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1. Amazing how the difference between $299 and $329 seems to be so much to some people.

2. The iPad 2 was released in March 2011. Its scary to see how far in technology we have come in just 19 months. 
Honestly, for $250, I'd get it. For $329, I'd get a refurbished iPad 2. Makes more sense to me.
I think the real aim was captured in the +Gizmodo live blog when they said that Apple was forcing all other tablet manufacturers to compete for the LOW end of the market. Whether or not it sells, and with the APPS ecosystem of course it will, hardly matters.
They are too expensive and do not have the retina display. I bought my iPad 3 at Microcenter in Houston for $379. They allow people who buy a new ipad 15 days to return their iPad for a full refund. They are basically brand new. The one I bought had no scratches on the glass or scuffs on the aluminum backing.
I'm going to pass on the mini. It is too expensive for what it is. The Kindle is ok, but definitely on the low end. I'll prob pick up a Nexus 7 ~Dec.
Bryan H
Sorry, I love the big screen of my maxiPad (see what I did?) to give it up for a pipsqueak.
Not until I can get my hands on it for a field test . 
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