Lately I've been failing to tell everyone about the awesome. A cornerstone of my general happiness is to talk about the awesome instead of the poop. Sure I talk about my games and stuff, but I've been failing to step up and tell YOU about the awesome stuff I've picked up or had delivered in the past while. Stuff like +John Stater's brilliant NOD Companion for Blood & Treasure (I'll talk about that later).

Recently I won a package of +Zzarchov Kowolski adventures and instead of mapping this morning, I chewed through "A Thousand Dead Babies" (that sounds raunchy).

This is an awesome level one adventure for any fantasy RPG. It reminds me a bit of his Scenic Dunnsmouth, being primarily a small town investigation adventure centred around a twisted cult, but it is smaller, more elegant, and so smoothly put together that I can't wait to run it myself. On top of being full of cool twisted stuff (including a few unique spells and magic items all without going too over the top for a level one adventure), it was put together and illustrated by +Jez Gordon so it is ridiculously good looking.

So, yeah... A Thousand Dead Babies for the win.
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