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This was awesome! HUGE VERTICAL!!!
Hes from a college ive never heard of
Holy crap I can't believe he pulled that off so smoothly. That is awesome! This is a true Spud Webb moment where you think how the heck did he do that.
To quote Ricky Bobby, "You're either first place or last place, Shake and Bake"!

You can all go home now, Good Night!
You don't hear it enough, "That's sportsmanship.."
That was a Freakin' Amazing Dunk!
i really need to clean my screen, could have sword this said college drunk contest LOL
thts fukin rediculious, tht was actually fun to watch
I am two inches taller than this guy and I can barely touch the bottom of the net!
whats up lebron james your cool as hell your awesome
A new Spud Webb in the making!
that was an absolute brillant shot he won as soon as he took it
it was like watching the men's Olympic half-pike; the other guys had NO chance
Sick dunk!!!!!!!!!... Barely any NBA Players can do that.
No kidding...WOW is right.
WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!! That was incredible. cant believe he did that.
عجب صبري خدا دارد
اگر من جاي او بودم
همان يك لحظه اول
كه اول ظلم را مي ديدم از مخلوق بي وجدان
جهان را با همه زيبايي و زشتي
بروي يكديگر ويرانه مي كردم
Better than the NBA Dunk Contest (this year and last year) for sure......
ya my favorite was the last one when he put it threw his legs and dunked it!!
The expression on his face in the last 2 seconds is awesome & hilarious too
Basketball is the stupidest game, certainly not a sport, in fact not even a game, it is just a show.
^so your saying it doesn't take any talent, skill, or practice to do what James Justice did in this video?
Instead of pictures of jordans dunk there going to have pictures of that
Better then what I saw at the All Star game.
Omg that is a one of a kind dunk!!
daaaaaaaaaaaaang!!!! ugly!!!!!!!
WOW even micheal jordan cant d that
+Mike VanLancker everyone that was in the video and those that had positive comments and probably a lot more that don't know this exists.
that's some sick shit right there
omg cool i could never do that
Makes me feel shame about my dunking for the first time--at 6'4"
Between the legs with the left hand!!!
what is this guys vertical.... 15 feet?
haha sick dunk love the championship BELt
To bad Anthony Davis wasnt there.....
Well sure, but did you see that Grinder dunk? That was soooo much more of a news worthy event. /sarcasm
Damn! That waz off chain insane dawg! So pro! Skillage right there yo!
Woow... I've a hard time believing this video, if its real..hat's off.. Wonderful!!!
its real alright i saw the dunk contest and it was awesome even though every single dunk was bad except for this one
BEST DUNK EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
................................................. REPLAY BUTTON BROKE
SCALE FROM 1-10 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
that dunk wuz awesome,,,,, that dunk wuz big!!!!!!!!
It's over! How high was his jump? Damn!
WOW แข็งแรงมากสูงไม่ถึง 6 ฟุตด้วย 5ฟุต 9 นิ้ว 170 กว่าเองอ่ะ
ohhhhhhhhhhh look nice
that was super sick and unbelievable nun of my friends could do that..
Fuck ESPN, get out of my "Hot on Google+" section. I don't even want you there. You're probably the shittiest channel in shove advertising down our throats sense and I have no interest in you. Hot or Not.
See it before, not the first time someone has done that dunk.
ya, but it's amazing that ANOTHER person accomplished that dunk
Dequans dunk was better then all of them combined
I watched the contest live. I love it how the other guy who was competing against him was really exited and gave the trophy to him.
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