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This crowd stays silent until its team scores its tenth point.

Once that happens, the floodgates open.
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Such a tiny venue.  But they pack it with sound.
Wonder why they are all dressed up in random costumes
+cody parnell Because they know they'll be on YouTube and everyone will be saying, "Look at that crazy guy in the costume."
I'd like too be here, not for the game, but.....for them the awesome spectators
It's a stress release before finas if I remember right.  I believe the dressing up aspect has been going on longer than youtube.
I'd like to see a little bit more of the game being played in silence.  Surreal.
I didn't know that college kids can have so much self-discipline.... ;)
so a bunch of people get together in a small venue, plays music, they dance, not interested in a sporting event, crappy music, isn't this called a club? watch the game and stop the shananigans.
What's the significance of 10 points? Anything? Or is this just a random YouTube thing? 
would have been cooler to watch the silent cheers more!
Not a single fug was given to the basketball!
happens at lots of schools. harmless, good natured fun. why gay?
i found waldo like 5 times in the crowd
Kenny K
Poorly made video. It's about unusual crowd silence, so...they show none of it.
should have shown them score before the 10th point to show the silence...THEN show them go crazy at the tenth point...
Would've been better had the video shown the crowd BEING SILENT for awhile. Show the scoreboard...2-4-6-8 points then let it play out.
Add me to the list wanting to see everyone quiet at the beginning. I can see a crazy crowd on Big Monday 3 or 4 months out of the year. Not worth my time to go find it on youtube shot from some random cell phone. 
they dont start yelling untell the 23 sec
of the 23 seconds most is dedicated to text. They show one made basket with no context to the score and then cut back to text.
Gangnam style! Those guys got some rhythm in them 
Ryan Ng
So that's what they do to celebrate.
They cheered before the tenth point - it wasn't total silence. It wasn't crazy let loose cheering but why show that when the point of video made is there is "total silence" until the tenth point? 
That was probably louder than the Seattle Seahawks stadium 
Ryan Ng
They don't collectively cheer until 0:21
It is hard to analyze whether there was any noise on the fans' part since the playback doesn't start till 0:19.
Dose every body have to scream
well fun fun
Where I went to school, they might stay silent all game long....
Whats the big deal about the 10th point
its kinda stupid they go crazy after the tenth point. its kinda a sad fail
Leo Lee
That's enough. 
Every year the Friday before final exams, Taylor University has the Silent Night Men's Basketball game. In it, students remain quiet until the 10th point is scored and then erupt in cheering.[44] In the late moments of the game, "Silent Night" is sung.[45] A former assistant coach came up with the idea in the late 80's and it was a packed event by the mid-to-late 1990s.[44] Afterward, students can go to "Habecker's Hollapalooza", which is a campus-wide party involving live Christmas music, making and eating Christmas cookies, and making gingerbread houses

The best fans a team could ask for.. Epic
+rubi ahsan okay...what does that have to do with the game and the post??  hmmmmmmm
That night looks like alot of fun. Great tradition. To the people on this thread complaining, whatever!
Haha im gonna do it with my friends at my place.. :P
I have seen it. It is amazing, nuts, and inspiring. Don't miss this.
Fantastic! Would be great to see at a football game too! 
whats with some of the negative comments? thats nothing but fun & tradition taking place in that gym. chill with the negativity. 
Saxman showed up!!!!!!
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