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Since late July, I've been agonizing about whether to switch from an iPhone to an Android device, probably a Galaxy S III. On Wednesday, I made up my mind. Agony over.
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interesting. My wife is 4'11" with tiny hands and the S III is no problem for her.

However, I agree with you on the size. That is why I like the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus is thinner than the One X or S III, and taller. Also, the new EVO is similar in that it is not wide but tall.
+Dwight Silverman That is a very fair decision, not based on fanboy loyalty.  If you can handle the OS (I just can't!), then the industrial design is, indeed, very cool.  My only concern is that the phone just barely caught up in specs and is now "stuck" there for at least a year, maybe two.  In the meantime, Android will keep iterating and growing.  In a weird way, it is almost like last year's technology and it is not even out yet! 
+Vance McAlister I'm more interested in the overall experience, and don't care much about "specs". As we've seen in the PC space, they don't mean all that much after a certain point. The overall experience of the iPhone is preferable to be, whatever the numbers are.
+Dwight Silverman  That is very true, and it is why I am very comfortable with the Nexus even though other phones are getting better specs all the time.  It just does seem a general concern when there is likely to be no progression for a very long time.  Point taken, however.  On the usability side, it is actually the experience is why I can't handle iOS anymore.  For some reason, after using Android, iOS (on my iPad and iPod Touch) just feels constricting and limited.  I keep running into things I can't do, or can't do as easily.  But I do understand that for many, the OS just seems more intuitive, less prone to "issues", etc.
For me, it's not about the specs, rather its the operating system.  iOS just feels too much like MS-DOS in that you can only do one thing at a time. Moving from iOS to Android reminds me of moving from a Commodore 64 to an Amiga.  Suddenly the the ability to multitask allows things to happen in the background.  The phone feels alive!  iOS's pseudo-multitasking feels like what TSR's (terminate, stay resident) were to MS-DOS.
Dwight, have you tried the 4 inches screen on the iPhone 5?. Don't you think you will have the same problem?. I have a Galaxy Note and I believe average ( or smaller) hands, and I don't have any problems typing. Not sure in the S III, but in the Note you can configure the keyboard to move slightly to the right or left, so it is easier, and Swype is awesome. You have a valid point in that you have invested in IOs apps. I think the iPhone looks ugly now that is taller.
I'm curious to hear your revised decision now that it has been uncovered that iPhone 5 cannot support simultaneous data and voice on Sprint and Verizon.
If I were you, I would stick with AT&T.
Android all the way you will find iphone lacking business functions the Droid does not.
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