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This is probably ... NO ... definitely one of the coolest basketball plays you'll ever see!
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8 second violation?
+Gal Baum In College and High School Basketball there's a 10 second violation not an 8, this was less than 10 seconds though :)
Skill? the opposing team just stood and watched, skill?
Well, now we know what Sean Payton has been doing since he got suspended.
what took then about 30 seconds to prefect it? skills? how about FAIL
dude, i know it sounds like im trolling but no it wasn't
not saying the dunk itself isn't impressive... but... um... this entire bit has been done by the Harlem Globetrotters for YEARS. They then "back it up" and do the whole play in reverse and slo-mo too.
WOW. Really? is that even allowed?!?!?
Amen! brother ben
who the hell was that and how muchskill do they need?
It was a False Start on the offense, #20. 15 Yard penalty, still first down.
Cracking up at False start... Still first down.. hahahaha
Off sides on the offense loss of down
Second down 
Offsides on the offense. Loss of down. Second down
That's awesome - but only because of the ending, it wen't from goofing around to straight ballin'.
looked totally staged... the D never reacted to one kid flying by them... no way..
lmao ...i was like what the heck are they doing... then i saw that dunk!!!! XD it was too pretty!
Pride of Iowa?!?!? No way! That was my conference in HS.

+James Rogers How is that a travel? He wasn't moving... A travel is when a player illegally moves his pivot foot or takes too many steps without dribbling the ball.
They could all be asked to play for college fooball :P
Sick as shit, at first I thought they were just gonna copy the thing Boston did earlier in the season.
Can you do that? Hold ball on court? 
CLOWNS!... Disrespecting the opponents and the game!
Don't hate because you are not creative enough to pull this off. Good work to the team. The other them just stood there, they were baffled and instead of covering the players, they let this get run on them. looking like fools. The opposing team is the one with no skills.

PS this is a GAME, play by the rules and it doesn't matter how you score. There was no disrespect (except for all the clowns posting negative comments about this here)
a football play in a basketball! awesome!!
You can get away with this stuff when you are playing the Washington Generals.
wow! thats some ridiculousness!
They executed a cute play that took skill to practice and coordinate. That is expected of a basketball team.

The opposing team failed to respond.

Saying these kids have note worthy skill in this clip is an overestimate. Show a clip where they overcome a sporting challenge with athleticism and then lay your compliments of skill. 
I fail to see anything skilled about this play aside from the dunk
That's freaking amazing! Excellent play!
no that was one of the dumbest things I have ever seen....
awesome!!! sweet!! u need skill to do that!! :)
Nice huddled then went for the bomb, lol
I love this:) They could end up being the globetrotters! lol
Jay Tee
Football + Alley-oop....this is definitely sick.
that was freaking awesome. touchdunk FTW
The other teams defense sucks to let a play like that score.
The play should have never happened. It was a 10 second violation to get the ball over half court. 
Football with basketball,whoever thought of that play is the boss
I guess people can't appreciate entertainment! Read the title...ALL-STAR game since when in the history of ALL-STAR games has it been "serious"...
that was the sickest play ever
nice cemistry
That was definetly the best basket ball playe ever Sick!!!!!
Im English and I still think that's good lool 
Their playing bball and football at the same time
Aaaaaaaand touchdown ladies and gentlemen! :)
Game... You must have your game! This was cool!
I love basketball! I don't play, but its definitely one of the coolest sports!
basketball has finally learned how to really play!
andre b
Best Scrimmage play ever
Wow! I cant believe it fricken worked!!!
What?? last time i checked this was basketball not football. but it was cool. =]
Cooler than cp3 and Blake

Great recreation of Harlem Globetrotters play
its like a combination of basketball and football
10 second violation! I guess the refs were distracted by the play as well.
i agree that was a viloationbut that was cool! hhahhah
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