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Exactly one year ago today, Hoosier Nation let the country know it was back.
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Now those pussies won't even schedule a game with IU.  Shame they let the rivalry die.
I saw that game!! I was glad they beat KU...
Yea it was!! They went toe to toe !!
now they just have to show the duke 1!
Coach Cal/UK won't do home and homes anymore because they know that we'll likely beat them over the next couple years. Bad for recruiting. It's all good, Louisville is manning up and working out a new series with us.
+Johnny Gerardot Remind me....who won the game between IU and UK in the NCAA Tournament last year?  It's funny how everyone remembers the game at Indiana, but no one mentions the one that really mattered.  You're ASSUMING your recruiting is going to be great and Kentucky is going to be bad.  Bad idea.
+Danny Wright Yes, it sucked losing in the Sweet 16 last year. However, it was great to see our team, which many did not believe would even be an NIT team preseason, take the eventual national champs to the wire in the tourney. I'm "ASSUMING" nothing about our recruiting. It is great. #5 class last year and #3 class next year (RIvals). Also, I never said that UK recruiting would be bad. You read that incorrectly. I said that if IU starts to continuously beat UK, like they did to us over the years, then it will BE bad for recruiting, i.e. make it tougher. There's obviously an issue. What's your opinion as to why UK won't schedule a home and home series with us?
+Johnny Gerardot You are making an assumption by saying that IU will "likely beat them over the next couple years."  Your team consists of veterans AND recruits.  By your statement you also assume that this UK crop of freshmen aren't going to be there next year.  Honestly, I only see one or two at the most that might enter the draft.

As far as the home and home series, I wish we still played IU, but that's not my decision.  I can sit here and speculate all I want and so can you, but all we have to go on is what Cal has said.  He knows that a rivalry game early in the year is a potential loss for the program and he is protecting his players from emotional deflation.  UK has become a non-traditional program because of the number of freshmen that have jumped to the NBA the last few years.  They only have ONE player that got significant minutes last year.  Since UK has won 4 of the last 5 meetings by an average of 16.5 pts, I would like to see that game continue, but again, not my decision.

(Yes I know that the last few years IU was under probation)
Jalen W
Well last year Indiana made a statement to the country by beating a #1 Ranked team in Division 1 Basketball. And with the players they have now they may very well do it again.  Because as far as I can remember I haven't till last year seen a #1 Ranked team get beat by an Un ranked Top 25 Team. 
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