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27 up, 27 down.

Perfection was just thrown by Felix Hernandez  ->
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Watched the last two innings on , er, some other sports channel :). What a commanding performance. That wasn't even close. 
that is amazing!  King Felix is a stud.
Great Job Felix!!!  wonderful game all!!!
Yankees must be kicking themselves that he didn't do it in pinstripes
I think the Rays must be the team that's been no-hit the most.
I'm going to try and go to every day game next year.  Screw vacation days.
Was I the only one hoping the 27th batter would hit a home run to tie it up?
Seeing a lot of no hitters/perfect games. Is the hitting getting worse or the pitching getting better?
+Nicholas Rummel, I know but I was on the edge of my seat hoping to see that. I breathed a long sigh... Just wondering if I was the only one was all.
congrats king felix you are going to have more
Congrats King Felix! Baseball immortality is yours...
+Jonathan Oakley, that's what makes baseball so great!  Despite an entire game of dominating, it could have all been for nothing... haha
That'll definitely be the highlight of the M's shitty season.
First perfect game in Mariner history....
Very deserved. Had his ups and downs this season but you could see him building up to a performance like this in his last 5 or 6 starts throwing absolute gems. 
simply teh best pitcher of moment...GRANDE REY...El Rey Felix Hernández...el de Venezela
i dont give anything for the mariners
WOW that's like the third Perfect Game this season!!!
Congratulations King Felix. Do him a favor Mariners and trade him to a good team. This kid deserves wins under his belt for the love of God. Stack him on the Rays, Tigers. Somewhere but a wasteful franchise. You already did Ichiro a favor.
Why do the Rays always seem to be the victim of perfect games and no-hitters?  This seems to be the third or fourth time in the last two years.
Truly magical every time
Go Felix and Go the Mariners!
John W
Test him for PEDs!
Mexico vs usa no sepudo quitar de ensima el cero
Amazing buddy! Forever you will the best pitcher! Felicidades Hermano Venezolano !
pretty close between u and verlander
Aaaaaand the season becomes memorable. Thank you King Felix.
The king held court!
It was bound to happen sooner or later,and it did sooner and it will happen again from Felix....Congrads big guy. :D
alank e pare mishe ?:D
He'll be traded to the Yankees someday. It's what Seattle is, a farm team for NY.
+David Robertson [sarcasm]Yeah, I'm sure rounders players could play American baseball with no problem.[/sarcasm]
Gran trabajo Felíx. Felicidades!!!.
+David Robertson   The average exit speed of a baseball off the bat of a Major League player is 103mph.  Pitchers are throwing fastballs at 90+ mph.  Wouldn't you want a glove?  Rounders bats are usually swung with one hand...that's a big difference in bat speed.

As far as American Football safety equipment goes, it's designed to extend the career of the players.  I'm assuming you are a fan of Australian football since they don't wear such protective padding.  AF players are tough no doubt, but they are not as big on average as NFL players.  Hits in AF are usually committed with a forearm, shoulder, or hip...usually to the upper body  That's a far cry from an NFL linebacker running at full speed lowering his shoulder with the intent of punishing you with as much pain as possible.  If not for your protective gear, you would have a very short career.  Don't get me wrong, AF players take some incredible hits, but I would dare say they don't sustain as many of those hits as an NFL player does.

By the way, hockey was first played in Canada, not the USA.  We have the NHL, but we didn't invent the sport.  Not a hockey fan anyway.
That's 2 years in a row for Tampa Bay to not get a hit!
I missed the game because my cable company didnt bother packaging mlb pass or extra innings::(
wow zach brentano, its not his first perfect game but good 4 felix
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