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I finally decided which carrier to go with just a few hours before I ordered the iPhone 5 ... but it wasn't actually the carrier I WANTED to pick. 
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Congrats on getting one, heard they sold out fast. Though, don't know how many they were selling through pre-order.

I wasn't too impressed w/the i5 or new iOS, but it'll still be a fine product & satisfy many.

As for AT&T vs. VZN, all I can say is I'm glad I left AT&T, will never go back & am loving my unlimited non-throttled LTE on VZN.

But w/the i5 skipping on the separate CDMA radios & grandfathered data, totally understand your decision to stay w/AT&T.
You could definitely learn to live without simultaneous access.  For instance if you have wifi you can still access data while talking (as far as I know).  So at home and Starbucks you would still be good, right?
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