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Cam Newton OR Calvin Johnson?

One of these dudes will be on the cover of Madden 13. Vote!
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CAAAAAAMMMMM! He's done a lot in his Rookie season. Broke a few records. He deserves it.
yeh but he isnt doin as well as college but still cam is good
he is good i would go for cam to
he just likes to run the ball though
I don't want the curse of to hurt my Cam Newton....I say Calvin.
On behalf of all Lions' fans everywhere, will you all please vote for Cam! Thank You
doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure tht out
Matt, does your Mommy know you are using the computer?
let me see who do I NOT WANT ON MY FANTASY team this year
cuck norris
It is about time the Lions and Panthers were shown some love by Madden! My two favorite teams! I can't lose!
If cam wins against megatron then it's a damn shame 
NEITHER look at what the saints did to both of them they both over rated lil wanna bees that sucked in the pro bowl and playoffs WAIT cam didn't even get to the playoffs
if cam doesnt make the cover, i will kill one baby panda every half hour until my demands are met
As a Lions fan I hope that Megatron doesn't get the cover. The last thing we need is for him to have the Madden curse this year.
Whom ever you want cursed, If I were both , I would decline the offer.
Tim Tebow...On the madden cover? really? Lets face it, Cam represents the NFL best therefor he should be on the cover forsure!!
It will be cam newton, right in time for a sophomore slump. Lots of INT's coming.
Cam is a big baby. Megatron is better
And Johnson makes plays. Newton just ruins it 4 his team
Cruz shouldn't even b a choice he ain't done nothing
Gronkowski!!!!!!!!!! All the way baby I'd play everyday if he won!:)
either Brees or Tebow thats my vote but my favorite if they had him would be Colt MCcoy from the cleveland browns!!!!
Vote cam because I need megatron for fantasy
Cam newton, I'd rather see megatron make it further in the playoffs!!
Cam newton, I'd rather see megatron make it further in the playoffs!!
Man why couldn't it be Aaron Rodgers...these guys dont deserve that stupid curse!!!!
What happened to gronkowski?? I fell out of the loop
Cam will win. I hope he doesn't get the curse.
Cam wins, but gets the curse and the Saints still beat him even with bounty gate hanging over their heads.
Grok lost to Johnson in the 3rd round. Thank god...he won't have the curse.
Troy Polumolu should have made it.
Cam Newton get a rookie on the cover
Cam mutha fuckin Newton !
cam!! so the curse may take over him. >:)
tim tebow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim Doe

I much as I dislike him, Cam
Cam Newtons the best so if the curse is real put calvin johnson on the cover
Listen I'm from Denver. Tebow led us on a 8-8 season and backed us in the playoffs. If he were to play like he did against the steelers I would like him. Good riddance. Manning is 1000000000 times better. Hopped on madden a little bit ago they have that little stream at the bottom it said Johnson won the cover. 
Football the best sport eever created
I think that picture should be for madden 13
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