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When folks ask me about giving a smartphone as a gift, I usually have one-word advice: Don't. 

But if you must, here's what you need to think about.
When people ask me about buying a smartphone as a gift for someone they care about, I suggest that it's not the simplest of presents. "It's kind of like giving someone a puppy," I say. "It's cool w...
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I partially agree. Do not give someone a smartphone as a gift. You will end up supporting it and possibly defending your choice.
I think it is OK to give your children a smartphone as a gift especially if you are paying for the family plan and the insurance. You will probably have to support it anyway so you might as well get one with an OS that you are familiar with.
It's very much like buying a puppy for your children. You are going to end up feeding it, cleaning up after it and taking it for the majority of walks. :) So get the kind of dog you want.
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The rule should be don't gift a smartphone unless you are the one who will be paying the bill.

Wifi-only Tablets are another story, I guess getting an iPad when you are already invested in the Android ecosystem would be similar to getting a shirt that doesn't fit your style.  I would call it a first-world problem.
Totally agree on your main insight. I always say that giving a Smartphone as a present is like giving a sunglass for a birthday. Both items are extremely personal. Not all sunglasses fit good to all faces shapes as not all smartphones match everyone needs.
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