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I used to be irritated with pokey Prius drivers. Then my wife bought one. Now, I AM a pokey Prius driver, and here's why.
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This is EXACTLY what happened to me when I bought a hybrid Camry 5 years ago.  Except that, when in local traffic, I try to go the speed limit.  So if the limit is 25 MPH, that's what I'll be doing.  Not less.  But it still drives the old me crazy.
Does buying a used Prius make financial sense? I'm worried about maintaining a 10 year old hybrid compared to a regular car. I'm trying to avoid buying another $30k car. I don't really NEED a $1000 sunroof that bad.
As long as you stay well away from the left lane, you can be as pokey as you like.
... or go for the left line and I'll show you my hybrid M1A1 :D
Poke away! I'd love to try switching to a hybrid, but I'm currently in a paid-for Camry that hasn't crossed 100000 miles yet so I'm pretty sure  I'll be in 18/22 land for many more years.

By the way - when we gas guzzlers try to criticize your battery maintenance, we may have some merit, but we're really just jealous.  
Bryan H
Welcome to the club, Dwight!

110,000 miles, 10 years old, ~ 37 mpg. Still going strong!
A refreshing article. Thanks for this. I really enjoyed reading and think you are 100% right about that.
used to be turn in good 0 to 60 #s, now its a MPG race, welcome 2 it !
Bryan H
+Rob Fruth Also it is a lower emissions race, which is why when comparing hybrid/electric cars to motorcycles, the cars win.
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