
Oh no u didn't say u were a patriot fan.well yall are next.then see what u have to say
Plz neither titans or the fish have a chance with pats
It's funny because I'm pretty sure Buffalo Wild Wings just opened near my house today and I live an hour north of Miami! Go Dolphins!
Well we will see.the patsys are starting to age.they want be around much
longer.and the dolphins will take their rightful place again.
We've had the lights go out but never the sprinklers turning on, priceless
Wasnt this a Buffalo wild wings commerical ? 
I wondered where the replacement refs went. was a miami wildwing commercial.ha ha ha
Buffalo Wild Wings was shooting their next commercial!
Dolphins shouldn't mind... :-) )
Im a cowboys fan ! the sprinklers should have came on during our game!!! lol
Probably thought the Dolphins wanted to go for a swim...
Jon Low
Dolphins love water, man
With a score of 21-24 that must explain why the dolphins got so close to losing to the seahawks.
Reminded me of that commercial where they didnt want the game to end .... some Buffalo commercial  =)
But unlike the teams defense they actually stopped something.
Sprinklers...#1 Defense in the league!
There shouldn't be any problems since Dolphins love the water . Heyoooo !
It looks like a scene from Buffalo Wild Wings.. 
Miami squeaked it out. Last second FG.
Matt D.
yeah who won?
someday ,robots can think too , hope not , Lol .
what a brilliant stadium. just like a an earthly paradise
The sprinklers actually stopped the momentum of a Dolphins drive. But they won in the end an are only one game out of the playoffs
Notice how there's nobody in the stands
It's the Dolphins trying to make the Seahawks feel at home. Too bad the Seahawks didn't win this one.
They should have played during that.
if england people comes to play here,we need to arrange these type of system to them
if anyones into yoyoing check out my youtube channel bro tatoes
that was awesone and funny
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