I need to write a review of +Brendan S' Wonder & Wickedness soon.

Short form:

Published by +Paolo Greco who is an obsessive master when it comes to making pretty books, this little tome is designed to replace the magic system in your D&D-style game with a level-less system (every spell is a "level 1" spell, and scales with caster level). 

It is illustrated by none other than Russ Nicholson and is super pretty in an understated, clean way.

And Brendan gets the classic D&D magic system. Instead of spamming us with a billion spells or restricting us to 5, his system manages to feel like it belongs in the B/X set of books by using a small number of spellcasting schools and giving each school 8 spells.

Oh, and for bonus shits and giggles? I don't think it would take much tweaking to make this work for D&D5e.
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