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Today, Manchester City won their first EPL championship in 44 years in one of the most amazing sporting events we've ever seen.

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Great Game. Too bad it got a little dirty with the player getting kicked out. He was punched in the face, though.
This was insane, the last 5 minutes were amazing
The most exciting finish to a season I have ever seen!
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they deserve it.. they take it in last minutes very dramatic win :))
It last not Manchester United.
I like the way they played in the last 10mins. It was so dramatic, and fantactic
Well done Citizens!!! Let see if Liverpool can make it on the next campaign.
QPR gave up once we knew we were safe! Still better then utd winning!
good season champions
raj roy
its noisy citizen :-)
Great efford from Machester City. I was on the edge the ENTIRE TIME! I am a United fan. Whe the clock passed 89 minutes, a friend of mine congratulated me. I responded; "not yet". And danm it, I was right. It was an amazing finale, and although I was sad, I was also very happy with everything that I've gotten with it. A hell of a season for so many! :D
I'm a United fan but I was still happy to see this, they earned it
I am a Man U fan, but my dad likes Man City, so I am ok with it
so close thought United where going to win but it was won by City in added time
I wonder how Man U fans will be toward the Queen Park fans
Bueno ya era hora tanta sequía y la derrota del untied esta en la goleada 6 a 2 y el 1 a 0 buena Agüero balotelli todos espero q los conflictos acaben
+Andrew Martin I really hope nothing negative. It was not, in any way, their fault. Even before the game, it was well accepted, they had already lost. It was exactly why it was so exciting to watch QPR in the lead for so long. It was admirable, but City really had a strong will to score, and with a goal-attemp almost every minute, it was almost only a matter of time, and they timed it in the very last minutes.
Man United should've secured that trophy weeks ago, when they were ahead with 8 points. -> It's on themselves.
+Nikolas Lazar Thank you :) I try to stay objective ;)
sorry for man utd and congratulation to man city
Hell on one half, heaven on the other
In Malaysia, Fan's of MU getting their Cup that Malaysian call it King Cup Sardine, hahaha
Today showed why the Premier League is the best league in the world and why football is the best sport!
Parsa A
Congrats to city. I wished united would have won. Sighhh
Parsa A
City and United r both good teams
Stunning.. YNWA. Glad that the Manchester club won the league NOT MAN U.. LFC has won more titles than MAN U this season hahahahaha.. Follow me on twitter @ungoofie YNWA TEAMLFC 
Go on the gunners 3rd place and champions league secured!!!!
liverpool is a goodteam that is not playing good
+Goerge Grier+ what happened to Newcastle?
U know, there are so many Euro leagues that it's hard to tell one from the other...
yeah you can say that.. KD Must sign Star players not Flops or be fired
ya i watch that game it was 3 to2 i think it was or it was 2 to 1 but it was a fantastic game
Riz van
What a result. Well done Man City
Couldn't have done it without Super Mario:)
The best EPL ever seen. You deserved it, City.
Love Manchester United

Go Man U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go man city we love you And you got champion yeye!
congratulations deserved the epl cup.
$°¢¢er rules! Congrats...Citizens but we stay United and its not U$tates.
Red Socks over Yankees madness/jubilation!
Ross, I believe Soccer is the most popular sport in the world...
As a former QPR fan I was a bit gutted but I'd rather city win the league than utd. 
Not like /man city at all. Go man u
I wanted Manchester United to win
with the heart they played with? Rushing two goals within 3 mins before the end?? That last goal by aguero proves they deserve it more than man united should. And yes this comment is bias because I am man city supporter hahaha :D
Thats no end of man united,we still arive viva forever man uuuuuuu!
it really was an interesting turn of events...bravo ManCity!!!!
finally! EPL champions throne had change!!
to the last minute ... they deserve to win the EPL 2011/2012 ... well done Man City
I thought its our FIJIs Sevens Rugby Team.hahahaha
Waaaaazaaaap u guys?!? Mancity champions? Sweet, reality matches my fifa2012 campaign;)
dreams can be bought er come true. Not even sure if they are the lesser of two evils any more but congrats nonetheless (I guess) to Clicky, Nasri and Kolo Toure
One of the best finals for title race in BPL history...:)Manchester City Rocks..!!!
What a game! That is why I love this sport!
Being a United fan this was though, but props to City, they deserved it. There's no doubt about that. Congrats to them.
premier league is the best, sorry calcio Italy
So nice to see man city getting the trophy.
Que golazo el de Agüero. Quedará para la historia como el gol que los consagró campeones de la Premier
Working so hard to win the game! Time to celebrate...
I remember this one time sports were really important.
Ashok N
Undoubtedly the most dramatic finish to an EPL season. Man City deserved the win.
All the tears which came out of the city fans, fell down at the legs of united fans.
hard work pays...congrats City,you proved your grind to United and its supporters
Agüero se merece una estatua en la ciudad de Manchester, sino hubiera sido por el la maldición seguiría por unos años mas...
+Andrew Martin, I don't want to be negative, and I think I would be more positive about this, but Queens Park doesn't learn from their mistakes! Nine red cards in a season?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That is outrageous. So I am a little ticked of at QPR... but they did play a good game and good defense for about 90 min.
cant stand that i support Manchester United
That is great
Man City suck it was a massive fluke
great work city!we cant have the same guys take this over and over..thuis has been quiote a season....n whatever happened to tevez?
The best team of the year!!!
Felicidades al manchster City
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