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Hey guys been checking out the rom, and im considering switching is there a list of features anywhere i can check out . Thanks

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Hipsta Walls v15 😍✌
Stay Tuned With Osum Walls 😋

Whole Zip is Uploaded Here -
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feature request: is it possible to have the proximity speaker feature from nitrogen os and pixel nav bar animation as well

just flashed this rom today, boy is it chuck full of features. one thing tho is there any way to get rid of the bloated apps like email, and the slimperience browser ?

Can we have to ability to change the night mode color? The current gray is a somewhat bland.

I would like to try the rom but I'm seeking some features I didn't see listed.

Unlink Ringtones and notifications
Google assistant
Substratum full oms support
Volume music controls

Can someone tell me if these features are included? Thanks

Great app but can you add the ability to create a tile toggle Bluetooth hotspot? Please and thanks 

There is a sound when I swipe up to open my app drawer, is this a feature of the launcher, how do I turn it off?

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