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This is why RGIII should go #1 in the NFL Draft.
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This is a little late now since the Colts already confirmed that they're taking Luck. Awkward.
I think both QBs are in position to do well, but my deskchair draft choice would be RGIII over Luck.
Numbers never lie, but they do mislead when you use a narrow focus to make a biased point. Now, do a fun sketch video comparing Coby Fleener to Kendall Wright. -1
I agree which is why he won the Heisman. Time will tell if the colts made the right decision. 
I don't think this is a Manning/Leaf scenario. Both of these guys are going to be great Qb's in the league. Their success is going to come down to the kind of team that is put around them.
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All a lie
Was RGIII tested playing for Baylor as much as Luck was playing for Stanford?
RGIII is gonna carry that chip on his shoulder.
No, +Marty McTigue and +Stephen Michael Burton, RG3 was not tested in the Big 12 as much as Luck was in the PAC 12. The PAC 12 has been a much tougher conference but they don't get the recognition due to media bias.
+Michael Mella I don't personally think the BCS is a good measure of anything other than a way to make money. That aside, I'm not saying that RGIII is a worse quarterback than Luck. In fact, in 2012 RGIII will likely be a much better QB statistically. The Colts are going to be bad this year. Who is a better QB in 3 years? Who knows? But, this little one minute segment isn't proving either side. You're comparing variables without constants. What would Luck's numbers have been like at Baylor? How would his long game have been throwing to Wright? At his Pro day, Luck threw a laser 60 yard strike that the receiver couldn't run down. He threw lots of quick reads to his TEs. They are two amazing quarterbacks in different systems, and a few carefully selected stat lines aren't going to tell Indy they made the wrong choice.

My point: It's a silly little skit that provides no real insight on two exceptional young athletes who both may well be on the way to Canton.
I hope Indy does take the LUCK!. The Redskins deserve RGBIII, they have paid their dues!!!!!
The numbers used to tell this story shouldn't be compared one to one. Though the Big 12 is no pushover, Stanford (arguably) played a more difficult schedule than Baylor. Both are great players. Time will tell who is the better pick. If I were the Colts GM I'd flip a coin and never look back.
Considering how much RG3 played from the spread, the “numbers" aren't going to necessarily transfer over in the NFL. The Spread offense made Gabbert look awesome and we all know how great he is. I like RG3 and I'm not comparing him in any way to Gabbert but no doubt that Luck came out of a more traditional NFL system and has better footwork so no doubt he's more NFL ready.
No thanks! Indy wants and deserves LUCK. We want RGBIII now! :P
+John DiGeronimo sorry but Indy fans definitely do NOT deserve Andrew Luck, you have teams looking for a QB for over 10 years and colts fan get Luck right after Manning, that's just catching a dumb break.
Max Redskins have been looking for a QB a lot longer than 10 years. And my thoughts are RGBIII will do the job just fine. Let Indy soak up the good fortune with LUCK. Thank you.:)
I meant the last post to be addressed to Dariel.
Andrew Luck needs all the luck he can get because Payton has a bone to pick with the team he gave everything too and they just kick out in the cold like that smfh fuck the #Colts
Number are just numbers when it comes to NFL quarterbacks. Just ask Tom Brady.
I hate football its stupid how the DRAFT has to be this popular
Good Indy got what they wanted and so did we (Redskins)! :)
go broncos and yes-colts are getting a very good man,humble and stanford alumni . he will be a good player
well, i think the management of the Colts suck, so glad RGIII didnt go there
RG3 is the better choice for the colts the redskins made the right choice by picking him the hisemen winner is the right call.
yep cause andrew luckcan throw t football better
andrew luck already got picked and that was the right choice
True that $$$$$$$ pay the man
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