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With Windows 7, there were six versions, but only three you had to pay attention to. Now, with Windows 8, you'll have to pay attention to 3 of 4 ... and one of them, you can't buy on its own. Got that?

Oh, and one version is called Windows RT, which does not stand for Windows Retweet. But it should.

Windows RT runs only on ARM-based processors, and it won't run legacy, x86 desktop apps. So much for Microsoft's whole "no compromises" message ...
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So Windows 8 (Home),
Windows 8 Pro (Businesses),
Windows 8 RT (Tablet),
and Windows 8 Enterprise...

(and Windows 8 Server versions - I guess Std, Ent, Datacentre?)

At least it's easier to understand in some aspects than Win7's many versions...
+Dwight Silverman Thanks for the Plain English translation of Microsoft's missive on the upcoming versions of Windows 8. And yes I was confused when I saw Windows RT in a few Tweets.
I gave the preview a try in a virtual machine and became quite frustrated at the new interface. I understand they are trying to combine interface aspects of what works on a desktop and tablet. But after 10 minutes of frustration, I gave up. I am no stranger to different operating systems, I have used dos, all versions of windows, linux, chrome os, mac os x, and use an ipad. If Microsoft hasn't already, Windows 8 will be the "jumping the shark" moment for them. I am waiting patiently for the new iMacs to be released. Then I can say goodbye to Windows for good.
My wife is someone you could apply the label of standard Windows user to. There is no way she is going to get her head round the Windows 8 interface. Microsoft had better be thinking of keeping Windows 7 long term - just like XP - or else there will be trouble ahead.
Downloaded the consumer preview of Windows 8. After two days of testing. Chucked it, nothing to see there. Windows 7 it will be for a while.
Two editions would make sense, Home and Pro... like Windows XP
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