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DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal
Dynamic Buna - Buna Dahal offers program development to help with noble living leadership skills & the art of possibility. Call Buna today!
Dynamic Buna - Buna Dahal offers program development to help with noble living leadership skills & the art of possibility. Call Buna today!

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Are you looking for a public speaker for an upcoming special event? DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal is one of the countries top motivational speakers, focusing on helping others realize their full potential and driving inspiration for others. Buna Dahal is available as a keynote speaker and consultant, delivering innovation and empowerment for business leadership. Buna has been widely acclaimed as one of the best motivational speakers, and she's ready to share her message with others near you! Visit to find out more about DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal! 

DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal helps others achieve vision, noble living & realize the art of possibility. With everything from personalized program development with the assistance and guidance of Buna Dahal to DVDs & Leadership Training programs offering an innovative and empowering approach to leadership and public speaking. DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal is a nonprofit based out of Vancouver, Washington providing national & international public speaking and motivational speaking services throughout the world. Learn more online at!

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As the newly appointed ambassador to the West Asia Region of the International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment, Buna Dahal works as a beacon of inspiration, helping others realize the art of possibility. By incorporating rigorous follow-up, reporting, and analytics into her training products, DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal has instilled methods for consistent execution in organizations around the world. Visit to learn more, or call to have Buna speak at your next public event or community outreach program!

Happy New Year from DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal! Start the year off right with DynamicBuna's leadership training and personal development programs, focusing on developing leadership skills and other areas of personal growth. Visit to learn more, or call to speak with Buna Dahal today!

As a professional speaker and expert in personal leadership and growth, Buna Dahal has helped countless others find solutions to their life's difficulties, by offering others a new perspective on the unique struggles life presents. Buna has been helping others realize the art of possibility for over 9 years, and as a Blind Motivational Speaker Buna is able to share her personal journey with others as a source of inspiration. A single hour with Buna will immerse your audience and help with developing leadership skills and growing through community outreach. Learn more by visiting DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal online at 

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Learn the Art of Possibility and Noble Living Leadership Skills with Dynamic Buna and Buna Dahal. Buna is a blind motivational speaker who promotes vision leadership combining personal leadership through community outreach. Visionary philanthropist, noble leader, Buna Dahal has led numerous multimillion dollar humanitarian programs globally. She has mastered the art of community philanthropy for social responsibility. Through her leadership training, motivational speaking, and program development, Buna has instilled methods for consistent execution in organizations around the world. To learn more about Dynamic Buna and Buna Dahal please visit #motivation #empowerment #innovation #motivational #motivationalspeaker #outreach #philanthropy #humanitarian #nonprofit #fundraising #publicspeaking #leadershipdevelopment #theartofpossibility #b2b #development #calltoday

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As a blind motivational speaker, Dynamic Buna - Buna Dahal has made it her mission to promote and grow personal leadership and local leadership program development. Buna Dahal is no stranger to community outreach and promoting vision leadership. Buna coordinated efforts with the U.S. Congress during the April 2015 earthquakes in Nepal to help those in need find safety and comfort. Buna has a 100% success rate in her fundraising efforts, having worked with multimillion dollar humanitarian programs and nonprofits globally. If you're interested in developing leadership skills or for the best ways to grow yourself and your community, let Dynamic Buna - Buna Dahal work with you! #motivation   #empowerment   #innovation   #motivational   #motivationalspeaker   #outreach   #philanthropy   #humanitarian   #nonprofit   #fundraising   #publicspeaking   #leadershipdevelopment   #theartofpossibility   #b2b   #development   #calltoday  

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To professional speaker and humanitarian, DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal, nothing is more important then helping her community grow as human beings. That is why Buna Dahal is so passionate when it comes to community outreach and philanthropy. Based in Vancouver, WA. and travelling throughout the country, DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal has been inspiring others in their personal leadership journey through her variety of leadership programs. When you are looking to book motivational speakers at your next fundraising event, be sure to call DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal. #professionalspeaker #humanitarian #communityoutreach #philanthropy #personalleadership #leadershipprograms #motivationalspeakers #fundraising

Buna Dahal has toured the country as a philanthropist and humanitarian, offering public speaking and community outreach programs focused on developing leadership skills. DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal works with local nonprofit organizations, assisting with program developments and fundraising events. Buna has worked as a blind motivational speaker since 2007, and she is excited to work with you to help unlock the art of possibility in your life. Call DynamicBuna - Buna Dahal or visit to find out more about our available programs.

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Dynamic Buna-Buna Dahal focuses as a professional speaker on vision leadership, the art of possibility, and noble living leadership skills. Not only is Buna proud to announce the very first World Blind Union and International Council on Eductaion for the Visually Impaired conference to take place in America, but she has been appointed as the ambassador to the West Asia Region of the International Council on Education for the Visually Impaired. Dynamic Buna-Buna Dahal is always speaking throughout the United States and over 25 countries in the West Asia Region. Learn where Buna will be speaking next and how you can get involved at today!
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