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Best Strategies to Ensure your Bulk SMS gets Delivered

Following some of the current happenings in the mobile communication scene in Nigeria, we have observed various measures being implemented by GSM service operators.

Most mobile service operators have implemented certain policies in order to guard against the inflow of deceptive text messages.

Here is a brief listing of things you must not do when sending a text message:
Never use the name of a popular brand (CITI), GSM operator (e.g. MTN, GLO...), or a variation of these as your SENDER name.

As much as possible do NOT include phone numbers in your message. Most telecom operators will filter messages that include a phone number because they believe such messages are similar to those that request for personal information from unsuspecting recipients.

Do not use numbers obtained through so-called GSM number generators; they are more than likely to generate numbers from which close to 50% would be non-existing numbers.

We hope you would remember these important points and stay ahead while ensuring you maintain a good communication flow with those that matter to you.

Best wishes,
The EBulkSMS Team.
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Different Bulk SMS Delivery Reports and Their Meanings.

Many of us are not aware that for every bulk SMS we send online there is a delivery report. Also, we often don't know that the different delivery reports can have different meanings. A delivery report is simply a combination of the recipient numbers, delivery status, and a unique ID created at the time you sent the SMS.

Delivery reports help to keep you informed about the status of your SMS so you know which numbers received your SMS and which ones did not. Examples of these delivery reports could be; Message Delivered, Message Pending, Message expired, etc. This article helps you understand what each of these delivery reports mean in order for you to get better results from your SMS campaigns and SMS communication activities.

Below is a list of the different delivery status messages and their meanings:

1. Message Sent and Delivered: It means the SMS has been sent to the operator of the recipient and has been successfully delivered to the recipient's phone.

2. Message Awaiting Delivery Report/ Pending: This means the SMS was successfully sent but is yet to deliver to the recipient operator due to either bad network coverage or switched off number of the recipient as at the time sent. Hence the network is yet to confirm the delivery of the message.

3. Expired or Dropped status: It could mean either of these listed below;

* The number is unable to receive SMS at the time of sending.

* It is applied to DND numbers which have been added automatically by the network.

* Another reason for this delivery status could be that the number is switched off or in an area with low or no mobile network coverage, has exceeded the time limit (15 hours) for it to get delivered and therefore cannot be delivered again.

* It could also mean that the recipient's number is a bad number.

* suspicion of SPAM on the operator network e.g: sender ID relating to financial institutions or government agencies.

* Random unsolicited messages blocked by the operator, or has been barred from receiving bulk SMS.

4. Message Rejected / DND: This means the number has opted in to the MTN do not disturb service. Read this: to know more about it. Numbers registered under this policy do not get SMS sent to them.
Currently, there has been an MTN Do-Not-Disturb Policy that is presently limiting bulk SMS...
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How to Save Individual Contacts on EbulkSMS

We've been following a trend on different ways to creating your contacts on Ebulksms, the previous articles has been on how to automatically upload/import your contacts. For this article, we would be talking about to manually create your contacts along with screenshots for better understanding.

Remember from our first article we had a list of options under the "PHONE BOOK" icon one of which is the contact Groups. That would be our focal point for this article.

1. Click on Contact Groups after the successful log in to your account. This comes up:

2. Click on New Group, and a "Group Name" and "Description" box comes up which you would have to fill accordingly. NOTE: the "Group Name" creates an avenue for you to manually create a new group and the "Description" is for you to fill in a word for easy identification.

3. Click "Submit".

4. A screen of options come up amongst which is the "+Add Contacts" options. Click on it.

5. Once clicked, the screen presents you with the avenue of manually typing out your contact names and numbers. When done, click on "Save Contacts" to store them.

We've been following a trend on different ways to creating your contacts on Ebulksms, the...
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How to Upload Numbers on EbulkSMS

From time to time it is apparent that we get to send SMS to various persons for different reasons. The magic about it is being able to upload your contacts with ease, send your messages as efficiently as possible, and get the desired results at a stretch. Speaking of uploading contacts, below are different ways to uploading them:

After you have successfully logged in to your account under the PHONE BOOK options, you have the; "All Contacts", "Contact Groups", "Upload Numbers", "Import Contacts", and "Verify Numbers". For this article I would be giving a detailed explanation on Upload Numbers. Below is an accessible screenshot.

1. After you have clicked on Upload Contacts under the "PHONE BOOK" options you will be presented with "Name" and "Description"(optional) box. You fill out the Name which you would like to use for the group you are about to create, then what you would like to describe it with for easy identification(optional). E.g: Yabatech(group name) Business Administration(Description).

2. Then you go ahead to either click on "browse" that's if you already have the contacts stored on your system(Excel files) or phone(if using the Mobile App), type out the numbers or copy and paste it from Microsoft Word as the case may be. Remember to confirm the country code. NOTE: Upload Contacts are used to upload contacts without names(for those of us who only have numbers without names).

3. Should you click on "Browse", below is a screenshot of how your uploaded file would look like.

4. After you have confirmed the country code, click on "Save".

There you have it!your contacts are safely stored and you can go right ahead to upload and start sending your SMS.

From time to time it is apparent that we get to send SMS to various persons for different...
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How to Send Birthday Greeting SMS Automatically Every Year

There is always this joyful awesome feeling you get when you wake up to the fact that today is your birthday even though you look forward to it again the next year you just can't seem to shake the feeling off. Moreso, you feel loved, important, and happy when you receive presents and wishes on your birthday.

Now here's the thing; birthday wishes will be sent from different social media angles be it; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Emails, SMS, and so on. However, with all these channels, there's a degree of certainty that your birthday greetings and wishes will be seen directly, and read immediately by the celebrant if they are sent using bulk SMS.

Now it gets more cumbersome and hard to follow through if a company, church, bank, mosques, and other organization is involved and has to send to 30 of their clients/members who happen to have birthdays on the same day, and which definitely has to be sent all at once. In this case, what do you do?

Ebulksms offers you an easy, convenient, affordable, and reliable way to send birthday greetings automatically. All you need to do is to register an account to be able to gain access to all this. You can do that by simply signing in to our webpage and get started right away. After your account has been successfully created, you go to the "Add Birthdays NEW" icon on the left side of your account, and there you have it! Below is a screenshot of what the page looks like.

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New Tech Makes Smart Car Wheels Work with Smart Phones

Nowadays it seems like everything is getting smarter. Smart phones, smart refrigerators, and now smarter wheels for cars. A car wheel with a “brain”? The idea comes from a company out of south Florida called Intelligent Power & Light, which aims its new technology squarely at the wheel. Founders of the company believe a smarter wheel for cars is inevitable and have developed the platform to prove it.

They call it “IntelliGens”. The device has a universal design that can be installed on an ordinary car wheel. It attaches to the wheel by replacing the center cap with a micro generator that produces electricity inside the center of the wheel. The micro generator is paired with a microprocessor that can wirelessly send and receive information via remote control or through the use of an iPhone or Android application.

The company plans on opening up the door for other developers to create smart applications for the wheel as well. The micro generator device was originally developed for the company’s “Glo Ryder” Wheel Light product. Glo Ryder provides a way for manufacturers and car enthusiasts to display their wheels at night.

According to company founders, Kurt and Lance Bartels, wheel lights were just the beginning.

The brothers say, “We knew we had the platform to power the wheel with intelligent technology but up to this point it has been battery operated. We also knew the product would never be taken seriously until we released the generator version so we have worked hard over the last few years to develop a micro generator powerful enough for present and future applications we intend to release for the wheel. We see a number of useful applications that can not only make the wheel perform better but also to allow the wheel to act as a sensor and send information to the driver via an iPhone or Android application.”

So what can a “smart” application do for the wheel? The company is currently developing applications compatible with iPhone and Android apps that will provide services for sound and light, as well as GPS locating, and monitoring tire conditions to name a few. What is interesting about the smart wheel platform is that it provides car wheels with a completely independent source of electricity with no connection to the cars electrical system. It is also component based so circuit board “Modules” can be swapped out as new applications are developed making it easily upgrade-able.
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How to save SMS as draft on EbulkSMS

Tired of typing out messages anytime you want to send SMS, especially when it's done frequently or weekly? well not to worry cause you have been presented an easy way out. Ebulksms presents you with a feature that allows you type out your messages(as many as they may be), and save them up as drafts to be sent later as at the designated time.

There are two buttons you can use to send the draft SMS after saving it:

The first option will send the draft SMS immediately and move it to your sent messages folder.
The second option will make a copy of the draft message while keeping the original draft message unchanged so you can use it as a template to send that same SMS multiple times.

The good thing about saving your SMS as drafts is that it can later be referred to for future purposes and sent to whichever number it is meant to be sent to.

Below are the easy steps to follow for a successful drafted SMS:

1. Successfully log in to your account and type out the messages.

2. Input the numbers if you have any yet.

3. Click on "Save as Drafts" when you are done.

4. To confirm if your messages were saved, click on Drafts.

Below is what it looks like after you have clicked on the Drafts link.

And there you have it!, your SMS has been drafted and you can go ahead to sending your messages whenever you like.
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How to Transfer / Share credit on Ebulksms

Do you run an organization with different departments that need to send bulk SMS?

If your answer is yes, then it's simple! all you have to do is share your units with the departments in need of the units. How you do that is what we are going to be talking about. Note: this feature is accessible to all status users except the suspended accounts.

1. Successfully log in to your account and click on share credit under the credit option.

2. Below is what comes up after share credit has been clicked on. Type in the email account you want to share your units with and the quantity of units you would like to share. The next box shows what will be left in your account after you have typed out the intended units to be shared.

3. Click on "Transfer Credit Now" after the boxes has been filled.

And there you have it; your units successfully transferred and your departments are good to go sending the SMS!.
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How to Import Contacts on EbulkSMS

From the previous article we gave a detailed explanation with screenshots on how to Upload Numbers. For this article we will be talking about "Import Contacts".

Import Contacts is used to import or upload text files containing contact names and numbers. Here's how it's done;

1. Once you have successfully logged in to your account still under the "PHONE BOOK" options, click on Import Contacts.

2. Once you have clicked on Import Contacts, this is what comes up:

3. Then you are presented with the options of either choosing an already existing group or creating a new one.

4. Click on "Browse" to either import/upload your contacts from your system which could be any of these files; TXT, CSV, XML, JSON, VCF, or your phone contacts (if using the mobile app).

5. For those uploading the files from their system, Below is a screenshot of what it looks like.

6. Click on "Upload Contacts" to get your contacts stored and ready.

You are as good to go as sending your SMS. Get started right away!.
From the previous article we gave a detailed explanation with screenshots on how to Upload...
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5 Ways to Use Bulk SMS in Hotel Management.

Hospitality is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry.

It also means the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers with liberality and good will. The Hotel management is known for a fact as where customer experiences count the most.

Talking about customer experiences, our focal point for this article would be the hotel management.

1. Online Bookings Confirmation/Details:

Once your customers have placed a booking request via Bulk SMS, it helps them get confirmation that their request was received and approved. This gives them a sense of relief that their booking has been confirmed and that their rooms would be available to them as at when needed. This makes for a sensible communication method between you and them.

2. Remind customers regarding arrival time and location:

Today’s consumers are always on the move, and can benefit greatly from quick reminders about arrangements and locations. A Bulk SMS platform can be prudently used to inform customers about their arrival time at your hotel. Reminding your customer of their scheduled time can really improve their perception of your hotel especially if they were likely to have forgotten the arrangement.

3. Service Feedback/Suggestions:

Hotel managers tend to use bulk SMS to get appraisals from their customers, which can successively facilitate them in keeping track of such and improve their service in areas that are required. Once the guest checks out, an SMS requesting feedback regarding their experience will be sent to them. It will go a long way in facilitating your decision making about the services of your hotel. For example; "Thank you Mr. and Mrs. for your patronage, it was really a pleasure having you around. Please we would like you to rate our services during your stay here". It is highly likely you would get a response from them, and then you could intrinsically make a decision regarding such; verify what dissatisfies them and fix it. It surely helps your business grow and assists you in having repetitive customers.

4. Special Festive Offers and Promos:

It is a regular feature of many businesses to offer promos during the festive periods. Hotel management is definitely not left out in this. If you have the contact of people who are most likely to lodge in your hotels during the festive periods, which you can get by modestly asking them for it, or getting it as they register on your website if you have one, you can send them these promotion offers through bulk SMS and ensure you use the festive season to boost sales.

5. Communication with Internal Staffs:

One of the most effective uses of bulk SMS is in internal communications and organization. It is your staffs that decide if your guests come back or they are just one-offs. Through bulk SMS, you can efficiently communicate important information necessary to the smooth running and eventual growth of the hotel with your staffs. This is especially important when the staffs are large. Everyone gets along, knows what to do, knows what not to do and the business moves on.

Travelers are increasingly relying on their phones while traveling, exposing a huge opportunity for hoteliers to connect with their guests and provide superior customer service.

A timely and apt message to the customers can be very efficient and be of effective utilization. What are you waiting for? Start using bulk SMS now.

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How to Schedule Bulk SMS Messages

One of the beauty of having an account with Ebulksms is that you can schedule your messages for a later time if you don't want it to be delivered instantly. This feature saves you the time and stress of coming online anytime you want to send an SMS especially periodical SMS.

For example, you can schedule your messages ahead prior to the festival periods like; Easter, Independence Day, Christmas, New Year, and so on...Well this is how it goes:

First you sign in to your ebulksms account. And if you do not have any yet, you can as well visit our webpage; and get started right away.
After your account has been successfully created or you have logged in to your account, click on "Compose SMS"
Then you enter your "sender name", the "numbers", and then your message into the boxes provided.
Click on "Schedule Now" after the above has been completed.
You can then go ahead to set the date and time you want it to get delivered, and click on "Confirm Schedule" to seal it off.

There you have it!All that's left is to relax and watch it get delivered....Below is a detailed screen shot of what it looks like.
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Sending Bulk SMS to Numbers Affected by MTN Nigeria's Do Not Disturb (DND)

Recently, MTN Nigeria implemented Do Not Disturb (DND) policy which has the effect of stopping bulk SMS and other third party SMS from reaching MTN subscribers. This policy affects about half the subscriber phone numbers on MTN as MTN appears to have activated the DND service on many lines automatically even without the owners consent.

Due to this unforeseen event, sending bulk SMS to persons who previously received our SMS now has a reduced rate of delivery.

As a bulk SMS user if you notice that some numbers that used to receive bulk SMS service are no longer delivering, what you need to do contact all your members using the regular SMS on your phone just once.

You will have to inform them to send ALLOW to 2442 to disable the DND service.

To check if your line is being limited by DND, use the following:

Text STATUS to 2242 to confirm your status on the DND policy if you are active or not.

Once the above is done, you will get a feedback telling you if you are active on it or not. If you are,

Text "ALLOW" to 2442 to deactivate the DND policy to enable you receive SMS.

After the above is done, you will then receive a confirmation SMS that you have been "successfully deactivated" from the policy.

If unblocking does not work, then you can do it online via

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How to Verify Your Nigerian Visa Card for Online Payments The introduction of the cashless policy in more states in Nigeria means that there are more Nigerians seeking to use online channels to pay for goods and services online. One major problem that is being faced by this constantly growing number of customers is their inability to complete their payments online using the debit cards issued to them by a number of banks in Nigeria. Many of these people usually resign in frustration after multiple attempts to complete a payment on a merchant's site using their valid Visa cards. This post should serve as a guide for you to obtain the security tokens necessary for you to be able to use your Visa card to make payments online. How to verify your Visa card: Locate a nearest VISA/VPAY enabled ATM. Insert your card and punch in your PIN. Select the Change PIN option. Select the Internet PIN (iPIN) change option. Insert any four to six digits of your choice as your internet PIN (iPIN). <<< This is your password. Re-enter the digits you entered in previous step (5) above. If you followed these steps above correctly You will receive a message stating that your iPIN was changed successfully. You should now be able to make payments online using your Visa card and the new iPIN as your secure password. Also, please note that the terms iPIN, Password and VbV code all mean the same and can be used interchangeably.
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