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Blogs for Self-Publishers, August 1 – 7, 2015 and Yaro Starak Book Selli...

Blogs for Self-Publishers, August 1 – 7, 2015 and Yaro Starak Book Selling Webinar, including Anne R. Allen, Nina Amir, Mike Shatzkin, Warre

The Good, the Bad, & the Bizarre (Self-Published Book Reviews)

The BEST, the WORST, and the STRANGEST of Self-Published Fiction

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Find out when P90 arrives, and enter for a chance to win it FREE. The new P90 workout is Power 90 reimagined with redesigned and cutting-edg

What is a McDojo? - Dysfunctional Parrot

I’ve seen a lot of martial arts in my time and one term that always pops up is “McDojo”. The term is almost universally used by uneducated P

REVIEW: P90X - Ten Years Later - Dysfunctional Parrot

P90X is ten years old and still going strong. Take a comical walk down memory lane to see how Tony and the cast hold up after all this time.

What Is the Hardest Kata in Shotokan Karate? |

Due to a variety of factors, such as flexibility and strength, different people may find one kata to be harder than another. Out of the 26 S

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Some time ago I wrote the article 5 Reasons Karate is Useless and since then the Jedi Academy’s of the world have united in one [...]

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Can't stop yourself from posting selfies, Facebook pictures, or dumping your dirty laundry all over cyberspace? Allow the DP to predict your

DDP Yoga ( ie. YRG ) - The COMPLETE Review - Dysfunctional Parrot

As one who understands the necessity of yoga as one gets older, it was an easy choice to decide to purchase DDP Yoga. The program is hosted

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I'm just about to try this theme on a site for a client but I noticed an issue on the preview site – the navigation menu is displaced when v

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Has the latest update fixed the never ending Street View disaster in iFit? Our man on the scene fires up the treadmill and has the swear jar

5 Reasons Bitcoin is Dumb - Dysfunctional Parrot

The DP looks into the curious of world of Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other crypto-currencies and discovers that the Emperor almost certainly has

5 Reason’s Bitcoin is Dumb

Before all you crypto-fans out there put the boots to my neck, understand that there are probably just as many if not more-so reasons that B

Mike Dolce’s UFC FIT: The Review – Part 2 of 2

Now that Part One is behind us it is safe to say I'm at least half the way ready to ask for a championship match with whoever the reigning g

Mike Dolce’s UFC FIT: The Review – Part 1 of 2

Seems to be all the rage these days with people trying to train like MMA fighters in the comfort of their own living room. Which brings us t

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In this article I'll go step-by-step and show you how you can lock down and password protect your WordPress website from invalid login attem

P90X3 – The Complete Review: Part 3 of 3

This is it! The final segment of the world's most popular no nonsense P90X3 review! Thus far we've covered a ton of workouts plus the Nutrit

P90X3 – The Complete Review: Part 2 of 3

The review of P90X3 Block One was for the most part extremely positive of the new program. But wow, are there ever a lot of workouts in this

ShawzBear – A New Day!

Well hello again, friends! It is your old pal and guest writer ShawBear! It's been awhile...but like the VD (do the kids still call it that?


After the gruelling training I endured in Part 1, I return to once again feed the masses with the final instalment of the Tapout XT2 review

The American legend lives on!
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