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The Sixers/Celtics rivalry goes back to the 80's.

It wasn't all fun & games then.

It won't be all fun & games tonight in Game 7.
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Reminds me of the G Love song, I76. Anybody not from Philly know who he is?
Wow that's intense. If KG and AI choke each other they will be suspended for like 5 seasons
cant wait 2 c who cumz out victorious
Those were the days. I sure miss that style of the league, even the new kids play harder.
and that is why Byrd called his team soft after game 5 loss to the Heat.
People still play that way on the streets.. lol
I want the Celtics to play against my team, the heat
Dr. J look fine, Bird looks like he's about to die lol
If only players in the NBA were still this tough.
+Jose Nuñez The whole world has gone soft. The only thing that made me soft was my woman.. I ain't tryna start no mess, but its true.. lol
This is when basketball was actually played the way it was meant to be! With intensity and guts! 
Somebody feelings are going to be hurt after this series.
Dr. J and Larry B.......that's when basketball was basketball!
Those were the days and when the NBA was a great league!
Both those teams were tough back then
Looks like they want 2 kiss each other. LMBO!!
Terry Q
I'm a Laker fan, it's a good thing that this didn't happen today Dr. J would be called thug.
GO SIXERS....just dont like celtics, i have much respect for the history but not recently. Then OKC FOR CHAMPS!!
I hope phili kills em, I just dont like the celts (If the lakers cant win then I want boston to go down too :)
they use to let them fight in the eighty's like in!!
Ebony and Ivory didn't live together in harmony here!
hope theres another artest fight tonight
A Bird in hand is worth 2 in the basket.
Bird got mad, cuz he was gettin' his ass whooped!
The shorter guy has a better grip on the other guy's neck.
i remeber it like it was 30 years ago
Bird look like he was gonna cry . That picture is hot tho
Wow and I thought the elbow to the back of the head was bad.
old men can't fight break it up it's not ufc
Fuck you Larry!! Lmao
Back then, they played the game the right way.
That's when the NBA was real instead of the glamour league the front office has made it today
jonn y
lets go 6ers! philly all the wayyyy
jonn y
Okay... does anyone have a final score prediction?¿?¿?
6ers are going to domanate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think the Magic's got it.
real basketball in the 80's not this S .O.F.T. shit these days.
o my god thats like detinating c4-super exciting ( : booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 76ers
SMH...One hell of a way to say hello.
jonn y
who thinks the Sixers will win by 5 or more?
Wish I was somewhere where I could see it. Gonna be a great game down to the end I suspect. 
Once upon a time THIS was Basketball...
The game has changed as has society. Players for the most part do not represent teams or cities. For the most part it is about cash

what the heck?
they got a bad temper
Chockin niggas out started in da 80's
Now that photo defines "Rivalry"
whoa i am reallyAFFENDED hey everyone
Dr. J and Larry Bird going at each others throats, literally
I don't like the sixers or the celtics. But I love my Miami heat always...
Nice rivalry but it's second rate compared to the Celtics/Lakers rivalry. Which goes back to the days when the Lakers were in Minneapolis/St. Paul and had George Mikan!
Are they like choking each other? did they die at the end?
+Griffin Genobaga Apparently you have no idea what the hell your talking about. Neither of these two players are racist. As a matter of fact one of the biggest individual rivalries in NBA history was between the "white dude" Larry Bird (pictured above) and Earvin "Magic" Johnson (yea... a black dude). If pictures and media was your only source of information, you would have thought these guys hated each other. It was quite the opposite. Just saying...
I dont like the 76ers but I do like the Celtics
Was this before or after the EA Sports game?
It goes back to Wilt vs. Russell.
Loved watching back then ahhhh the good old days
kanhai Singh
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patna-(Bihar) India
Larry Bird! An Indiana boy like myself...icon!
Athletes and sports fans behave like children. I cant believe anyone would celebrate this type of crap.
Would have been neat if Collins could have took sixers to victory. They are a young team. Nothing to be ashamed of
Maybe they are in the wrong Sport. They should think about Boxing or Kick Boxing LOL.
Think Larry could of took him this is a question to the world start your pole now. LOL!
Wow no crap ........ you dont say
Goes back to the 80s? Do your homework. Try the 60's and Russell v. Chamberlain
thats larry bird and in this pic of me i got on a mj jersey my favorite player number 23
larry bird is about to kick his ass go larry bird
That's Julius Erving and Larry Bird. They used to appear in comic books for those apple pies things(.or was it a shoe ad? whatever) when they weren't hating each other on the court.
that coooooool even i don`t now u but u r cooool :)
The only thing more ridiculous than the racist crap in this thread is the huge amounts of supposed basketball fans who don't recognize Larry Bird and Dr J when they see them.
better look again. Who has who in a throat air supply grip? No oxygen,
no fight!!!
today i wazz lazy but i saw a new movie but they they thorw me out beacuse it wazz only for adults heheheheheheheheheheheheheeh! so my mom came out to
since the celtics are probably gonna loose to the heat..... GO THUNDER
At first I thought the guy on the right was a young Liam Neeson.
Those were classic basketball games. Good hard fouls 
Where amazing happens!
their probalbly like "can i have your neck it's better than mine"
this is wot they did: (2 A.M) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... wake up
whoa wut!?
oldest picture of athletes engaging in the choking game.

Survival of the fittest. If they pass out leave em. The human race doesn't need garbage that stupid.
Back when basketball and the NBA weren't jokes.
It's always gratifying to see good sportsmanship.
it wasn't the bird who could fly
And, who wouldn't want these guy on your team, then or now!!!
they were checking each others thyriod...
Fukin one hell of a game ... hats off to doug collins & philly they fought hard ... but you cant stop the green machine bring on banner 18 ... the heat are going down in 5 ... GO C's!!!!!!!
مشت اول 1000 تومان
Two legends collide... but for the new blood, it's simply who's the best hooper on the floor!
Unfortunately this double choke would have been a flagrant-2, a fine and a suspension in today's world. Those were the days.
it looks like they are taking each others pulse.
I always liked Larry's games and the rest of the guys... Parrish, McHale, those were good times...!!
Well looks likes stuff does not change much in sports. no i wanna win! I wanna win!
i HATE the celtics except for rondo.
yyyy ......i do luv rondo he is light my life!!
yes, that's what the NBA is all about, drama in the playoffs and rivalies.
Celtics were good back than with Larry bird and sixers were good with Dr.J but celtics are better now but I remember that fight it was so good
Dr. Jay is Chocking the Ish out of Bird!!! Look at Bird's face he can't breath..... Dammit!! 
Yikes that's quite a picture
Celtics may of won but the Miami heat will win it all
right now im wachting the best game in basketball spures ;)
Wow, I forgot how intense it used to gwt.
Larry isn't S-O-F-T this needs to be shown to the Pacers
i lwii lgo down first
no you will
when sports meant something, Passion!!! now its all about the money, who cares if you win or lose...
dang right it was fun and games oh god !
Guess wat 76ers fans that thought they stood a chance... u got creamed!!!
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