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Dylan Walker (SkeptimusPrime)
Lives in Oakland, CA
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Atheist, nerd with a fascination with science, history, philosophy, and religion.  Generally viewed as a jackass by religious zealots.
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Oakland, CA
Phoenix AZ - Phoenix - Houston, TX - West haven, CT - Nacogdoches, TX - Little rock, AR - Fort Smith, AR - Conway, AR - Niiza, Japan - Calcutta, India


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"I'm far more interested in whether or not my beliefs are rational and/or scientifically sound." Beautifully composed, Dylan.
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When playing a role playing game the bard is the most important asset to the team xD 
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Dylan Walker (SkeptimusPrime)

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This question is only meaningful if you take the position of vitalism. Since I don't accept the basic premises of vitalism the question is nonsense.

Dylan Walker (SkeptimusPrime)

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I'm a former fundamentalist believer turned atheist who has studied quite a bit of philosophy and theology. I run a blog ( and...

I'd be happy to debate you on the topic of the Euthyphro Dilemma in particular since I think you make some critical missteps in dealing with the dilemma. Other topics too if you like. 
Today, I learned that the Smithsonian was planning an exhibit on atheism in America.  Unfortunately, I learned this from an article announcing its cancellation.  When some Christians learned about it, they launched a campaign...
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Have eaten there once, tried to eat there a second time. First time there me and my fiance tried to get carry out. They didn't seem to understand her request for a gluten free crust even though it's on the menu. While we were there they told another patron they were out of Peperoni of all things. We waited over half an hour and then asked about our order only to find out they had forgotten about it and hadn't started making it yet. Would have gone somewhere else but it was late. On top of that, when we got it the food was sub-par even for a chain pizza place. Tried to order from them online tonight only to have them call 30 seconds after we placed the order to tell us they were out of gluten free crust. Canceled order. Place seems to be run by incompetent management who cannot keep common ingredients stocked and the employees seem incapable of finishing tasks or even listening when being spoke to.
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