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Dylan Jones
Founder of Data Quality and Data Migration - the largest expert community resources of their kind.
Founder of Data Quality and Data Migration - the largest expert community resources of their kind.

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Data Profiling vs Data Quality Assessment: A lot of people confuse Data Profiling with Data Quality Assessment, this is a big misnomer and can limit your data quality efforts, I explain why:

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Data Quality and Change Management: Practical ideas for improvement

Change kills data quality projects, it's a simple, yet overlooked truth.

In this article I wanted to outline some of the main causes for change failure and offer some immediate tactics you can apply for turning a project around.

Feel free to post your suggestions, the list is growing :-)

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Data Quality and Change Management: The perfect combination

In this article I look at one of the most frustrating reasons why so many data quality projects fail - lack of change management.

I've listed some practical strategies for overcoming each cause of failure.

People have been adding their own experiences to the list and comments so please join in, consider it a purging of the past ;-)

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Getting Started in the Data Quality Profession (Webinar) 25th July 9pm BST, 4pm EDT, 1pm PDT

In this 60 minute webinar I'll be presenting a range of tactics for helping new entrants to the data quality profession get started and get ahead. 

Topics will include:

* The different routes into the profession
* What employers are looking for
* The certification and training options
* Secret tips and tactics as used by industry veterans
* Where to find free information and even free software
* A breakdown of individual skills and how to develop them

Hopefully see you on the session.

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Latest Data Quality Pro Spotlight features Data Quality, MDM and Data Governance insights from leading bloggers: 

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How to Create a Data Quality Policy: This is one of those perennial favourites on Data Quality Pro and a great example for any vendors or bloggers looking to get started with their blog.

The content which always ranks most highly on Data Quality Pro is that which solves a problem or provides practical resources.

I've read a lot of vendor blogs in particular recently that merely post opinion pieces on data quality, data governance and MDM. That's great but don't forget that people need tactics and resources. Think about what practical skills you can impart to your audience and you'll see a sharp difference in the traffic and engagement on your blog.

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New spotlight feature on Data Quality Pro shines a light on the best of the Data Quality, MDM or Data Governance blog posts every week.

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The link between bad business rules and bad data quality is fairly obvious, fortunately Graham Witt has the cure, check out the following interview and his latest book

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When MP's begin to start talking about data quality you know a project is headed for trouble, shame it's a £1,000,000,000 system migration at our expense.
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