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European Free Vaping Initiative
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"Don't let governments wear you down" - a documentary from Smoke Without Fire on the recent protest in Wales.
Vapers & Politicians against the Welsh E-cig Ban
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intéressant! mais j'ai rien compris! ca parle de quoi svp (oui de politique et de cigarettes électronique) je suis con mais quand meme
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EFVI España has put together a cool campaign video, check it out:
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During the past few weeks we've received new translations, and their publication was long-long overdue, which we now correct, sorry for the delay.

EFVI in Dutch:
EFVI in Latvian:
EFVI in Galician:
EFVI in Swedish:

Many thanks to the translators!
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The Online Collection System seems to be down, we've notified the Commission about the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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How can Americans help or join your cause.  We are dealing with the same attitudes here.  I visit somewhere in Europe every year for a month and I use e-cigs.  I'm assuming we will be banned from bring our juice and cigs with us.
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Dr. Farsalinos' worldwide survey of 19.414 vapers has been published:
"Participants experienced significant benefits in physical status and improvements in pre-existing disease conditions (including respiratory disease such as asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease). Being former smoker was independently associated with positive effects in health and improvements in disease conditions."
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The first half of a two-part blog post on EFVI from Liberty Flights, analyzing the numbers and honoring the UK campaigners.
At Liberty Flights we think that the European Free Vaping Initiative (EFVI) is massively important so we decided to dedicate a special two-part blog piece to it. Here is part one… In our last blog, we outlined the likely impact of the upcoming Tobacco Products Directive and it is clear from the forums and social media platforms that the vaping community is feeling angry and frustrated. The details of the legislation are clearly unrelated to the s...
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Call to action video from Steve of Professorvapes:
e-cig and vaping threat do not ignore EFVI
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Can you send me a vape i need to stop smoking?
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EFVI on the go! Do you have an Android device? Put the EFVI online collection system into your pocket! Thanks to Stefan Wölflinger for putting this together!
Aufruf zum Handeln: Rettet das Dampfen! Besteht auf unsere Bürgerrechte Am ...
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Great video from @PolwynDave, check it out!
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Check out and spread this great call to action video from AIDUCE:
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No, it does not. But people who vape don't pay taxes on tobacco products and as such are also eating little children ;-)
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German vaper music video by Nyne, featuring EFVI too! Probably the only good thing that comes out of the upcoming regulation.
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60k signatures! It is time to take a breath and thank you all for your support, especially those who are tirelessly campaigning and working around Europe to move the initiative forward. Thank you!
If you haven't signed EFVI yet, you can do it here:
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Fantastic... Well done so far EFVI!
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Hands off of free vaping in the European Union! A European Citizens' Initiative to keep vaping free in the EU.
Vapers made an adult, responsible and private decision when they chose this young but very effective alternative that made possible for them to quit or ease up a deadly habit that claims hundreds of thousands of lives of EU citizens each and every year. The fact that vaping poses no harm to the vicinity of the vaper makes this hobby a private matter of no public interest, therefore any kind of attempt towards the regulation of electronic cigarettes and related products is interpreted as serious offense against our personal rights and private sphere.

We ask and expect the European Parliament to form its opinion considering our concerns expressed in our manifest in regard of classifying electronic cigarettes and related products and lay down the foundation of the free and unrestricted vaping in Europe, for Europe.
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