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Can either Josh Hamilton or Matt Kemp win the Triple Crown?

They’re off to a FAN-tastic start (
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damm nice job HAMILTON!! :) <3 boooYEAHH this is why you dont miss a game! GREAT JOB!
I think both players are capable, but it's way too early to even start thinking about the Triple Crown.
exactly.. so lets just be happy that HAMILTON KICKED ASS!
YEEESSS!! smart man :) he is one of my favorite players ever its hard to pitchh around someone that can hit the pitch he wants he knows how to hit the pitch right where it needs to go.
If anyone can do it, it'll be Hamilton...BUT... he has to stay healthy which history shows is not likely. The talent and ability is there, he has the better swing and is surrounded by better hitters than Kemp.
Both players are awsome this year. But its too early to say if one of them can win the triple crown. Both players can have a very cold streak even if they are hot at the moment. Dont Forget that there is other players that can hit the ball very well too.
Hamilton my friend is going to kill me for that
Josh Hamilton will win it for sure
hell yeah! :) they have it all the defense and the bats not you just gotta show them what you got
biggest rangers fan ever right here. how explosive they've been is amazing! +James Wilson you know it that third times the charm! :) rangers over phillies.
It's going to be a crazy season! Can't wait to see how they keep up with this pace.
I have them both on my fantasy team. Bam.
matt kemp all the way, he's on my fantasy team
I like the way he followed throw on the swing.
Matt Kemp has it in the bag
Kemp is more solid overall
After Hamiltons performance.. He has to be more consistent!
no because he cant do that daily. Kemp does what he does all day long
but when he has his bad day.. you will see that they are still trying
I would have to say Matt Kemp based on the sheer fact he's been less injury prone. On the other hand Hamilton has the better lineup around him but I'm still going Kemp
well what happens if you take away his bacj up? hes screwed
Hamilton has better guys hitting around him but i think Kemp plays more games.
Its still to early in the season to tell. But of now Josh Hamilton
Will H
josh hamilton. anybody who doesnt think that is a retarded asshole
hamiltin all the way he beat babe ruth stats in that game
Matt Kemp is the best player in MLB. Hamiliton is not far behind Kemp though.
Hamilton definitely has the lineup around him but health is the issue 
Hamilton easily! No question.
hamilton deffinetly he is a BEAST
ed red
matt kemp #1
Matt Kemp will win the triple crown, but only if he can stay healthy.
Josh Hamilton will win the Triple Crown... Wake up to u people who think Kemp will win it..... Hamilton is a BOSS....
i think it is going to be hamilton because Kemp is on the DL
i would have said hamilton but then he...
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