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"Lady Gaga + Linsday Lohan = ______ Music Video Ever!"

More details on their new music video here: 
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A wonderful picture of two very beautiful ladies! Lady Gaga keep up the good work and Lindsay, Honey i have faith in ya sweetheart things are going to be fine for ya! Billy.
bubble trouble combo
I might have lost any liking of lady gaga! She can find much better than Lohan!
whoa !!!! lindsay and gaga teamin up! neva saw tht cumin! ;P
Wat if it turns awt 2 be a banger? ue guys r so judgemental
lindsay needs to do a lot of work in order for her to get her career to be what it used to be. she is just a Huge mess!
worst idea for a music video ever cause think about it lady gaga the crazy awesome fashionista and Lindsey Lohan and i cant even explain about Lindsey cause i don't know anything about her but all i know is that there's only one person in the world that's like lady gaga you know who lady gaga!
Just dont let Lindsay drive ANYTHING
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