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d-Wise, Inc.
Data and Process optimization services for Life Sciences and Healthcare.
Data and Process optimization services for Life Sciences and Healthcare.

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We have a deep understanding of SAS software products and their use within the life sciences industry, but also remain technology agnostic when it comes to helping our clients solve their business challenges.
Improve the efficiency of your clinical systems solution, talk to a well-versed SAS software expert.

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Life Sciences News - Major research funders and international NGOs to implement WHO standards on reporting clinical trial results

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How to Deploy a Secure Compliant Cloud Webinar

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Expansive knowledge of SAS Drug Development functionality and an understanding of how to apply it. In-depth knowledge of the SAS Drug Development API and experience writing customized extensions and integrations.
We offer a wide range of implementation services to help your organization fully utilize its investment in SAS Drug Development.

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The SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit shows promise for delivering a robust SAS based framework for managing standard metadata. It includes the ability to manage a global standard, (i.e. SDTM, ADaM, ODM,) as well as individual studies. The current release provides the capability to run the standard SDTM and ADaM checks as well as create the define.xml.
Talk to an expert today.

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The cost of converting proprietary data to standard format and integrating different data formats can require significant time and expense.
With standards in place, internal efficiencies related to acquisition, aggregation, analysis, and report preparation can be realized, and more critically, there is no need to convert data prior to submission to regulatory authorities.

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There is a lot at stake in the pre-approval drug pipeline, and we recognize this.
Implementing key clinical systems and adapting business processes helps our clients rapidly harness and leverage their data to gain competitive advantage and reduce time-to-market.
View our custom-tailored clinical system solutions here.

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d-Wise is a consulting and technology leader that solves the data, analytical and process challenges facing the life sciences and healthcare industries. The work we do for our clients is highly specialized – we’re looking for similarly specialized individuals to join our team.

Applicants who score 80% or better will receive a $25 Amazon gift card in exchange for their resume.

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How can Blur’s de-identification software improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs?
Our solution is an industry-leading de-identification tool for clinical trialsbuilt by clinical trial experts.
Download our free Blur info packet and learn how you can fully leverage the value of your data, while safeguarding patient privacy.

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d-Wise offers training on SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit Implementation & Training, SAS Drug Development Implementation & Training, SAS Clinical Data Integration Implementation & Training, and entimICE.
Our training courses are designed by industry professionals and subject-matter experts with clinical and healthcare domain expertise, as well as extensive systems, integration and consulting knowledge and experience.

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