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Best soccer player ever?
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Absolutely ..... But we must remember Maradona had to do it with the old defensive rules ....

But taking nothing away from Messi he has everything a football genius and not flash with it .... 
Of course not lol Pele is the GOD of football! Messi is a great human but a human! 1284 goals and 3 world cups are far from him.
congrats to leo he is awesome!!!!!
Not yet, but by the end of his career, maybe. 
shouldn't even be a discussion. name whoever you want; messi is better, by far
Grande Leo! He's the best cause he's argentine.
Jimmy M
Messi is a great player. I love watching him play. I think he should be in the Guiness world book of records, as the greatest player the world has ever witnessed, at least for now.
No, but he's pretty damn good
Help Argentina win the World Cup first.
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He is simply the greatest! I mean what skill it takes to kick a ball back and forth around a giant field with little to no scoring! Such excitement! Welp gotta go watch paint dry.... See ya!
best player in the world?what does he play,am torn between watching that and my lawn grow,which is equally as thrilling,i so wish there where alternative sports with some scoring and no actors acting like they'v been shot then getting up after every one runs to them,going topless,embracing like long lost lovers reunite,after they kick the sphere.once.o wait what do you mean we have other sports?
Let's not get way ahead of ourselves here,Messi is simply the best player on the planet not the greatest ever.His being the best player on the planet for 4years running now and his just extraordinary.But let's not forget he plays for best the soccer club in the world(actually 12 of the Barcelona players are on the short list for the FIFA best player of the year).
I will always say this until Messi plays for another team other than Barcelona and he wins the World cup for Argentina he still won't be the greatest ever,Ronaldo of Brazil who won the world cup for Brazil in the 2002 Korea/Japan world cup is still counted greater than Messi and until Messi wins the world cup for Argentina his greatness will always be contested.
+Edward Solomon ''Soccer club''? I agree with you about Messi needing to win the World Cup to be ranked alongside the greats but there is no such thing as a 'soccer club'. Farcical stuff.
Player best in the world and the history socer
You do realise we call it soccer down here in the states because we already have"Football"the NFL and so to differentiate we say"soccer".And if i were to say"Football club"half the people here would probably think am referring to the NFL and they won't understand my point of view if you get me.
It is called football! :)
Any modern player that far surpasses his competition is better than any player from an earier era. Players are faster, stronger, smarter than they were in the past. That goes for any sport.
messi need more work before robbing shoulders wit pele
Not sure but he is a very good player 
he is like my favorite soccer player ever!
If not the player, he is petty close to the best. Definitely the best goal scorer.
I have to disagree with you on that one Robert Dulaney,you tend to forget that back in the day they weren't a lot of defensive rules that we have today.Players were fouled and roughly tackled and play wasn't stopped and no one was booked,you pick yourself up and dust yourself because the ref won't call a foul,hence strikers had to be more genuis to get goals unlike today were you have defenders afraid to make challenges for fear of being booked and giving away penalties and set pieces.It was much tougher back then plain and simple,and the kind of football played today has declined slightly because 10years ago we did see players dribble and show fantastic stuff,but now the only thing we see are players who just run and shoot.The only players who dribble,score and show fantastic stuff are:Iniesta,Messi and Ronaldo.
Dude, that was so epic i almost cried. Your number 1 fan Alanna. 
How many world cups? None? Nice try. 
Without a doubt. Maybe not the most successful player (no wc) but definitely the best player of football ever. 
The only player I know better than Messi is me. 
Well done leo great record breaking goal
Messi needs to go to a bad club and help to bring it up, like Maradona did, to be the best ever.

Scoring this many goals is an amazing feat, I agree, but it's the best team in the world that he plays for. Just my opinion. 
All you who say that Messi needs to win a world cup to be the greatest are ignorant!!! This sport is a competition as a TEAM not as an individual. ¿or did Pele and Maradona win the cups by themselves? NO, they won as a team. It's not Leo's fault his Argentinian team mates aren't working. Look at Barcelona and Spain. They both play very well without Leo. Why? Because they play as a TEAM! Argentinians are just good individual soccer players, but not good as a team. 
Its not ignorance Sergio Arredondo its a fact,you shouldn't dismiss the fact that Messi plays for the best team in the world and infact wouldn't be this great if it weren't for Barcelona,so in other to prove that statement wrong regardless of the shape of the team(hell Argentina has some top star players).Messi needs to win a world cup then we will all jump on our heads and run around the streets like crazed people and say truly he can win something without Barcelona and in my book that makes him one of the greatest of all time.
ok pele is really good and all but messi is like one of those guys every one knows like world famous dont evan try to compair shit pele to messi
Never seen Pele in live action, was to young for that, but his mystique does last, I must say. Maradona was good too. Messi? Well, I have not been following soccer too closely over the last 20  years or so, but from what I have seen, he's darn good. The best ever? Hard to tell.
Wtf Soccer???? It's called Football !!!!
Cristiano Ronaldo is better! TUGA FTW!
What a great accomplishment and the fact that he is still playing at an elite level is even more astonishing.  
People we all have our favorites. It was pele. Then it was maradona, now its messi. Funny thou all south american players. 
GO MESSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes he's a scoring machine ,what a incredible player and congratulations messi all that hard work finely paid off and by the way my profile picture is my grandaughter my first and the only girl to be born in 75 years in our family,PEACE AND LOVE EVERYBODY AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS
You want a REAL quality player who played under old rules, dazzled and amazed despite 6 foot defenders trying to take chunks out of his legs every other minute...

George Best. 

Football / soccer is more than a decade old ;-)
he's like the scoring master in the game of soccer :)
Not just the WC issue, although, if memory serves me right Argentina weren't so hot without him, but also take in to account Maradona going to an unfashionable side, Napoli, and somehow leading them to the Italian league title almost single-handedly.

Messi is a modern day phenomenon - but so are the club side that he plays in. let's enjoy him now and judge his place in history later..
absolutely Not!! he still hasn't even won a Copa América.
my bestfriend messi
doesn't matter what he hasn't won internationally, doesn't change what he's achieved and what records he's broke 
Number one with respect good boy and good luck

Pele and Maradonna are nowhere near Messi. Yes they had rougher defending to cope with but defenders had no real skill, no concept of defending as a unit, were slow, beer swilling, smokers etc. Every modern top level footballer is in a completely different league to footballers before the millennium. I could have been a professional footballer in the 80s. These days kids are taken on at 5 years old and coached heavily until they're old enough to play.
Messi awesome dude I wish my country had a messi 
ok ..pleasea donot sent me my mail not check...
No... He still needs to win a couple of World Cups...
oh yes before having my weldone
Hell no... How quickly we forget the ones that paved the way... 
He might not be the best ever, but he is certainly the best I have seen, better than Romário, Ronaldo or Zidane, for example.
Yes he is, without a doubt
Messi el mejor de la historia. Y es Argentino. 
rompiendo records y barreras!! el mejor sin dudas se merece el balon de oro 2012
He is the best ever now. 
Keep scoring on behalf of yr master who does the scoring for u....well done.
Messi is amazing. But title as "the best player" will always be debatable. Everyone have their own favorite. But he is amazing... still...
yeah he gud but he needs 2 help his national side bag a world trophy home
Congratulations Lionel messi...!!!
I think his also a greattest football payler in the world
Messi is good player but not the best
Wonder how long it'll take Pele to start talking crap again. 
no hay con quien compararlo el mejor del mundo
Grandee MESSi y el mejor de la historia
When have you seen c ronalda drillbling 4 or 5 defenders and score yes! Only in his pretty dream. Is more likely that neymar will be better than messi. But for now messi is the greatest..
Messi is amazing and arguably the greatest but mueller, pele, and maradona played when defenses literally could take you out and it might be a yellow. Congrats to him, just to be in the convo by mid twenties is amazing. 
No doubt...,messi'z da best...!!
Dnt forget lucks hadebe best play in s.A
Not even close. Let me know when he doesn't play in a shit league like La liga
Noe Tax
Es el mejor de mundo. ? Y el unico. ? Y. Que si ge mas
Nice. I love that it was done like they always have. Not like football players with adhesive gloves.
Joe K
Heck Yeah!!!
He is certainly one of top 5 best in history, but certainly not the best ever. For a few reasons. He has already played in 2 world cups and 2 Copa Americas for Argentina and he is yet to win any international title for Argentina. Also, sure he has scored a lot of goals but quarter of them were from PK. And last but not least, look who has assisted him on most of these 85 goals. Arguably the two best MF in the world: Iniesta and Chavi. If these two and other excellent Barcelona players weren't feeding him these great balls, he would have scored only half these goals. 
Here is why Pele is the greatest: he won a world cup at the amazing young age of 17, then again at 21. He then missed one to injury and couldn't play. Then, 12 years after winning his first one, and after all the injuries, he came to his third and last world cup and won it again. In other words, he won every world cup he played in. Messi has already played in two world cups (ages 19 and 23) and he is yet to pass the quarter-finals, in a very good argentine team. He may still win it, but he will need a miracle to win it more than once. 
You know what is the most over-used word ever? The word "ever".  The guy is great, not the greatest EVER.
Messi great great great.he is made for football
He only needs 1 name. Pele. There is no comparison. 
Cpha S
Go messi u re the best
Pele jaisa koi nahi bana iss duniya me.
I wonder how much hes worth now 100 mill ?
Iker Casillas simplemente es nuestro capitan en el equipo y talisman de las rondas eliminatorias eurocopa mundial y eurocopa siendo el mejor en todo momento, eso es un jugador de futbol.
Lionel messi is undoubtedly the world's best soccer player right now, but it would be a very close call to say him the 'All Time Best'
Best current player - yes. Will definitely in the conversation as best of all time 
Oh yeah, absolutely! Just don't go and marry a Spicegirl ! :)
People who say Messi is the greatest are either blind or ignorant.Messi is simply the best player on the planet and has done nothing yet to suggest that he is the greatest"Ever",is as senseless as saying that lebron is greater than Jordan?that's just a blatant lie and a pathetic excuse for people who don't realise that soccer has lasted much longer than 5years!.
Pele appeared in 3world cups and won a think 2 of them.Messi plays for the best team in the world and constantly gets fed the ball by the best midfielders in the world:Xavi and Iniesta(who is actually European best player of the year).Ronaldo of Brazil is a better player than Messi because he has won the world cup for his country and unlike Messi has played not only in one league and in one club,but has played in the SerieA(Inter and AC Milan),Brazil and in the spanish la liga.And before people start getting way ahead of themselves they should consider that Messi hasn't won any international trophy with Argentina except for the 2004 U-20 FIFA tournament were he scored 2goals in the finals.Name any of the all time greats who haven't won any world cup?none!
He is incredible... however I am support. Real Madrid but I am keen to see him playing....
No. The best soccer player in history is Diego Armando Maradona. Messi is the second, at this moment.
who ever compare messi and cristiano is INSANE,doesnt know different between GOLD AND BRONZ....leo is unstopable. Go messi 
messi is best soccer player ever
Lionel Messi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Translate of luck
Messi is the best player in the world and I think he will get his fourth FIFA D'or Ballon coming soon 
Messi the best player in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
on of the man in the world love him.
Is it true That Messi is going to jail because he didn't pay his text
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