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It's about time ... PLAY BALL!
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its that time of the year when it sucks to be my girl friend
I saw the University of Arizona beat Stanford the other night... Not that that has anything to do with this...
Ready for the Mets to have new management, but still ready for MLB!
Stadium is beautiful, I wish I was back home. Go Marlins!
OMG the stadium is AWSOME!!! I went to the Monday night game verses the YANKEES! THERE'S a POOL under where it says clevelander right next to the big marlins thingy in the back. IT IS SO COOL!
hi. Don't you think this is an awsome stadium?
Let the fun begin! (ok in America it begins)
yaaaaaa i <3 b ball can't get enough like if u agree
+Sabri Messy yeah I know. I can't wait to go home and go see the stadium its going to be amazing
im weird ur the one who hates baseball
we're born again, there's new grass on the field
Is that some type of shrine back there?
Awesome. I can't wait for opening day @ the BIG A!!!!
yeah what a wonderfull arena\m/
Miami got beat, but I hate the cards
ive been waiting for opening day go Royals!!!
I could care less unless the phillies were involved
That's because worlds never heard of football American style dumb soccer players
Ya american soccer players in Europe I was talking to you
American soccer players in Europe soccer is more of an activity than a sport and how may people watched the super bowl
es verdad que esa gente cuando termina de jugar no se baña porque no transpira?
What's wrong American soccer players in Europe got nothing to say?
What's wrong American soccer players in Europe got nothing to say?
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