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Dylan Koenig
Honest, Tech oriented, Fun loving!
Honest, Tech oriented, Fun loving!

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#playnewstand  is a really amazing app.. Thanks google for bringing all the other apps i used to view my tech news into one well built one. YOU GUYS ROCK #googlepower  

We need more details on the nexus 10, and nexus watch. I have a feeling they are coming soon. There is enough stirring about the nexus 10 refresh that something has to have been said to developers about a potential shift in resolution with the 10inch platform to make these rumors exist. 

As for the watch, i am just hoping this thing happens ASAP. I will buy quite a few of them for "gifts". Hurry up google and get this to the masses!!! #nexuswatch2013   #nexus102013  

Can somebody tell me when +T-Mobile will have 3G data in places like Maine? I want to #uncarrier ASAP. Please hurry up so everyone up here can support a company with good intentions. +T-Mobile. Showing everyone how #rethinkpossible should be dobe
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