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Finally got a chance to fire up the forge again.
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And you should definitely give it a shot. It's worth the time and money. There's possibly someone in your area who's already doing forging that you can get started with. I took a class at a welding school and they just had two portable forges and a couple of old anvils set up at the back of the room by a garage door. has a lot of ideas and tutorials (if you can get past the awesome 90's site design.)

I have a set up that I pieced together from a lot of older family members' stuff. My wife's grandfather's cousin was a blacksmith in a time and place where he had to do it to keep his farm equipment together. I got an old hand crank blower and a beat up anvil from them and a pickup load of coal from a mine south of here. The salvage yard in town has scrap iron and I have a friend who brought me a bunch of railroad spikes.

Ask questions, call around, tell people what you're doing and they'll usually be more than happy to help out! And if you have questions I'm sure +E. Bryan Rumph or I would be happy to answer them :)

E. Bryan Rumph

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*sips coffee amid flames*

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I'm done! I'm done! i'm done! I'm done!

Last exam finished! All I need to do now is wait for the grade and then the diploma.
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E. Bryan Rumph

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Alicia next. :p 

E. Bryan Rumph

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We are not going away.  We will not be beaten.

If you support transgender rights, share this image.
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And other acronyms...
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You know, I was thinking about about actually leaving combat and running away instead of just leaving the room and hiding around the corner, but I didn't think I could do that. Apparently I can. Shit.

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Eeeee. :D Speaking of, I don't think I finished watching CCS.

E. Bryan Rumph

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Well that's it! 97/100 on the final. 4.0 for the semester. 3.5 cumulative. Set to graduate Magna Cum Laude.
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Nice! You earned it!

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Had a weird idea for during D&D the other night. A Changeling Game set on Wall Street... the players are Hedge Fund Managers. 
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Werewolves of wall street?

E. Bryan Rumph

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From 1999ish. 

E. Bryan Rumph

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My new God Die.

"Do you wanna die?" - GM
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I need to start an in person game just so I can threaten the players.

E. Bryan Rumph

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Tonight in D&D the Dwarf was turned into a Treant. A Dwarf Spruce...

Quoth the Warlock: "I never trusted Treants... they're a little shady."
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I'm just going to leaf this thread alone. You guys have the material pretty well sapped by now. The only pun I can think of is acorn-y one.
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I'm not sure, but I have a very particular set of them.
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Woodbridge, VA
Mad Scientist in Training
38 year old Geek of all Trades. 

Happily Married for 16 years to a wonderful woman as geeky as I.

I am owned by two furry demons of the feline purr-suasion. 

Currently back in school working towards a degree in Biotechnology and going to do things right this time.

Circles I fit into:

Biological Sciences, General Science, Tabletop RPG Gaming, PC Gaming, DC Comics, Star Trek, Doctor Who. Well, most Geeky Circles really.
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I... exist? I think. Most of the time.
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    1991 - 1994
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Had a blowout Christmas eve, I knew noone was going to be open Christmas day, but I was happy to find Bob's open on the 26th. Fast, courteous service, excellent pricing. Sending all my local family there from now on.
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