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That guy, you know, with the maps!
That guy, you know, with the maps!

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Greetings Googlers!

I'm Dyson Logos. I mostly draw maps. I'd like to do a lot more writing and other stuff, but the reality is that my cartography takes up most of my time and is my primary income source. Google+ is my primary social media feed - where I do almost all my posting and interaction.

99.5% of my posts on social media are put out entirely public. This means if you circle me, you'll get my entire feed without me circling you back. If your comments provoke my interest, I'll look you up and add you to my "on trial" circle at some point.

90% of my posts are RPG material, with somewhat over half of those being cartographic in nature (usually my works in progress and completed works). The remaining 10% are usually jokes and things found around the web aimed at various people in the RPG community - primarily in the OSR community.

Oh, and Googly Eyes. I have a googly eye obsession, particularly when paired with RPG material.

I have strong social and personal beliefs and occasionally that bleeds into "political" statements (often involving things that I don't feel are political but are instead just common sense truths but that I've been told are actually not). 

Since most of my posts are public, please feel free to reshare anything I've posted without having to ask me first (well, as long as you are using a technology that gives me credit for the post in the first place - so resharing here or onto other social media platforms is fine - resharing by copying/pasting to your blog may require that you actually throw in a small credit or something).

Other places where you can follow me:

Dyson's Dodecahedron (blog, less in progress works, no social)

Dyson Logos on Facebook

Finally, I partake of the "Hipster Welfare" system that is Patreon. This is how I make ends meet around the house, pay my bills, rent, food, etc.

Dyson Logos on Patreon

You can also buy my digital works on OneBookShelf

And my books on Lulu

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When I started on this map last night I said to myself "A nice small set of crypts forgotten under the city streets where a church used to be... should take me a couple of hours tops".

Turns out my pens don't ever actually listen to me.

I'm thinking this is a place where a local cult still encrypts their dead to this day - the small following of the old church that was razed ages ago who managed to get back into the old crypts via the sewers.

The kind of thing that player characters are likely to investigate and expect the worst of, only to discover an old sect that quietly transport their dead in secrecy through the sewers to their hallowed resting place.

Basically an enormous red herring.

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Originally this was going to be a post of me complaining about the vagaries of summer upon my cartography - all it takes is a few hot and/or humid days in a row to completely change how my paper takes on ink, and the flow of my pens.

In this case, the flow of my 05 Micron went WAY up and the humid paper just bled like crazy. And if you look at the areas that don't have crosshatching and floor detail yet you can see the blots where the pen dallied even for a fraction of a second. But then I look at the nearly finished areas where the floor details and crosshatching are, and damn if it doesn't look good anyways and the blots are almost unnoticeable.

(d20 from DnDice's Gold Ancient Dragon set)
(coin from Fantasy Coin's Barbarian set)

ConTessa 2017 Fundraising Bundle!

I've taken the initiative (with blessings) to launch a fundraising bundle for ConTessa's summer 2017 convention season. It is a bundle of PDF products on RPGNow that publishers supporting ConTessa can add their products to and where funds collected will go to ConTessa directly.

Once the bundle is complete it will go on sale for 14 days only and then will disappear forever.

If I've talked to you about the bundle up until now but haven't given you the final bundle information, drop me a line.

If I haven't approached you for cool stuff but you'd like to include your cool stuff in the bundle, please also drop me a line!

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The coins are yours, adventurer, what I require from you is below...

At the bottom of the shaft are the tombs of the thirty slain magi. What I need is in one of those thirty tombs - the Ruby Wand of Tennrek the Swollen.

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With summer bearing down on us, let us return underground where many priests escape Tekumel’s hot season in the eleventh section of the “My Private Jakalla” megadungeon project. The goal of this long-term project is to make a large set of maps that interconnect to produce something thematically similar to the original Jakallan Underworld map that M.A.R. Barker used in his Empire of the Petal Throne games.

While this map is heavily sewer-based, it really scratches my main itch when it comes to the classic Tekumel Underworlds – a mix of temple understructures (the stuff on the centre-right), old ruins and remnants of other temple understructures (the stuff on the left), and the facts of life getting directly involved in the ruins (the sewer line opening up in the old temple ruins with a bridge over it and everything).

For a little extra flair (and detectable through the classic “spot new construction” abilities), we have a set of crypts that were sealed off from the old temple probably around the time that it was decommissioned in a previous Ditlána. (For those not familiar with Tekumel, Ditlána is the custom of ceremonial “renewing” of many cities that happens when the temples of change are ascendant in the city (usually every 500 years or so) – cellars and foundations of an old city are filled in and roofed over, upper floors are razed, and then new and more splendid edifices are built upon this foundation.

The connection map shows how I’ve finally tied in the sewer lines with this map, and how the map connects to both 1J and 1B. However, there’s another exit from this map that leads to the gap between 1B, 1A, and 1J. I put this in because the design was starting to feel a little too “open”, so I’m throwing in an extra map in that gap later this month (Map 1L).

This region of the undercity has one surface access point – the temple stairs into the central temple area. In the lowest point of that same temple structure we have a trap door in the floor, leading further down into the lower levels of the undercity.

You can download this latest part of my pseudo-Jakallan Underworld (and get links to the rest of the set) from the blog post at
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Still not an architect... still getting the hang of drawing residences and similar...

ConTessa Bundle Folks:

You have not been forgotten, I'm just putting together the backend of the system with OneBookShelf right now so I can send out instructions to everyone ASAP.

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Some of these schmucks are going to die. Smart money is on the halfling Brewer not making it far.

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Did someone say "Crossover"?


And for those who are fans of the brilliant Wonder & Wickedness by +Brendan S, this book essentially uses the same spellcasting system with a few additions (miscasting rules and rules for pushing past your limit of spells per day).

If you don't know Wonder & Wickedness but love Vaginas are Magic, then go grab a copy of Wonder & Wickedness from +Paolo Greco's Lost Pages. Brendan did a brilliant rewrite of D&D spellcasting that is obviously making waves.
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