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5 Points For Non-Technical Google Friendly SEO Strategy

You know how Google Friendly Seo Strategy is crucial to any website and blog nowadays. You know that if you don’t optimise it for search engines, your traffic won’t be as good as you wish.

But if you aren’t a technical person, you might be concerned that you will never see your posts on the first page of Google Search. That you have no clue about coding, and that it is essential to ensure a higher ranking.

Good news is that it is only partially right. Yes, there are many technical things that you can do so to achieve better results. But Google has been moving closer and closer to a place where these things won’t be as significant as they were.

The search engine wants to avoid people trying to game the system and using black hat techniques to boost traffic. It means that non-technical Google Friendly Seo Strategy already are and will be even more essential to decide who appears first on Google Search.

Having said that, let’s check some of the best non-technical Google Friendly Seo Strategy that you should start using right now.

# 1 – Focus on your audience

The first thing that you will need to get right is what you know about your audience. So if you haven’t done much research, it is high time for you to do it.

You will want to find out who is your target audience, which time they are online, and what they are looking for on the web. It is also important that you find out if they will be coming across your content through a desktop or a mobile device, what their age group is, and if they prefer visual or written content.

You might think that it has nothing to do with SEO, but here is where many people get it wrong. A successful Google Friendly Seo Strategy depends on delivering the right content to the right audience. So if you don’t understand well who they are, nothing else will work.

# 2 – Create high-quality content

Another factor that will influence your ranking is how long your visitors stay on your blog or website. If they just click on the Google Search’s result, spend 3 seconds on your page, and get back to Google Search, you will look bad on the search engine’s book.

And it is because it will think that you are delivering something different from what you promised, or because your content is poor. So as you hopefully are not committing the first crime, make sure that you fall into the second one by mistake.

If you want that person actually read or watch your content, you will need to give them a reason for it and provide the ideal environment. It means that you will make the sure that your content is aligned with their needs and that it is easy to read and scan, visually friendly, and useful.

# 3 – Add the right keywords for Google Friendly SEO Strategy

Your keywords are still vital to your Google Friendly Seo Strategy. It is through them that Google algorithm understands what your content is about and if you got the best answer to the enquiry that they have.

So make sure that you select and add the right keywords to your website or blog. They should be the words used by your target audience to search for your topic, product, or service, and nothing else.

Also feel free to add synonyms and related words. It will help you to avoid stuffing too many keywords and making your text sound unnatural. And remember that they should also be in your anchor text and alt text of your images.

# 4 – Write a killer headline

Your headline is your business card. It is the first thing that your audience will see, so make sure that it will be the best one you can come up.

There are many techniques to help you to achieve, and you can have a look at the best sites for writing services if you need any support. Your headline should be catchy, engaging, but also enticing, so you will encourage people to click on it. It should also have the most valuable keyword on it.

# 5 – Create a perfect SERP

A perfect SERP is something that you should build as a top priority. It means that you should craft a title tag and a meta description that will add value to your content.

You will want that your audience understands that your post or page has the best answer when they see it on Google Search. And you won’t achieve it if you leave the robot behind the engine “create” it for you.

So make sure that you take your time preparing your title tag and meta-description, and not only to your website but to each page or post. Add the right keywords and stick to the limit number of characters, so you can rest assured that it will go as you want it.

The bottom line

As you can see, SEO is mostly about delivering great content, tailored to your audience, and marked in a way that the search engines can find and understand it correctly.

And these are things that you can do without any technical knowledge.

So get back to work and check what needs to be improved on your website or blog. You can be sure that you will see the improved results on your analytics very soon.
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The Best 5 Ways to Build Your Brand on Social Media

According to recent researches, social media became a huge part of most agencies’ and companies’ SEO strategy. According to E-consultancy, more than 70% of surveyed companies consider social media marketing to be an important part of the strategy and prefer it to mobile, email and digital display marketing. This was a predictable behavior after encouraging SEO analytics and marketers that social links were valuable at overall ranking for Bing and Google.

What people are looking for? Isn’t it the big question? With the popularity of social media, most people prefer social media links to official websites when looking for certain information online. A website plays a role of visit card for most agencies and companies, but social network keeps you up-to-date and figures out company’s personality.

1. Quality is always better than quantity

There are still plenty of various arguments around likes, retweets, and reposts, the number of subscribers, etc. Most experts consider these means to be useless for ranking but they do agree with the idea of the indirect influence of mentioned means. Google Webmasters published video explaining that they consider the reputation of Facebook and Twitter accounts for ranking. It means that the availability and relevance of information are important as well as a number of real people instead of bots among subscribers and reposters.

The quality of the content itself is also essential. According to latest SEO trends, attractive content with real value to the audience is more appreciated then content full of chaotic keywords for the search engine. A good advice is to hire a professional writer from essay writing website who will take care of your audience oriented content.

2. #identity

Use unique hashtags. Today they are everywhere – on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + and all over across the digital social world. Every SEO analytics realize the importance of hashtags as meta tags, and every social network marketer faces its importance for brand identity and promotion online. Many companies have their own strategies on hashtaging like #HaveaBreak for Kit Kat, #BeaHero for GoPro, #PutACanOnIt for Red Bull. What’s interesting about it? Yes, there is no brand name inside.

You can create hashtags starting with your brand name and some other word like #SamsungTips. Note that this won’t work for fresh companies which need social promotion. It is better to create a hashtag campaign recognizing your brand. If the campaign is good you’ll soon recognize other people using this promotional hashtag to promote their daytime, activities, findings, achievements, food o drinks, creativity or anything else.

3. Social media is a search engine as well

When considering promotion campaign of your new brand think of the nature of social networks. People come here to communicate, share thoughts and ideas, they look for contacts or information. There is some live information like feedbacks, advice, contact information, non-official photographs and other which can be found only in social networks. This is another reason to create valuable content for potential clients of your brand. Recognize and give people what they are looking for inside Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

4. Hire a community manager

Promoting new brand is a job of marketers, but answering questions and fulfilling any requests asked on your profiles is a job of community manager. No matter how young your brand is, it is important to answer with the shortest period of time. Why is it so important and how it deals with SEO? It keeps customers satisfied and profiles alive. It is not a secret that active accounts are ranked better than passive, so professional community manager is an important part of every promotion strategy.

5. Paid campaigns

When starting to build your brand identity online the best decision is to start with paid campaigns. This will grant profiles with appropriate relevancy which is the first step in building a brand in social networks. Paid campaigns allow gaining subscribers, their reposts and shares which are valuable for future identity. Once the level is reached profiles can exist without paid promotion.
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7 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism and Make a Google-Friendly Website

As you might know, Google Search doesn’t like duplicate content. Even though it will not get you banished, it will harm your ranking in a way that you can’t predict. Plus, your target audience is looking for fresh and original content, not something they have found before. So doing it won’t help you in anyway.

But, there are many types of plagiarism, and you might commit it without noticing it. Especially if you are pressured by the time, you might make unconscious mistakes such as “writing blind” – when you quote someone’s words as if they were yours unintentionally.

So to avoid it, you should try these seven ways to avoid plagiarism. They will make your website more Google-friendly and boost your SEO results.

1 – Do research one day, write another day

Sometimes, it is hard not to copy what you just read. It looks great as it is, so your brain will automatically consider the easy way out as the best one, and you won’t even notice that you are repeating someone else’s words.

So best thing here is to do research in one day and leave to write your content a few days later. It will give you time to process what you’ve learned and to come up with your own original ideas, which will lead to brand new content.

2 – When you finish it, re-write it

After you get to write your content, then you should re-write it. Yes, it sounds like extra work, but it will pay off. Just consider it as part of your editing process so that you won’t feel as bad. But the point here is that re-organising your ideas and perfecting your sentences will help you to make them even more unique.

You will be able, for example, to check a thesaurus and look for better words to say what you meant. You can add some idiomatic expressions or interesting collocations as well. In any case, it will be a reliable way to get your content to look not only more original but also more engaging.

3 – Go back to your phone and books

Once upon a time, we didn’t have the Internet. And we would do just fine without it. So you can always time-travel, go back to your phone and books, and still find reliable and original ideas to your website’s content.

The trick here is that it will force you to write things down and then re-write them into your CMS system. Especially if it is a long text, you will think is much easier to write it with own words and ideas then type everything again. And by doing it, you are less likely to plagiarise anything unintentionally.

4 – Find primary sources

Using primary sources, such as research papers, case studies, and thesis,as a starting point to create new content will help you to have a much broader understanding of what you are writing. Interviews are also a great source of fresh ideas, and they will provide you with unexpected points of view.
So you should make the most of the primary sources as often as you can. Even if you think that they are too dense to your audience, they will be happy to get something well-researched in a format easier to consume.

5 – Use plagiarism-check tools

Still, you want to be on the safe side here. And to achieve it, you should use plagiarism-check tools to verify if something passed without being noticed. Thankfully, there are many reliable tools available, some of them ready to stop those that spend hours tricking Turn it in, one of the universities’ and Google’s favourites in this field.

But if you are looking exactly for the opposite, you can try some of the online tools available, such as Grammarly, Copyscape, or Unplag. They are all paid services, butthey worth every cent of it, especially because plagiarism-check is just one of the features of most of them.

6 – Write your quotes down (immediately)

Another tip to avoid plagiarism is to keep an inventory of everything that you want to use on your website as soon as you come across it. You can create a spreadsheet, for example, and save there every single piece of content that you found valuable along with their author and link to the source.
This way, in the future, when you want to use it, it won’t be a vague idea in your mind. You will know for sure that is someone’s else idea and will be able to quote it accordingly.

7 – Create an outline

Last but not least, there is something that you should do before anything else. After doing your research, you should step back and create an outline of your content. And this is because it will not only save you time but also give you a chance to organise your ideas in your mind.

While you do it, you will automatically activate your critical thinking skills in your brain and come up with your own point of view in the end. And as a consequence, it will help you to discover original ideas and to prevent plagiarism.

The bottom line

Avoiding plagiarism has a lot to do with giving yourself time enough to analyse what you are going to write and to perfect it. It is usually when you are in an automatic mode that you end up copying someone’s words so you should ensure that it won’t happen.

So follow the tips above to prevent plagiarism from damaging your website’s results. As you notice, they are very simple to put into practice. Your SEO strategy will thank you for it.
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Dynamic Host Founded in 2009 as proprietor Firm. The Firm was founded by Entrepreneurs who had Extensive Experience in Information Technology.

Services of Dynamic Host –

Well, the main and best park about Dynamic Host is the “Service” and we believe too in client satisfaction. So we are providing best Bulk SMS Services in all over India including all states.

Bulk SMS Services in India
Transactional SMS Services
Promotional SMS
Bulk Voice SMS
Dedicated Virtual Number
Bulk SMS in Outbound IVR
Bulk SMS in Incoming IVR
Long Code
Short Code
Miss Call Alert
SMS Reminder
SMS Alerts

1. Bulk SMS

Send bulk SMS at the most reasonable rates with the fastest messaging service at Dynamic Host. The easy bulk SMS solutions help you send messages to multiple users with the extremely user-friendly interface. The exclusive bulk SMS provider services allow you to send business Sms to improve your business quickly and without any hassles.

Send bulk SMS in India with the promise of the instant delivery and cheapest pricing. Visit and select from the range of pricing plans to pay only for what suits your particular requirement. The bulk SMS service is easily accessible on all devices including laptop, desktop, and the internet enabled mobile phone

2. Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are those SMS where in overall text format of SMS remains same except the variable information passed in. In India SMS traffic is divided into majorly two categories, Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS.

Transactional SMS are in general intended to pass on necessary information to all those who are part of the transaction or known people/group.

SMS from Banks, Airlines, Ticket Booking, Insurance SMS, SMS from Hospitals or Health Organizations, Alert Messages, SMS from Educational Institutes to parents / guardians, e-commerce SMS, Stock SMS related to Buy/Sell transactions, Information to employees via SMS, Updates to customers, Participation Confirmation by Event Organizations, SMS integration with Inquiry form on Websites.

You get six character Sender ID, so as you can send SMS by your company/product brand. Transactional SMS are delivered to all those even registered in DND (Do Not Disturb) & can be sent 24/7.

3. Promotional SMS

Bulk SMS which is used for marketing is called Promotional SMS. Promotional bulk sms is one of the cheapest marketing solution. You can spred your band, product or any offer within a second in a single click. You can send your clients new offers, new products or any events right away.

SMS Marketing used for Brand Promotion, Offers, Product Marketing, General Awareness, Event Publicity, Wishes like Happy Birthday, Happy Raksha Bandhan, Sales Follow-up. Dynamic Host is providing Promotional Bulk SMS for SMS Marketing to Small businesses in India.

Plans –

For the plans you may visit our site to check all plans where we offers reasonable price while Bulk SMS Services.

Conclusion -

Any business, no matter their size, can make SMS gateway work for them. From driving traffic to their stores, increasing attendance at events, improving online sales and coupon redemption and expanding their customer base, SMS can improve your profits and your business.

For more Information on Bulk SMS, you can visit SMS Gateway provider in India or write a mail to or call at 9999 15 1984.
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Why dedicated CRM Software is worth investing ?

It positively engaged with more customers and stay competitive in this stiff market competition.

Reason for you to invest in a dedicated CRM software & its key advantages are below:-

Data Security

Usage CRM system, it allows you to keep confidential customer data and critical business insights in a centralized system rather than unlinked computers. It means that you can keep the entire data safe and provide required access to the authorized person only.

Boost Sales

One of the most obvious reasons businesses invest in a CRM software is because it gives you the privilege to pursue quality leads instead of wasting time on prospects. It reduces sales cycle and enhances the win rates. To add more, it also provides you the opportunity to check customer history to upsell opportunities or repeat customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Using the best CRM software can help you enhance customer experience, as it provides you to provide a streamlined experience from beginning to end. It gives you access to data that will enable you to recommend relevant products or services based on their profile. In other words, you can also say that it reduces the hassles and allows customers to enjoy better service.


It doesn’t matter which size of business you own, you need to track and analyze customer behavior in order to achieve desired outcomes. Using a CRM tool, you can use analytics to know buying habits of your customers and alter your approaches accordingly.

Conclusion - Now when you know about the main advantages of a CRM software, you should invest in a dependable system without any further details.
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