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I thought I wasn't a liar but I've to confess I've been lying to you all this time, hoping; You won't find out; but the biggest lie I've ever told is saying; I love you; the truth is: Oh, honey; this is more than love ! So, I hope and pray; that one day, Go...
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Take Me There
" After kissing all the frogs and none of them turned into a handsome prince, she kissed you and she instantly became a queen.  So, congratulations to you for being such a loving husband, "said Eric. "And kudos to all amazing men out there." "Oh, that's new...
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Dyman Khonneth Yahaya (D in The Darling)

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I don't know what's wrong with me. Sometimes I feel like just sharing something sketchy but that makes me feel so bad that I end up putting back all the parts I tried to withhold. Somebody tell me; Is this normal?
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A Present; Sent From Above
In life, you can never be truly happy till you find the one who's meant for you. That person who will make you say all those nasty things you can't normally say yet say them with the innocence of a child. In other words, there's no joy and happiness till yo...
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Happy New Year
My dear friends, 2015 is gone with its miseries. Today is a brand new day in brand new year . Let's all put our miseries behind and celebrate together. May this joy we share take us through whatever life might throw at us. May we not be the ones hailing ins...
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The Reason; Why Most Of Us Are Still Struggling In Life
Take a picture baby! Can you show us the reason why after all these years most of us are still struggling in life? As fools, the reason why we ain't progressing has got nothing to do with our lack of tools. We've got everything we need to make it. The sadde...
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I thought I wasn't a liar but I've to confess I've been lying to you all this time, hoping; You won't find out; but the biggest lie I've ever told is saying; I love you; the truth is: Oh, honey; this is more than love ! So, I hope and pray; that one day, Go...
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If you're in love, ended up with a broken heart and you're still hurting, chances are you didn't do this:  
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From The Ruins Of Two Broken Hearts
Yes, this is right from the ruins of two broken hearts. Is it possible? Well, if you're faithful and all you need is love, this is the best way to get back at your cheating partner:  After 5 years of a
very happy marriage, Dan borrows his wife's phone . Upo...
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Dyman Khonneth Yahaya (D in The Darling)

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That's something I'd try for sure.  And before I go,
Happy New Year. May this be the year you've always wished and prayed for,
a year in which in which most of your remaining big dreams finally come true.
As bloggers, we all know how important it is to post frequently in order to encourage readers to come back. Of course, the more you post, the more quickly your posts slip down into the archives, making it harder for your read...
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Christmas Message From A Silent Muslim From Afar
Though I'm not a Christmas fan, for the spirit we share in putting selfishness and greedy aside to show a little caring by sharing the little those who celebrate Christmas got, gives me hope that one day,we'll put our differences aside and respect each othe...
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1 Thing: That Can Make Your Love Last Forever (Part Three)
Is it only a man who understands that love is like a plant, for it to grow, it needs to be watered everyday? If a woman should know better, can she really blame her man for trying to make love everyday? Is there a better or a more exciting natural way of wa...
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One of the world's very best love song writers alive
Degree in Psychology & Philosophy. As a lover, I'm sincere. As a Philosopher, I tell the truth. As a Psychologist, I speak my mind. As a man, I accept my weaknesses; I'm not holy at all. I'm damn wicked at what I do!

As a songwriter, you'll witness the rare talent that God has given to very few people on earth. Honed song writing skills with Nashville Songwriters Association International,to mention just one of the notable ones. Call me that other Sheila Davis (student, who graduated with a distinction in absentia!) 

When I write a song, I put my heart and soul into it because I'm aware of the fact that whatever I write is a true story to somebody out there. If you read my lyrics or listened to my songs, you'd think somebody told me everything about you and your love life. The thing is, I write songs based on real life experiences which everybody can relate to and these are songs people wanna hear.

When you got what it takes to be a legend, why wait till you die to become one when you can just get in touch with a legend and do an epic song? That's what I'm trying to do with you, the living legend. Only fools cry of lack of tools. If you're a smart composer, what else do you need in order for you to find a smart songwriter when this site has given you one and you're reading about him right now? Believe me, I'm something else. 

With this talent I got, I'm so hungry for success. If you got so much, don't throw it away;bring it to me. If you're a great composer, I've great lyrics for you. I don't wanna brag but I'm a polished lyricist that'd be an astute addition to any music team.All those things most songwriters struggle with, I do them naturally like breathing.
You don't have to be a great thinker to write a great love song of course, but when a guy who isn't just a happily married man, but both a Psychologist and Philosopher writes one; you can rest assured that it is a very touching one. And that's what makes him such an outstanding songwriter. 

And the reason why he writes love songs? Well, he understands that in life, in one way or the other; everybody falls in love. Why? Because "life's like a love song, it gets sweeter when you're in love!"
Bragging rights
Not every songwriter has got a degree in Psychology and Philosophy. So, I write well thought about songs to massage your feelings and take you through any situation and put a smile back on your face.
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