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The +Oklahoma City Thunder just crushed the Western Conference Finals: 
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All I can say is if I was GM and was given the choice of Durant or Lebron, it would be Durant all the way. He plays the game 100% of the time and knows when to pass and when to shoot to pick his team up. The kid is just awesome and the real MVP of the league and not James. GO OKC!
Yeah baby!!! Go OKC. Congratulations to the whole team. You guys deserve it. I hope Miami wins so Durant (the real MVP) can school Lebron and teach him how to finish games and not choke!
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa there in now who will they play Celtics or Heat!!!
nooo tenian que ser lo spurs para vengar a los lakers nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
But also good job to Spurs I'm not a hater of them so congrats too. They played good all season thanks mainly to the good coaching of Poppavich.
WOOT! I knew that they would be there!
sure did our (phila sixers) gave your team its head coach in scottie brooks. when he played he hustled and he coaches the way he played
OKC handing Spur 4 straight loss after spur winning 20 in a row. They are very very good.
Congratulations to the Spurs for a great season, but OKC will take it from here. Good teamwork and coaching by OKC. Well deserved!!!
OKC are winning it this year
KD35 there's a player da can close!!! GoodLuck OKC the rest of the way!!!
if celts win its Perk vs. his old team .... drama . I think Perkins & KG will be a good one to watch
+tito rivera As a relatively new fan of NBA level basketball, I would agree that the officiating is maddening in it's inconsistency
Let's get an all-weather Finals: Thunder and Heat!
(Jacob Voorhees):  The Seattle Supersonics won the title in 1979, remember?
+jacob voorhees Seattle should focus on getting another franchise and not eat those sour grapes of regret. Should have upgraded Key Arena
Congrats to the young guns on their first Western Conference title! S/O to KD, Westbrook, and Harden they deserve a nickname.
I hate the heat erin if they are playing fair and great basketball. I still am holding the way lebron ditched cleveland against him. - laker fan
Cool, I just want the thunder to get a Ring. They earned it..
going to be the thunder and celtics in the championship
i dont like it to be the champion:
I want to see LeBron get beat in the finals one more time. But will take of
celtics can pull it off.
I can't imagine the HEAT lebron will be under if KD gets a ring before him if KD does he deserves it that kids going to be the next jordan/kobe 
Hit +1 of this responce if you think the Thunder should win the Finals?
I think the heat should win because I'm a lebron fan allday
Thunder Should win Cause That team played a heck of a Season!!!!
team work, dnt get much publicity but get the result, now let see Heat 2morrow! 
celtics is nice too but i prefer OKC..
hahah lol
Grrrr. Absolutely hate the Thunder. Least deserving fans in the NBA.
Sad day. Los Spurs were on a roll. :(
OKC hasn't earned the right to be champs yet, will be rooting against them.
OKC deserved it.  They knew they had to win this game, or they would've lost game seven.  Good job.  (side note) Durant is a beast
I wasn't a Sonics fan (I'm a Blazers fan), but stealing a team from another city is criminal. Stern and the Sonics owner knew what was going to happen and did it anyway. 
Of course it's their first time, they've been there three years...doesn't get any easier than that.
Charles Barkley said it, when the Spurs eventually lose after their 20 game win streak they will lose hard, and they did 4 times they lost hard.  Congrats to the OKC Thunda and grab that title Durant.
I just found out they are a team.  Literally, right now. Lol.
ok, OKC did it. Will Celtics do it!!
Ryan, where there's a will, there's a way. The owner could've ponied up more dough, or NOT sold the team to someone from OKC who obviously never intended to keep the team there.
YOU'LL GET OVA IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^ I agree, lets hope Miami gets it done
Excellent you idiots you just revealed the result to everyone outside your time zone. Hang your heads in shame! You don't deserve a Google channel.
It Looks like a Thunder championship to me! Boston will be tired if they win the series!
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ok settle down ^^^^^^^^^^^^ OKC kick ass but i have a little doubt about them going against Boston.. well at least they arent vsing Heat
Just get ready for a changing of the guard in the NBA its a youg mans game folks!!!! Don't hate I'm a Lakers fan but its reality....
cool awesome that was always going to happen
i'd rather see okc vs bos
I just love the fact that Fisher is in the finals & on his way for his 6th ring, while Kobe & the Lakers are nowhere to be found. Karma is a bitch. 
Yeah the heat are done...!!! But I don't think Boston ready 4 OKC especially, the boi boi KD
i would rather love perkins looking to his ex teammates having the ring lol
lebron can have M.V.P but he won't get a ring b4 KD
Congrats! I haven't seen any of the PO games after they eliminated the lakers. Against the lakers they were perfect, it would be a shocker if they don't win the title this year.
I`d rather see Tim Duncan in the finals. He deserved it once again 
life is indeed evolving!!!!!!
Hell yes. Small market team taking down the big dogs.
seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like any one is going to watch that
I'll be watching it. Two legitimately good teams playing each other? Why is that not worth watching?
I want to see MIAMI
Boring Finals this year.That is all.
+Duriel Moore Oklahoma beat all the boring over the hill teams in playoffs this year.  The teams Oklahoma beat are not good enough to be in the finals.
I think it is difficult for Heat to beat Boston in Boston except rondo is in injury !!!!! Bravo Thunder ....
OKC is in the championships!!! Lets go Perkins durant sefalosha ibaka harden westbrook and rest of the OKC!!!
if Celtics can't make it there, KD will take care of LeBron
My luck. Seattle SuperSonics go on a championship streak
Yep, thunders for the win.
all the way to the championship
oh wait the TV channel on FOXTEL i have foxtel iq
I was really hoping to see San Antonio and Boston in the finals.

That would have been like an old timers game.
The thunder will roll over any one that get in ther way. Watch out Boston. The thunder is coming.
celtics will win the championship.... 
Yes i agree celtics will win the championship...
Celtics are going to win the NBA finals in seven
I was surprised San Antonio did not play their defense to win this game(tired legs). They started out well but a thunderstorm happened to come by. I really thought this was a spurs win... in the second quarter.
I hope Miami doesn't go down.
They were just to talented. The Spurs put up quite the fight. I predict Boston-OKC in the Finals.
i wonder if they would go against heat or celtics
Celtics all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think OKC wins against the Heat, but loses against the Celts.  This coming from a Laker fan.
well thanks officials for making the spurs lose, thanks a lot for causing the whole series for them, for taking back more than 15 points from the spurs on byist calls. Thanks A Lot.
HJ Kang
I am sad that the spurs lost. Durant was too good, and ibaka learning to shoot jumpshots killed the spurs. Now I hope that the thunder will win whoever comes out of the eastern conference finals (hopefully the celtics)
Durant is such a beast but surprising lebron is MVP 
celtics are gonna crush thunder in finals after they beat the heat AGAIN today
THUNDERS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I love the Spurs, but the better team won. OKC is the real deal.
Wow I'm a lakers fan answer me this, how come we get a new coach and he breaks up our team completely,we trade Derek Fisher for sessions that doesn't even get more minutes than Steve Blake, OKC sixth man helped them to the championship ours was sent to Dallas. is there something wrong with the lakers yes....Mike Brown!!!!!
The spurs played a very good game though
So proud of our OKC Thunder......True Champs!!!
I'm not happy with it but this has always been a problem with Gregg Popovich. Once an opponent "figures out" the Spurs, he never fully adjusts. 
My son is a die hard Boston fan, and he was rooting for SA, because he knew that the Thunder would be a tougher opponent.  I'm not a basketball fan, but it should be a fun match up.
Yeah Durant, destroy the evil King James and save NBA from snobs.
Mr. Nasty Word f--- Yes, saying or printing the word as a substitute for the macho you do not have is boring indeed. The act is not, as in "Getting some action." We'll solve the rest of your problems tomorrow.
The Oklahoma City Thunder just made the Spurs look like a fool no a fence to them
go Thunder ^^
i'm rooting for these guys. hopefully the Celtics make it to the finals too
Sol Han
yeah man celtics rock
I'm an okc fan, but the spurs played great...great series, hopefully the finals will be just as good
Not particularly fond of the Thunder and their ownership as they still should be in Seattle.  Even less fond of the NBA.  You know the Tour de France starts in 3 weeks?  and the US Open in two?  Much more interesting sports than tall millionaires throwing a ball through a hoop for Billionaires
I didn't even know Oklahoma had a team!?
IF ONLY BASKETBALL was as beeg in SA,I'd be a resident workingwifey!
okc will fall to the celtics because the celtics actually play old school team ball not just get lucky with talent
okc has proven they are the new team to beat, theres no luck in sports
yea no luck but skill and determination and OKC has all of it 
Srry I'm late just setting up the win for KD and RW
durant is the boss. hoe they crush the heat/celtics
No one can stop the Thunder I hope they can win it all.
I think OKC is going to win it all but I would like to see Labron to win one.but okc look tough .
I like OKC but Heat all the way.
We back so get ready cause it is going down 2016 !  For all u hater's that dont believe you will believe when it is over with ? Can u say Champion !  ! ! 
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